The Unethical Ethics of Islamic Preaching

Few days back I was walking my two Eskimo Whites and enjoying the beautiful weather. A car came very close to a point that it grabbed my attention and reflexively I looked to see who it was. The driver was a veiled woman in her mid fifties with a comforting face, but a complete stranger that I have never met before. She smiled at me and I smiled back. Then I heard her polite “excuse me” and naturally I thought she was lost and may be looking for direction so I got closer to offer help. Then with a (very polite) gesture she started lecturing me of Islam’s view about possessing and walking a dog, she concluded her lecture with some traditions about the prophet and so on.

In another incident; my twenty-year-old nephew was in his car, in front of his sister’s school waiting for her while listening to some of his CD’s. A bearded man approached him and (very politely) started lecturing him of Islam’s view about music and emphasizing that listening to music is like copying the infidel West, which is not proper for Moslems.

Now both the veiled lady and the bearded man were very polite in their offering advice. And their drive was stemmed from the cultural preaching of what we Arabs call “qeera 3ala eldeen”. The literal translation of that would be jealousy over religion. Islam also encourages this trait; “wa id3o alnas bil 7ikma wa elmo3itha el7asana”, i.e. call onto them with wisdom and good advice. And also through “ alamr bil ma3roof wa alnahi 3an elmonkar”, i.e. force the good and stop the evil.

And although jealousy in the general sense is not a good trait, but to Arab societies it’s not only considered a very desirable trait, but also mandatory, especially for men. If a man does not possess this trait then he is not a man. A man should be jealous over the women of his family, his properties as well as his religion.

And it is part of the ethics in Islamic preaching that is considered as one of Moslem’s duties, which supposedly displays a gesture of good intentions, but in reality embeds evil. For this is like assigning each individual as a police over others. Not only that, but it also encompasses enforcing one’s beliefs over others in his society. And no matter how polite they may sound, it is still unethical and impolite to nose in people’s puniness.

The veiled lady did not have any right to intrude my privacy and waste my time with her lectures, nor the bearded man had any right to do so with my nephew, they should have respected that we have our own brains to seek the advice in its proper place, if we desired to do so. What makes them think that they are so superior to others? This is arrogance. And didn’t that lady think how embarrassing this situation would have been if I turned out to be a Christian, while she was insulting them with her very polite words?

الدور ياي علينا

حلقة طاش ما طاش التي لم تعرض
بس علشان لا تقيم الحد علي يا سعود 😀

An Update
A very good move from the Council of Ministers. Apparently; even the Central Tendering Committee is corrupt in this country when it comes to Islamists.


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  1. miyafushi
    Nov 21, 2006 @ 16:09:43

    Well said Ayya, and I totally agree with you. God knows I have been in that situation before, and those people are not always polite. One actually screamed and screamed at the top of her voice at me in a very public area.

    Anyway, I wrote something last week that touches on this if interested, you can find it here:


  2. forzaq8
    Nov 21, 2006 @ 18:55:51

    why you assume they want to be superior if they advice you ?

    do you not accept advice unless someone is superior to you ?

    and if you didn’t want to hear the preaching you could have told them politely or not to go away and you don’t want to listen


  3. white wings
    Nov 22, 2006 @ 01:51:06

    probably, we all faced a similar situation at one point, and the politeness and fake smile only contribute to my anger and nothing else..
    just the attempt to stop some one you don’t know to provide advice is an arrogant behavior, particularly when the advice is about your way of life or has a moral quality to it…very introsive


  4. AyyA
    Nov 22, 2006 @ 10:53:14

    Sorry to hear about your experience dear, that must have been very embarrassing. But the thing is that there is no law in this country that can hinder these activities, and that encourages people to exceed their limits.
    And btw; there is a very interesting article a blogger wrote about 7ijab, I think it’s worth reading.
    This is the link.
    I think WW did a good job in answering your question, which also brings to mind this thought: Islam teaches us “to each his own” or more precisely “lakom deenokom wa liya deeni”, here I see a big contradiction in the preaching with what I mentioned in the post. This fact left a gap for human intervention, and opened a door for diverse interpretation. Now even if you embrace the same belief, what you take out of that belief is a subject to a specific interpretation and not a straight deity order that all agree on. So when a complete stranger offers his/her advice based on her source of interpretation, he/she is assuming the role of God, and this is called arrogance.
    Of course it angers you, because these morons treat you as some inferior being no matter how polite they may seem.


