Another PP Game

This time we are writing fiction poetry. Remember that the subject is about mystery, which means you have to put your minds in the state of suspense. And as before the rules are two line stanza, where each line should start with the last word(s) of the line before it. You are free to submit as many stanzas as you are intuited to do, rhyming or free verse 😀

Mystery Man

Just a kiss and I’m in bliss
I wondered what else you had in store

Boy, I can’t wait to see where this goes LOL

43 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. NewMe
    Oct 31, 2006 @ 22:46:18

    in store of passion everything is possible
    there is so much left for us to explore


  2. B u t t e r f l y
    Oct 31, 2006 @ 22:54:54

    explore mysteries of love and romance
    the moment I caught your hypnotyzing glance

    ;p im trying “^_^


  3. shopa
    Oct 31, 2006 @ 22:57:17


    p.s: I am not playing….just reading


  4. AyyA
    Oct 31, 2006 @ 23:16:38

    Excellent, but in the next verses please keep the pronoun “he” and “she”, I will fix what you wrote above now, and you go on, next should start with “his hypnotizing glance”

    3azeeza wi galyah 🙂


  5. Q
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 00:31:26

    Your hypnotizing glance had fear and despair
    there was more than just love in the air

    u said u wanted mystery and suspense…hopefully this will move away from the love theme 😛


  6. q80_demon
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 02:15:36

    Let me see if I can add a Maltese Falcon touch …

    The air was tainted with a strong odor that brought apprehension
    within confined surroundings where danger seemed to be waiting


  7. Tat
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 03:15:57

    be waiting in the darkest corners of the earth
    and here I thought you were the angel of the hearth


  8. Tat
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 03:17:26

    the hearth that kept me warm and safe
    passion led to candle burns I’m leaving this place


  9. Tat
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 03:22:35

    this place and to that
    broken mirrors all I see


  10. Tat
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 03:23:50

    I see reflections of myself and I
    Imposters of true fear


  11. Q
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 08:45:04

    true fear crept to my deepest core,
    surrounded by smells of blood and gore


  12. AyyA
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 11:55:58

    LOL, you guys seem more comfortable with “I”, ok, then in this case I would change mine and also NewMe’s and Butterfly’s to the original stanza they submitted to keep the conformity 😀


  13. AyyA
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 12:05:02

    Blood and gore on that basement floor
    Was it real or just my imagination!


  14. q80_demon
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 12:38:57

    I’m gonna shamelessly plagiarize the Temptations and say:

    Just my imagination, running away with me.
    It was just my imagination, running away with me…


  15. AyyA
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 12:57:46

    shame on you, sheeseer lik el6ab6obai 😉
    Bas magboolah

    Running away with me to a point of no return
    In that haunted realm I burned


  16. AyyA
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 13:03:45

    Come on, be creative, let your imagination run wild 😉


  17. Intlxpatr
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 15:10:49

    I burned your photos and your treasures,
    You left, now where will I find pleasure?


  18. TAT
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 17:00:38

    “I’ll stop here cause if I continue this line it will turn out to be triple x rated :P”


  19. AyyA
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 17:37:35

    go ahead make it juicy 😉


  20. Tat
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 18:52:10

    I find pleasure over there
    Or is it waaaay down there

    “kind of toned down version :P”


  21. Hanan
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 19:00:09

    down there I hear there are demons galore
    I venture fearless, craving to explore


  22. AyyA
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 19:19:09

    To explore the treasure I crave
    As a tit for tat enslave


  23. TAT
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 20:26:22

    tat enslaved this race
    genocidal riders never showing thier face


  24. TAT
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 20:28:07

    thier face hidden out of sight
    I tighten my grip and scream out of smite


  25. TAT
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 20:32:54

    of smite I right with bloody fingers my story
    trapped in my mind I see all thier glory


  26. q80_demon
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 20:35:15

    OK, OK; no more copy-n-paste. However, I’ll be “inspired” by the words of Ahmad Shawqi (by way of Muhammad Abdul Wahab):

    Enslave or drive me to madness by infatuation
    some might frown upon my use of “worship”

    ويقول تكاد تجن به فأقول وأوشك أعبده


  27. q80_demon
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 20:36:03

    6ops – I’m late. OK


  28. TAT
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 20:50:24

    Thier glory is to set obstacles for me
    But ALAS! what do I see


  29. TAT
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 20:51:38

    I see that which cannot be seen
    A light shimmering at the end of this cave


  30. TAT
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 20:55:58

    ” sorry if i’m highjacking. I’m at work and I’m really sick and this is like the only fun thing for me to do 🙂 so from now on I’ll wait for at least 2 ppl to post and I wont double post”


  31. bosale7
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 21:26:25

    this cave holds her breath
    as if she was in deep sleep


  32. jewaira
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 23:19:04

    Sleep evades me as I doggedly march on
    Into the caves of cobalt and silver


  33. jewaira
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 23:22:32

    Silver curtains part to show
    the wondrous mystery that lies within


  34. jewaira
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 23:23:15

    Within the heart of earth
    I hear the throbbing of her heart


  35. jewaira
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 23:24:15

    NO! Change that to

    Withing the folds of earth
    I hear the throbbing of her heart


  36. Tat
    Nov 02, 2006 @ 01:54:54

    her heart calling out my name
    but no one understands my pain


  37. bosale7
    Nov 02, 2006 @ 03:37:41

    my pain which u loved
    keep on hurting u pig


  38. AyyA
    Nov 02, 2006 @ 07:56:06

    You pigmented her with blood
    As if a horse in your stud


  39. jewaira
    Nov 02, 2006 @ 10:25:33

    Stud the ceilings of this cavernous orifice
    With glittering, shimmering diamonds


  40. bosale7
    Nov 02, 2006 @ 12:40:06

    diamonds are my tears
    waiting for some more ?


  41. AyyA
    Nov 02, 2006 @ 22:28:02

    Ok guys, I think it’s time to wrap up

    Some more to explore what else to get
    For my story didn’t start as of yet

    The poem should be posted soon, love you all :*


  42. Janet
    Nov 08, 2006 @ 05:03:50

    i love this site 🙂


  43. AyyA
    Nov 08, 2006 @ 21:25:32



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