It all Starts in the Mind

It was in the gym, where she met him
The bulging, dark charm trickling wet
Of alchemy so appeasing
Abashing smiles that kept teasing

Eyes engaged and conveyed
Words, when one comprehends, have no value
As stolen glances performed the act
As thieves being caught in the act

Each droplet of sweat sent a ray
Eroding body to body communication
Fantasy took heed, crude Imagination

He came riding on the bay
Where crimson skies met black lands
Vibrating the essence of her chalet
A delight for her appetite

Fiction set in motion
Staged with erotica
That scripted in detail
Solitary joys above that ocean

She loved how he craved her
Like many others did
Yet he was the one to take her
To her kindled bed

Now he’d call, now he’d come
Now he’d carry her inside
And now he’d tear her sheer silk
Into the lush of her entwine

He was much younger than her
And she was with a name
A prestige
Reality drew the line

Yet fantasy had no binding limits
In a hunger so immense
Do you know what joy caries
Retrieved confidence?

Until that night when hell broke loose
On pink suspenders atop his bed
Calming the oceans that broke
The fast of a recluse

Days and nights were spent
Or rather overspent
The little fiction came to a life
Of lustful surveillance

But being a man of conscience
He couldn’t continue the part
Although she assured the other
Was just an identity card

He went East fetching true love
And she West

Devouring luscious wine
She couldn’t have forsaken
As she went shopping for a clone
And soon had replaced him