  5. forzaq8
    Nov 22, 2006 @ 17:00:58

    that is kinda taken out of contex
    it was addressed to Quraish when they said that they will be muslim for sometimes of the month if the prophet belived in what they worship the rest of the month

    also remmber
    ” و لتكن منكم امه يدعون الي الخير
    ويامرون بالمعروف وينهون عن المنكر
    واولئك هم المفلحون.”

    just keep in mind i don’t want it like saudi arabia aka offical


  6. Luloo
    Nov 22, 2006 @ 23:29:35

    عزيزتي أيا

    موضوع مهم جدا … نعاني منه بصفة يومية لدرجة أنني بدأت أستشيط غضبا لأي نصيحة تأتي من هؤلاء … على الرغم من أن الكثير منهم يكثرون الوعظ هم أكثر الناس انتهاكا للقانون والقيم الانسانية

    بس خلاااااااااااص فكونا لوعتو جبدنا


  7. soud
    Nov 23, 2006 @ 11:17:59

    العزيزة أيا

    قبل يومين كان افتتاح معرض الكتاب, ذهبت لأرى ما سوف يعرض مع علمي المسبق أنه لن يتم السماح بعرض أي شيء وذلك بسبب الرقابة الدينية

    الكتب المعروضة غالبا ما تكون دينيه أو كتب الأطفال وعندما سالت احد العارضين أين رواية الخميائى ؟

    لا أجدها معروضة أجاب هذه رواية مشهورة لكنها ممنوعة وسألته عن عده روايات مشهورة فأجاب لن تجدها

    فقال “”من كثر ما تم منعه قمنا نخاف نجيب أي شيء وصرنا بس كتب دينيه وكتب أطفال””

    التحكم وفرض الفكر عن طريق القوة أو الدعوة أمر مرفوض أطلاقا وبالتالي فرض لبس معين أو فرض فكر معين على الأفراد أمر غير مقبول

    لا بد أن تكون الدولة مدنيه تعيش فيها جميع الطوائف, يعنى الدولة لا دين لها والحرية للكل من يريد الإسلام فهناك المساجد ومن يريد المسيحية فهناك الكنائس

    هذه هي الحرية بمفهومها العام وحرية الدين بشكل خاص وبشكل عام لا يوجد تطور أو تقدم على صعيد الدولة أو المجتمع أو حتى الأفراد من غير حرية

    Ps Guess what I’m joining Bite institute learning English: P


  8. ummel3yal
    Nov 23, 2006 @ 13:29:48

    I agree it’s impolite but won’t go to unethical 🙂 Ethics are relative and in HER/HIS ethical standards he/she was polite and courtious and tried to engage logic and dicussion rather than force their opinions by force.

    I face the same delima when I see parent hit their childern or stuffing them with jung food. I have to respect their privacy and judgements but I can’t overlook the kids rights. Would it be “unethical” for me to intervene? It is not very different from “thier” point of veiw 🙂

    I have well tranied and extremely queit dogs. Some of the neigbours with the leadership of the mosque Imam actually complaint to the police station because I have actually “najast” the area !! Antd the police station actually got the guts to come to talk to me about it! Comparing that to the lady you met, you’re pretty lucky.


  9. AyyA
    Nov 23, 2006 @ 14:25:24

    All stories mentioned in Quran were given as examples (mawa3ith), and the point of these examples was to follow the lead. And if you don’t want this to become official, then you have to stand firm against it before it becomes official.

    Sweet Luloo
    I understand your agony, believe it or not, this is one of the main reasons I deserted myself from this sick society.
    Missed you girl, hope you’re OK :*

    It’s been almost 10 years since I boycotted Books exhibitions. Although before that time I was waiting each year for that event impatiently. And you forgot to mention cook books ;p
    And I’m really happy you started your English classes. I need to do that to improve my Arabic, but unfortunately; there is no time. You know, it took me ages to type those Arabic lines considering that I do not have Arabic keyboard and I had to guess where each letter was, bas wallah 3alashanik 😀

    Sorry to disagree with you; it’s unethical wi nos when you are talking about the receiving end. Even when you see parents stuffing their kids with junk food, or slapping them in public, it’s not your right or position to interfere. But I do agree that when you see someone torturing and publicly abusing his or her child, then it becomes a humanity issue that you have to interfere. It’s not like two people will disagree on that like other matters, which are strictly private to each.


