I Want my House to be Better than Rashid’s

“12 MP’s submitted a request to hold a special parliament session on the 27th of November to discuss dropping personal loans of citizens.” Kuwaitna .

Now I’m not an economist to know how much this will affect Kuwait economy, but my limited knowledge, and own logic tells me that we have a disaster in store.
A friend of mine who got a Range Rover about few months back is awaiting this decree to pass with impatience. He got his car over monthly installment and he’s thinking to sell it later to place a down payment for a Porsche; MORE LOANS. And he had already chosen his future car.

Now I’m not implying that all Kuwaitis are in the same situation as my friend. But a very big percentage are, you can hardly find any household in Kuwait with an individual who has no loan; if not to pay for a car, it’s for other consumable goods that, in most cases, are gotten to lavish in luxuries of life more than to provide for an actual need. The well that is constantly open to solve each and every problem a citizen puts himself in, will only create more people like my friend.

Nevertheless; I’m sure there are others who are deeply indebted and do need help, but instead of solving the problems of those few individuals, the MP’s are creating a bigger problem. If there is a problem, it should be diagnosed first by the economy experts, then different alternative solutions should be provided to solve the problem, and this is the role of the MP’s. And the learned individuals and writers, especially economists, should provide analysis and reasons to raise public consciousness, yet, except for few here and there, the majority are keeping a deaf ear. Dropping the loans will never solve this problem and on top of that it will create another generation of irresponsible Kuwaitis.

Not to say that this generation is responsible though; the majority is for dropping the loans. In other words; easy way out. But where is the role of the MP’s to balance the needs of the public with that of state. This incident will clearly unmask many faces of those MP’s, and I have a feeling that this issue will take rounds in discussions and procedures and eventually would be approved by the government, but not without a price, so what will be the price this time?

Taking a wrong route will only keep us in our old circle, the very strategy of dealing with important state issues has to be changed, and the MP’s should realize that not all citizens are so narrow minded, any patriotic citizen will never accept this, our martyrs paid their lives for this land, it would be a shame for us to ruin it for few KD’s. And using the cliché of 3ain 3athari (Kuwait spent more on foreign aids to countries that do not deserve it than on it’s own land) is another matter that should be monitored separately and it should, by no mean, be connected to this issue. And what about the citizen who has no debts?

And btw; I have loans as well.

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  1. ummel3yal
    Nov 18, 2006 @ 20:11:15

    I have loans too. But I doubt that any of us got a loan to pay for school fees or put food on the table. We got loans because we could! The most dramatic use of loans is to pay for housing. And this is not as an alternative of living in the streets. It is just a better alternative than renting or living with family.

    What is goverment is doing with the aid of those MPs is conditioning people to cry to get paid ! Just like the Pavlov dogs !! In the end people will never learn to be independent or take responsibility for their actions.


  2. bosale7
    Nov 19, 2006 @ 05:04:56

    لو كانت الحكومة رشيدة راح يكون الشعب رشيد

    حكومة تدعي ان الاحتياطي ما يكفي واسقاط الديون على المواطنين سيخفس بالميزانية …لكنها بنفس الوقت توزع الهبات والقروض على من هب ودب من الدول اللي لها تاريخ سياسي اسود مع الكويت !
    اذا كان التخبط الحكومي هو المقياس فاذن اسقاط الديون هو مطلب واقعي..لان من عادات حكومتنا الرشيدة عدم المطالبة باصول وفوائد القروض الممنوحة للدول !
    علما باني ماعندي قروض ولله الحمد ….لكن المنطق يدل على ان اسقاط القروض هو حماية للحكومة من سقوطها سياسيا خصوصا وان الاخبار تتوالى عن عدم رضاء دول منحناها قروض بمئات الملايين لا وتطلب اكثر وبشروط ايسر !!!!!
    واذا كان اسقاط القروض هو حركة جدية وواقعية من الحكومة فانا اشوف ان القروض يجب ان تقسم الى شرائح …القروض الاسكانية لها الدرجة الاولى بعدين القروض الشخصية اما القروض الاستهلاكية فاكيد مرفوض اسقاطها لانها استهلاكية اولا ولانها تمثل اكثر من 40 % من حجم القروض


