Leaving on a Jet Plane

On a mission, business with pleasure, wish me luck 😀

Warning: do not play the clip if you are under 18

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  1. soud
    Dec 05, 2006 @ 12:46:01

    Enjoy and good luck


  2. q80_demon
    Dec 05, 2006 @ 13:09:07

    Bon Voyage!
    And I hate that song, it reminds me of the worst things in my childhood :-


  3. shopa
    Dec 05, 2006 @ 16:50:48

    Have a safe trip ;*


  4. Luloo
    Dec 05, 2006 @ 17:35:15

    have a wonderful and safe trip dear


  5. kila_ma6goog
    Dec 05, 2006 @ 19:20:11

    بالسلامة انشاءالله



  6. zaydoun
    Dec 06, 2006 @ 08:44:38

    حتى انا مسافر اليوم بعد


  7. NewMe
    Dec 06, 2006 @ 21:05:16

    اطيب التمنيات
    سنشتاق لك


  8. kasik ya watan
    Dec 07, 2006 @ 00:49:50

    Ayya & zaydoun,
    Have a safe trip & enjoy it.


  9. Hanan
    Dec 07, 2006 @ 13:09:27

    Have a safe, productive and productive trip.

    Are you wearing flowers in your hair?


  10. Hanan
    Dec 07, 2006 @ 13:14:10

    oops/ that was productive and enjoyable 🙂


  11. AyyA
    Dec 07, 2006 @ 13:29:31

    Hi guys
    It was one hell of a flight, almost 20 hours to get to this side of the world, but San Francisco is well worth it. I spent my first NYE in US when I was still a young girl in downtown SF, don’t ask when :p, and this is my second with my sons (their first)
    Ok so let me whisper a little secret in your ears; I have a small mission here and a big one, the small (interim) mission is to take my sons (two) to school, the big mission is to check the place and study my options to retire here for good. And so far I love this place; it’s called Mountain View in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, about 40 miles south of San Francisco.

    I really need that luck believe me.

    I chose it to make a point ;P

    Shopa & Luloo
    A stupid carrier truck crossed the plane’s path in Frankfort runway and the pilot had to make a sudden stop. It was scary, the whole airplane felt like a waterbed, but all went well, el7imdillah. Must’ve been your well wishes :*

    Thanks sweetie 😀

    Big Z
    Where to? You think our paths might cross?

    Thanks sweetie, and don’t worry, the first I did was to make sure the hotel provided Net access, do you think I could stay away from you for long? :*

    So far so good, thanks dear.


  12. AyyA
    Dec 07, 2006 @ 13:31:00

    Lots of flowers :*


  13. بالديسار
    Dec 08, 2006 @ 19:08:14

    Do it all … EVERYTHING



  14. ummel3yal
    Dec 08, 2006 @ 21:41:56

    Hi Hon 🙂

    I’m so happy for you with a bit of envy 😉

    Do let us know how things turn out .. I might follow you. who knows?

    Do you have any kids in grade school yet?

    Wish you best of luck!


  15. AyyA
    Dec 09, 2006 @ 04:48:14

    I am planning on that ;p

    The place is really cool, but very expensive. I’m thinking to purchase an apartment here, so tomorrow I’ll check with a real state agency to see if I could find something within my humble budget 😦 , but I’ll let you know, I promise 😀
    Today was the first day of the orientation session and I attended all the classes with them. One of their sessions was about sex education and viral disease prevention, both of my sons had their jaws open especially when the teacher took a plastic penis and inserted the condom, I tried to escape my son’s side gases at me heheheee, and the first thing came to my mind was your post the other day about this subject LOL, well they made it easier for me cause I was really worried about this issue although I think I have equipped the kids with enough information. And no sweetie; I do not have kids in grade school, the last one graduated last year from high school.


  16. kasik ya watan
    Dec 10, 2006 @ 21:26:25

    آيا… شوفي مقال الإرهابي محمد المليفي في جريدة السياسة علي هاللنك



  17. AyyA
    Dec 10, 2006 @ 22:44:11

    What do you expect my dear friend from a guy like him? At least this person is voicing his opinion, others who support Jihad are in control, wi fi majlis elommah, and they deny it.


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