  10. AyyA
    Nov 23, 2006 @ 14:38:27

    I just remembered an incident that happened in London years back. I was strolling in Hyde Park with my old aunt when we passed a couple kissing in public. My aunt approached them despite my objections and said to them “hatha kiss kiss fi elshowari3 3aib, into mako hoos?” (Translation: it’s not polite to kiss in streets, don’t you have a house?) LOL, the couple looked toward her as if looking at an alien and continued what they were doing ignoring her completely. But my aunt didn’t stop cursing them and the Jews (shako?) till we got back home.


  11. tantalize
    Nov 23, 2006 @ 15:20:56

    I would love to have anyone like that try that with me. They’d probably leave more confused than when they’d approach me. It’s never happened to me.


  12. q80_demon
    Nov 23, 2006 @ 15:41:47

    Why even bother? Just give’em the good old Kuwaiti responce: “went shakoo?”, or something a bit more stringent.
    Sometime ago when a friend and I were faced with a similar situation, the bearded fellow was told to go and feast upon his own fecal material, bel-Kuwaiti al-fa9ee7.


  13. ummel3yal
    Nov 23, 2006 @ 18:07:18

    LoL .. It’s a habit cursing the Jews belsa3da w elnazla ,, 3adi 🙂

    I am not saying it is something acceptable. Or something I would personally tolerate. But I would not take is as unethical act. Because I know that what I consider as my personal choice to others is a matter of black and white. And black and white is something ethics are not 🙂

    For example, when we say we “have to intervene” if a child is abused: what is abuse? A spank on the butt, a strike on the head, or till we actually see blood? Is it when he calls his son names? curse? insult?
    When is it optional to interfer? When is it NOT an option? and when is it a must? The cutting lines vary per culture and unfortunately per individual in this country.
    I was in line at the Sultan Center once and I had bought one of those diet sugars for the first time. I remember a Dr. behind me telling me politely that those were dangerous type of chemicals and suggested an alternative. I thought that was VERY kind of him!
    What your Grandma did is invasion of privacy because she gave them no option to decline her advice 🙂 But the lady you described was nice and courtious and did what she thought is her ethical duity respecting your right to decline 🙂
    As offensive as it seems, I don’t think it crosses to unethical in this specific case. Now (جماعة الامر بالمعروف) and (لجنة الأخلاق) that is different!


  14. AyyA
    Nov 24, 2006 @ 12:09:58

    I guess you must have vibrations that draw those people away from you since they’d know beforehand what they’ll get LOL
    Not every one is bold dear, although I think they should be in these cases. My nephew is only twenty years old, and he was taught to respect older persons. He just mumbled “inshallah” and turned off the music. But when he got home he was furious complaining that there is no chance for fresh air in this country. And I don’t blame him, I felt the same. I could have told that lady to buzz off, but I wasn’t in the mood to ruin my day in useless arguments so all I said was “excuse me, I have to go” and I just left. But that also left me with a sunken heart.
    I see your point, but don’t forget that the person who gave you the advice was a doctor, and his advice came from his expertise, but this lady koja mar7aba?
    It would be more logical if you compared that for example to me going on the streets and stopping every veiled women and lecturing them of my own opinion about 7ijab. Would they take it lightly even if I was polite? Off course not, they’d probably rage and kick my &%s.


  15. Intlxpatr
    Nov 24, 2006 @ 13:53:59

    You have a gift for getting a spirited discussion going, Ayya. I saw an editorial cartoon the other day and thought of you. I don’t know what it was saying, but it had a (maybe Kuwaiti looking) female banging a punching bag. I thought of you and your great flying leap . . . how are you?


  16. q80demon
    Nov 24, 2006 @ 18:48:08

    Hello AyyA and thank you for your reply.

    The way I see it is better to behave sternly with such backward mentalities, rather than complacently accept our decline and eventual decent into ignorance. One shouldn’t be timid when approached by such species and appeasing them with reluctant compliance. If you give a rat a slice of cheese, next it is going to demand a glass of milk.

    At a time when we’ve started to see the signs of a booming dark age dawning upon our society and culture – when the rest of the world are tackling great big questions and stunning new technologies – the boneheads amongst us are preaching dream interpretations and mumbo-jumbo medical practices.

    Something must change before we are doomed to oblivion.