  3. skunk
    Nov 19, 2006 @ 12:18:19

    ot trying to be a smart ass but you got a typo with the ‘personal lawns’ thing. lol i thought it was about the baladiya clamping down on sidewalk diwaniyas 😛

    you mentioned something about economists, experts and MP’s and how they should provide analysis and consultation,….umm chances are they too have stupid loans coming outtheir ears, so an impartial verdict is unlikely.

    the thing is that if the govt does go ahead, whats gonna happen afterwards?

    everyone will be like your friend and they’ll be ‘upgrading’ on even more loans with the hope that these in turn will be written off too.

    great for me cos then business here will be booming, and the stock market will be flying. i have no loans so thats really the only reason i’d want the govt to go ahead. in the long run tho it’ll be the leash that the govt will have over everyone.

    the govt wants to make sure that the kuwaitis dont bite the hand that feeds, and this will be the equivalent of neutering society cos you’ll have no right to criticise them anymore if you accept it.

    i agree that some people need help, but being kind to the stupid does no one any favours 😛


  4. AyyA
    Nov 19, 2006 @ 13:11:13

    Thanks dear for your insight, I couldn’t have agreed with you more.

    I would have to twist your saying a bit “ lo kan elsha3b rasheed, el7koma ma kanat tegdar til3ab ibthailha” 😀
    Thanks for the valuable insight bro.

    LOL, that was funny, thanks for proofreading my article :). And all what you mentioned about the MP’s is true and that’s why there should be a mechanism to monitor those MP and we citizens should not shy out in questioning their intentions.
    As for the business and stock market; tara ana kilish mee7, and that’s why people like me are in desperate need to know the economical and political effects of these actions on the country as a whole, in other words; we need an eye opener.


  5. zaydoun
    Nov 26, 2006 @ 16:03:54

    I hope you don’t mean our friend Rashid’s house.. Admit it! I did catch you staring at the swimming pool!



  6. AyyA
    Nov 27, 2006 @ 12:44:38

    Hmmmm, may be unconsciously I did ;p


  7. Loca in Kuwait
    Dec 04, 2006 @ 08:18:27


    I have been a silent but a very avid reader of your blog for a long time now. Your blog is inspiring,heartfelt,and a breath of fresh air. I have always loved to just read your poems,stories, and advice, feeling shy to post a comment. But this topic makes me furious, and I can’t hold my comment. I am not very articulate so I will just flat out say it. The people who want their loans written off need to QUIT trying to escape their responsibilites. No one told them to take out huge sums of loans, it’s not the Gov or other Kuwaitis responsibilites to suck up their debts. In the States we have a saying” Keeping up with the Jones”, which means trying to out do your neighbor or friends. When I first arrived in Kuwait I was in awe of the cars and seeing the name brands everywhere. I was sooo sure that everyone had money, but now I have learnt that a majority of people are just faking the funk. Be real if you don’t have the money to buy the BMW, settle for a plain old Camry, at least you wont be in debt and worrying about bills. This is only teaching the youth that you don’t have to work hard you just whine a little and others will fix it for you. Do they really think that there will not be any repercussions? The Gov WILL find a way to gain back all the money that they will spend on the loans. The ppl who will suffer are the poor, who are honest,hard working ppl who do not try to live beyond their means.


  8. AyyA
    Dec 04, 2006 @ 13:29:21

    Hi Loca and welcome to Kuwait
    It gives me great pleasure to know that you’re a reader of my blog, but why shy? Communication and exchanging ideas are healthy 🙂
    So now you know what’s the story behind fancy cars in Kuwait. The problem is that some are filthy rich and they can afford such cars, but the majority is middle class to poor who want to catch up in the societal hierarchy, it gives them some sort of self esteem and others do actually respect them more. And the result is a society of consumerisms with lots of debts.
    Unfortunately; the government is encouraging this by it’s charity handouts every once and a while so that people would stay out of more important matters of state, and the MP’s are using this to get more future electoral votes.
    And again welcome to my humble quarters and I hope to hear of you again 🙂


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