    PS: I’ve marked my calendar for Mondays presentation:
    أسرار مسواك عود الأراك وتأثيره على صحة الفم ومناعة الخلايا البشرية

    and who can afford to forgo the following:
    الإعجاز في التفريق بين بول الجارية وبول الغلام الرضيع


  17. AyyA
    Nov 25, 2006 @ 10:00:13

    I hope that gift won’t get me beheaded someday, LOL
    I’m fine sweetie……well so far 😉
    Yes, you are right, I should have told her to shove it up hers. and to think that this gesture was an individual act is naïve, these people are organized. Look what I got in my mail from yamuslem group (check the site’s name):
    نحن لا نوافق على تمييع الشباب .. و نحن لا نوافق على ما يعرض من عرى و إباحية .. ونحن نرفض كل البرامج التافهة والإعلانات الرخيصة والأفلام التافهة .. نحن لا نرضى لآمك ولا نرضى لآختك وأبنتك أن يشاهدن مثل هذه السموم .. نحن نحميك وسنقف بجانبك .. ولكن ” نرجوا أن تقف بجانبنا أنت ” .. نرجوا منك ألا تخذلنا .
    نحن نقول لك ” أن ما يعرض خطة صهيونية يتم تنفيذها بأيادي عربية ” .. ونقول لك أن وقت حان للإنتفاضة فقد سئمنا الذل والصمت .. ونعلنها مدوية أننا لن نكل ولن نمل حتى نمسح ونزيل مشاهد العرى والإباحية من الفضائيات ولن نصمت ولن نسكت على ما يعرض فى الإفلام والمسلسلات من إيحاءات جنسية غرضها الأول النيل من ” المرأة المسلمة ” .
    فقد حرمنا من الكلمة فى الشارع .. وها قد وجدنا مجالا مفتوحاً نعبر فيه عن أرائنا .. نحن نتظاهر على الانترنت ونصرخ فى وجوه الحكام العرب والمسئولين حتى يتقوا الله في الشباب والفتيات العرب والمسلمات .. نصرخ فى وجوه كل من ينشر قلة الأدب، سواء فى الإعلام أو فى الميدان .. نحن على الإستعداد للشهادة فى سبيل الله حتى نحرر أوطاننا من الغزو الثقافى الإباحى ومن كل فكرة دخيلة تضر أكثر مما تنفع .
    ولا نرجوا منكم سوى ” أن تشاركونا بكلمة لوجه الله عز وجل ” .. أضعف الإيمان أن تقوم بالتالى أتعب ” لاجل سلعة ربك الغالية وهى الجنة ” و قم بمشاركة وجدانية وأعطى لاصحاب المحلات التى تعرض صورا غير لائقة رسالة رقيقة تذكره بالله عز وجل .. وهى موجودة فى هذا الرابط .
    أرسل رسالة على الموبيل sms باسم الحملة، أو بأسمك، وأكتب فيها ” لا للفساد ” .. أو أكتب أسم موقعنا ليدخل كل مشارك و يشاهد الحملة لعله يكون إضافة للحملة ويفتح الله به .
    قل لعائلتك وأقاربك وأصدقائك أن ما يجرى فى الفضائيات العربية والفيديو كليب والأفلام والمسلسلات ما هو إلا خطة صهيونية يتم تنفيذها بأيادى عربية .. وواجبنا أمام الله والوطن أن نحارب كل هذه البرامج والافلام والإعلانات بكافة الوسائل سواء بالمقاطعة أو بـ كشف حقيقتها أمام الناس .
    نحن نضخ العديد من المقالات والرسائل .. قم بعمل ” إعادة إرسال ” لهذه الرسائل لكل من تعرف على قائمتك البريدية .
    اشترك فى ساحات الحوار والمنتديات وأنقل إليها المواضيع التى تنبذ الاباحية والعرى وأعلن بكل صراحة رفضك لما يحاك للآمة والشباب العربى .
    لو كنت طالب فى جامعة أو فى مدرسة .. أنشر كلمة أو موضوعا تتناول فيه كيفية مواجهة الغزو الثقافى المتمثل فى العرى والإباحية .. وأدعوا الأخرين لمواجهة المد العلمانى الإباحى .. وأكتب فى مجلة الجامعة ما تراه مناسبا ليكن مناهضا للفساد .
    قم بإرسال رسالة الى القنوات الفضائية العربية الغنائية، وكذلك إتحاد الإذاعة والتليفزيون وقل لهم ” سنقاطعكم إن استمرت محطتكم فى عرض ما يغضب الله ” .
    كن إيجابيا وراسل الصحف والمجلات التى تعرض صورا مخلة بالاداب العامة .. وتحدث إليهم بالحجج والبراهين والايات القرآنية ..
    إصنع الرأى العام وقم بتوزيع المطويات التى تحض على الحجاب والتمسك بالله والبعد عما يغضب الله .. كمطوية ” غض البصر ” والنظرة سهم مسموم من سهام إبليس .. و أقتل السلبية والصمت فى نفوس من حولك وحركهم بكافة الوسائل المتاحة والمشروعة حتى يكون عذرا لك أمام الله .
    وأخيرا أدعوك لدخول موقعنا وزيارتنا حتى يتسنى لك الحصول على مقالة أو كلمة أو فكرة تساعدك فى تحقيق هدفك لمكافحة العرى والإباحية ..
    And as for the conference, this is the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen, and to think that this is happening in Kuwait, with so much money spent is really sickening. Pay attention that this is the eighth conference. And guess who is demeaning woman? A WOMAN (yes I’m angry)
    المساواة بين الرجل والمرأة أكذوبة بيولوجية.
    د/ عنايات عزت.
    I told you bro; no one will pay for this except us if we kept our silence.


  18. bosale7
    Nov 25, 2006 @ 22:37:19

    اصعب شي انك تحس انك مراقب وموجه من شخص اقل منك علما وعقلا


  19. AyyA
    Nov 26, 2006 @ 12:27:47

    And worse than that when they don’t know it. You know, when I left her, a question buzzed my mind; how on earth did she have the guts to do that? But when you have a puzzle you always go back to the source, it’s her religion that gave her this authority. It’s the bad preaching in the essence of morality that unfortunately not many can see.
    Good to see you around 😀


  20. zaydoun
    Nov 26, 2006 @ 16:02:06

    I never did get that whole dogs thing… how come cats aren’t “banned” Islam, or other pets for that matter?


  21. Arfana
    Nov 27, 2006 @ 01:24:57


    dude allah yastir!
    next time someone talks to you about your dogs in their presense, unleash and give the attack command 🙂

    I say we declare erhab on them!:-)


  22. AyyA
    Nov 27, 2006 @ 12:41:58

    Big Z
    I read about that long time ago, I don’t remember where, but I think this whole issue about Dogs started with paganism since the dog (and pigs) was considered sacred at those times and used as sacrifice for the Gods. Then the monolithic religions adopted that partly because the dog is the closest animal to man and therefore it might distract him from warship, and mostly because of the rabies that wild dogs inflicted on man and the ancients explained it as the devil that dwells into man as a result of being close to dogs. But off course we know now that rabies is a disease that can be cured. Islam even was more specific in considering the black dog as the incubator of the devil, and that’s why some traditions say that when a black dog enters a house, angels depart, you can find the same preaching in Jewish traditions.

    Hmmmm good idea, damn, why didn’t I think of that? Yalla; let’s start our irhabizm campaign using dogs 😉


  23. 9ahba'a
    Nov 27, 2006 @ 14:17:47

    excellent topic

    Yes dear they give them self the full right to preach and steal our right to argue!



  24. Hanan
    Nov 28, 2006 @ 09:27:39

    Ayya. I had a similar, even more provocative incident a while back at KU. Again, a total stranger, someone I met for the first time, thought he had the right to ‘preach’ out of his moral and familial duties (somehow he addressed himself as my ‘brother’). I gave the a** a phone call to tell him to butt out and not ever dare interfere, roughly speaking. His response on the phone was the most civilized and thoughtful one. And for some reason, that pissed me off even more. I hate this fake nice-guy intonation those ppl can develop when inside them you know a demon lurks. Am I exaggerating? So what?

    sorry for the long comment :*


  25. kila_ma6goog
    Nov 28, 2006 @ 13:19:15

    مالي خلق اطب بالدينين


  26. AyyA
    Nov 28, 2006 @ 22:06:39

    9ahba’a & Hanan
    Thanks for your insights



  27. Fallen Angel
    Nov 28, 2006 @ 23:02:53

    Your story is quite familiar and happened to the best of us. Although, I kinda feel sorry for the women and the bearded man…I mean, I’m pretty sure their intentions were good…not evil (but there’re some who are pure evil LOOL). A similar thing happened to me, whom a new student arrived in our state the other day (I currently live in the US for education) and he started mumbling about how he wants to establish “Lajnat E9la7” in our state. I couldn’t take it and said in very arrogant very sarcastic accent “Leesh? Sheno shayefna 24 sa3a bel monkar wal’la emba6leen sha8at da3arah 3ashan tabee te9le7na”. It’s a bit rude yes…but he had it coming LOOL 😀


  28. Taha
    Nov 29, 2006 @ 14:11:09

    إن المسلمين فعلا ينصحوكم خوفا عليكم
    وإن اختلفت الأساليب لاختلاف الطباع والأشخاص ومدى تحمل كل إنسان وصبره على الغضب

    فليس على الأرض ملائكة
    ولكن ما يزال من قصتكم يا حنان ويا أنجل يبدوا أن الذين حاولوا أن ينصحوكم فعلا طيبون ويريدون الخير لكم
    وإلا فلماذا يحملون أنفسهم عناء النصيحة

    وسلامي إلى عمتك يا
    فقد أحببتها جدا وقد اضحكتني عفويتها جدا
    وإلزميها فهي من الزمن الجميل


  29. Sa7ab
    Nov 29, 2006 @ 14:31:45

    لقد قرأت مقالة
    التي أرسلتها عن الحجاب ,
    فهل كل مايقوله هذا الرجل منطقي؟
    هل تستطيع أحدكم أن تقف عارية هكذا أمام الناس
    فأين ذهب الحياء إذاً
    إن الحجاب سترة لا تشعر بها إلا من ارتدته
    وإذا وجدت قطعة شيكولا عارية فأيهما تفضل العارية أم المغطاة
    ويسأل هل الشعر هو سر الجمال حتى يغطى؟

    نعم وصدق الرسول الذي قال
    نصف جمال المرأة في شعرها

    فإذا حفظت المرأة هذا الجمال لزوجها كان أحفظ لها من الإغتصاب ونظرات الجائعين
    وطبعا المرأة بشعرها أحلى ولكن لزوجها وأهلها

    فلا تكون متاحة لكل ناظر يتمتع بها بالنظر

    ألا تتضايق المرأة حين ترى رجلا غريبا يحدق فيها ويتملى في جسدها والله إنه شيء مقزز
    وإن منذ قديم الأزل وكانوا يميزون بين السيدة وخادمتها بالغطاء فالسيدة ونساء الأشراف تمشي مستترة والخادمة تمشي بلا حجاب براحتها
    عكس هذا الزمان المقلوب تمشي المرأة عارية وتغطي شعر خادمتها … الحرير أمام زوجها


  30. Sa7ab
    Nov 29, 2006 @ 15:32:58

    بالنسبة للمرأة التي نصحتك وأنت في السيارة
    كان يمكن أن تنهي النقاش بنفس الأسلوب المهذب وتقولين أنا لست مسلمة
    لأن الدين الإسلامي يأمرنا أن ننصح إخواننا في الإسلام

    وأن لا نكره أحد على الدين وطبعا يمكن أن ندعوا إلى الدين ولكن ليس إكراها

    أما عندما يقال شيئا في ديننا ويكون خطأ فلا بد لنا أن نرد عليه وندمغ الحجة بالحجة وصدقيني أنه لا يوجد سؤال ليس له جواب وكل ما يقال عن ديننا للأسف خطأ كل الخطأ , وليس العيب فقط على من كذب ولكن العيب على من صدق بالكذب واستحسنه لأنه وافق هواه !!


  31. AyyA
    Nov 29, 2006 @ 15:41:45

    Moslems are assigning themselves as ethical police over others and that is unacceptable. And whatever their intention is, they do not have the right to interfere into other people’s business, end of the story.

    Yes, I see what this guy said to be logical, while I see your words illogical. Moslem men are the most sex hungry men I’ve ever met. And women are not just objects of sex as you are trying to emphasize. Attraction between different sexes is normal and no 7ijab can hinder that, on the contrary, the more covers, the more intimidation of imagination. Even the ugly duckling becomes Cinderella. So quit kidding yourself.


  32. AyyA
    Nov 29, 2006 @ 15:42:46

    Good for you and thanks for sharing your story.


  33. Sa7ab
    Nov 29, 2006 @ 16:14:26

    ما لا تفهميه في ديننا أن السبب الرئيسي وراء محاولات المسلمين وعظ الآخرين والتدخل في شئونهم هو لأننا تربينا في ديننا على:

    لايؤمن أحدكم حتى يحب لأخيه ما يحب لنفسه

    وصدقيني إذا قلت لك أن الدافع الرئيسي والأول والأخير لما نخبره لكم هو خوفنا عليكم من النار
    فقط ولا شيء بعده
    فلك نعتد أن ننجوا بأنفسنا ونتفرج على من يلقي بنفسه في الهلاك
    ولكن طبعا ما دمتم تطلبون منا عدم التدخل فلن نملك سوى الإبتعاد ولكن عليكم كذلك عدم نشر أكاذيب عن ديننا فتضلوا الآخرين حيث لا يوجد من يرد على
    مثل مقولتك المفجعة تلك
    Moslem men are the most sex hungry men I’ve ever met

    أرأيت أن دائما كلامكم به هجوم واتهام ظالم لنا
    أولا كل الرجال بشكل عام أكثر ما يشغل تفكيرهم هو الجنس , وإذا كان العرب جميعا بغض النظر عن ديانتهم أيضا عندهم هوس جنسي
    إلا من هدى الله
    والدين الإسلامي حدد لنا طرق الوقاية وأولها غض البصر لأن النظرة بريد الزنا
    فلو تحجبت المرأة عن إيمان وغض الرجل طرفه عن تقوى
    لكان خيرا لهم

    فأنت لابد أنك تتكلمين عن المسلمين إسما وليس قلبا وإيمانا
    واسمحيلي أن أذكرك بأن ديانتك في جواز سفرك بالتأكيد مسلمة فهل يمكن أن أقول إن المسلمين لا يؤمنوا بوجود خالق؟
    طبعا لا يجوز فبالتالي أنت لا تعرفين المسلم من بطاقته ولكن تعرفيه بالتقوى


  34. AyyA
    Nov 29, 2006 @ 18:04:08

    To want the good for your brother is something and butting in people’s business is something else, and who told you that every one believes in heaven and hell? Or even in religion? Be it Islam or any other religion; to me they’re all man-made. And what I said about Moslem men came from experience my dear. Corruption is what makes people behave like animals.
    Yes I don’t talk out of faith, because I have none, and I hope you would respect that and not feel offended although I do not see why you should. And yes I was born a Moslem, but that doesn’t mean that I’m one. I do not differentiate between people by categorizing them, I belong to humanity that religion is destroying.


  35. Nour
    Nov 30, 2006 @ 15:54:16

    حسنا دعينا نتفق على شيء ويكون هذا آخر اتفاق

    لابد أن تعلمي بمناسبة أن الذين قابلتيهم ومهووسين بالجنس!!
    فأولاً: المرأة هي التي تضع حدا بينها وبين الرجل وهي التي تلهمه كيف يتصرف معها وهذا ليس اتهاما ولكن لو تحفظت المرأة في تعاملها مع الرجل لتحفظ هو الآخر
    فهي المسؤولة الأولى والأخيرة في المساحة المتاحة بينها وبين الرجل
    ولهذا قال تعالى
    الزانية والزاني
    فبدأ بالمرأة لأنها هي المسؤولة عن طبيعة علاقتها بالرجل.

    ثانيا : إننا في آخر الزمان اي في أسوأ زمان والله تعالى يقول عن المؤمنين: ثلة من الأولين وقليل من الآخرين ,
    فإن المؤمنين حقا في آخر الزمان قليلون جدا.
    فليس كل من يدين بالإسلام تقي ومطيع مئة بالمئة ولكن كل بني آدم خطّاء وخير الخطّائين التوابين
    فلا تنتسب خطيئة الرجل لديانته ولكن بتربيته وبيئته التي نشأ عليها وهل تربى على الدين أم على اللهو وتقليد الأجانب
    حتى إذا دخلوا جحر ضب لدخلتموه.

    ثالثا: الرجال في دول الخليج بشكل عام هم أكثر الناس للأسف بعدا عن الله وهذا نابع من أنهم لم يتطوروا إلا مؤخرا فأصبح لديهم هوس بالغرب وبالأفلام وما إلى ذلك ظنا منهم أن هذه هي المتع الحقيقية فظلوا طريقهم بحثا عن الإنطلاق الكاذب.

    رابعا:أنا معك في حقكم بأن يكون لكم موقع خاص بكم تتحدثون فيه بحرية وسوف نترككم إن شاءالله لأننا كما لا نحب أن يتدخل أحد في شئوننا لا نحب أن نتدخل في شؤون أحد
    ولكن اسمحيلي أن نذكرك ونرد عليك بنفس جملتك طالبين منكم التوقف عن:
    butting in people’s business
    فلا تنسوا أن كل كلامكم بل وموقعكم كله عنا !! وعن ديننا وعن إلهنا وعن رسولنا و.. و.. و
    فصدقيني مجرد ما تتوقفوا عن ذلك وتبحثوا عن شيء أخر غير ديننا تتحدثون عنه سوف نتوقف تماما
    ونقول سلاماً


  36. AyyA
    Nov 30, 2006 @ 17:12:39

    Let me answer you one on one:

    المرأة هي التي تضع حدا بينها وبين الرجل وهي التي تلهمه …..
    Why is that? Do you know that by this statement you are degrading men to the level of animals with no sense of responsibility? And why should women always be responsible for sin? Sorry; I do not agree with this logic. I hold both sexes to be responsible. And you are right in a sense that behavior is the key for civilized actions and based on that a piece of cloth on the head does not determine that.

    ولكن كل بني آدم خطّا
    Exactly; and you know why? Because we are not perfect, therefore to apply the dogmas of a religion one hundred percent is IMPOSSIBILITY; even hermits have sins.

    الرجال في دول الخليج بشكل عام هم أكثر الناس للأسف بعدا عن الله وهذا نابع من أنهم لم يتطوروا إلا مؤخر
    Does that mean you believe in the theory of evolution?

    As for your fourth point; sorry, I have to disagree with you. I have the right to discuss my critical views on any subject be it religion or politics or art, as you do. Quran is full curses to the unbelievers and you use that in every occasion to back a point. Why shouldn’t I have the freedom to do the same? Although I disagree with cursing others and using names like you do.


  37. AyyA
    Nov 30, 2006 @ 17:15:21

    As you do= as your religion allows you to do.


  38. AyyA
    Nov 30, 2006 @ 17:33:06

    One more thing
    Yes I do believe that most Moslems don’t know anything about their religion, because if they really knew; they’d either be terrorists or atheists. But most are choosy; they take what they like and discard what they don’t, and in this case there is no difference between them and the non-believers.


  39. soud13
    Dec 01, 2006 @ 16:53:41

    “”Moslem men are the most sex hungry men I’ve ever met””

    الدين هو السبب الأساسى فى هذا الأمر
    فصل الجنسين منذ الصغر وذلك بسبب الدين أدت الى هذة النتيجه


  40. AyyA
    Dec 01, 2006 @ 20:25:34

    Kafo wallah, this is what I call rational thinking.


  41. Nour
    Dec 03, 2006 @ 11:22:59

    تصحيح أخير عن فصل الجنسين منذ الصغر

    بالطبع ليس هو السبب ولكن كثرة مشاهدة الأفلام التي بها عشاق يجعل كل رجل وامرأة تواق لكي يقلد المشاعر الجياشة التي في الأفلام
    وما بالك بأفلام البورنو فهي أكثر ما يشعل الرغبة
    فإن الحداثة ليس المقصود بها حداثة الكمبيوتر وما إلى ذلك ولكن هذه الحداثة سلاح ذو حدين

    فتخيلوا كيف يكون الحال لو لم تشاهدوا أفلام الحب سواء الأجنبية أو العربية
    ولولاهم ما عرف البنات أنه يمكن أن تبحث عن حبيب فيقبلها وتقبله وهم غير متزوجين؟؟
    ولولا أفلام الجنس المتاحة بالتكنولوجيا
    ما اشتعل الرجال من كل الثقافات والديانات رغبة في الجنس

    بل الإنسان على نفسه بصيرة ولو ألقى معاذيره


  42. AyyA
    Dec 03, 2006 @ 15:33:25

    Segregating sexes at a young age does not hinder sexual desirers, on the contrary; It leads to more negative impacts on the society, when you leave a void that can be filled with curiosity, self-exploring and imagination. Sexual desires are not learned traits; They’re the natural animalistic propensity meant to keep human species from getting extinct. I do agree that uncontrolled media raises these desires and may lead to severe consequences, and since controlling media at this age of technology is a tedious task (at times almost impossible), the only solution is to introduce sexual education to children on gradual stages starting at a very young age for their own safety. Segregating sexes and considering sex a taboo does not only have bad influences on young children, it also affects their marital life when those children grow up and don’t know how to deal with it, especially Moslem girls under more policing control. It will also lead to homosexuality when little children try to explore it with their friends of the same sex.
    Life depends on the interrelationship between people of both genders, if we are not trained to deal properly with each other since childhood and through the right channels , how would you expect us to deal with each other when we grow up? How about dealing with each other in work environment? You do not fight the unavoidable enemy by hiding from it; you do that by proper military training.


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