Ramadaniyat (VI)

Few years back I was traveling in a group that consisted of my family and my friend’s to the Bulgarian spa’s of Albena. And while we were waiting for our dinner to be served in a restaurant, on a huge table that accommodated almost a dozen of us, a young couple of immense beauty and elegance came in and sat on a lovely corner, which apparently they specifically booked before, beside our table. All the heads in the restaurant turned towards them, it was in fact a lovely scene as if out of a movie. The youth had that fresh look that was tanned by nature, both tall and sleek. And they looked very intimate. And while I was having my dinner I noticed that my friend’s sister’s eyes never left them alone for one second, except to lower her gaze to see that her food would not miss her mouth. She was facing them and me, so I could see exactly where she was looking, and I told her jokingly ”basich 3ad, tara walah ma ra7 te3adi 3alaihom ellaila bekhair”.

My friend’s sister is a retired schoolteacher, the same age as my mother, she is very conservative and the abaya never leaves her head if she goes to the moon. And her scarf underneath it, takes half of her face, and always in black. Actually, ever since my friend introduced me to her, I’ve never seen her in any color except black. I heard that she never changed her color since she was widowed in her early forties. Very tragic death was her late husband’s fate.

She looked at me with all innocence and said ”3yoon elmo7ib ma te9eeb, ana ga3da ashoof nafsi laman arja3 shabab fi iljana ma3a flan (her husband) nishrab khamor mithilhom”
Of what I have heard about her late husband from his own family did not exactly place him in heaven by the regular Moslem standards. He was a man who loved life, with all it’s joys ( bidoon 7ash), and was never religious. And being the tease I am, I said “ ishrayich i6loblich min thak elkhamor illi biljana, 3alashan ta3rfeen eli7sas 3adil”.
And before finishing my sentence her mouth opened, her jaw dropped, her eyes bulged out and she almost choked with the words” astagfor allah” LOL

Few days back, Christiana Amanbour presented a very nice documentary that was titled “On the Footsteps of Bin Laden” on CNN. She made an interview with a young woman of Moslem French nationality who was covered all over with black except for her eyes. It was apparent that she had an attractive figure be it all covered.

She was talking with pride and joy that her husband is in heaven and that she’ll be with him some day, she was explaining the whole story of how her husband contacted Bin Laden and offered him his services and eventually got killed in one of the suicide plots. She also explained the joy in which the neighbors greeted her for the honor of being the wife of a martyr.

How many tragedies have you caused afterlife.

Afterlife and the way it is presented in religion does not make sense, the only way to accept it is by having faith. And the only way to have full faith is by giving your mind a long vacation. Otherwise your faith remains shaky.

Faith is a tool used by almost all religions, underestimating the power of human minds is not new. And that was not hard to reach by the clerics, for the mere fact of the mystery of death. it was never easy to understand death. People, who lose a loved one, want to believe that they would be reunited with them someday. The mere idea of death brings terror to the mind, yet this terror is not from death itself, but from the unknown, and here comes religion to make the unknown known, connecting it to good and evil, heaven and hell and so forth.

That suicide bomber in CNN story and his young wife had faith; a blind faith, and they had hopes, they were no aliens from outer space, they were the most sensitive and the most devout to their religion. But are they taking the right route? For moderate Moslems, no, but according to them, definitely. And come to think of it, I do not blame them.

It is true that they were brainwashed by certain ideologies, but this brainwashing did not come from void. If you analyze Quran; the only holy book that all sects believe in its infallibility, you would notice the vast amount of tolerance, humbleness, ethics that it presents in Mecci verses, while the whole story takes a sharp irony of intolerance of others, arrogance, full of terrorizing threats in its Madani verses. Why is that if the book was the true word of one single God?

Same goes to the story of the prophet Mohammad; the one chosen to complete ethics on earth, his great personality is evident and almost vibrant in Mecca, yet, it takes a big divergence to a point that you don’t really know what to make of this personality in Madina.
I pointed out this broad note as an example only, if one goes deeper, more confusion would arise, in the core of the islamic religion.

This could only have two explanations; either Islam was man-made, or it was manipulated as it progressed. And whatever is the case, we can’t take it blindly and have faith in it totally, nor we can discard the possibility of its validity for believing in some of it’s contents, at least on some parts.

And here comes the idea of moderation. Now the tow extreme have many mid-points depending on the individual and his logic. How to practice the rituals or not to practice them at all, should not be the main problem of a Moslem, these rituals were set to reach a goal, they were never the goal. Moreover; they tend to segregate people into tribalisem, each believing that his sect is right and the other is wrong. But accepting others, either the ones belonging to a different sect or to other beliefs. Tolarance of others means accepting their point of view even if they did not agree with them. not taking everything personally and sensitively, and not getting emotional because of other’s critical point of view. Being open to different possibilities and accepting others as a belief and not just mere utterance is the only way to human salvation, while blind faith is the demolisher of nations, and the evidences are many in the pathetic situation that Moslems are in today.

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  1. bosale7
    Oct 04, 2006 @ 22:36:07

    على قولة اخواننا اللبنانيين :
    بدك تطولي بالك

    التاريخ لم يوثق كما يجب …الادلة كثيرة على التحريف والتزوير وخصوصا بالدين الاسلامي …وما ادل منها الا الاحاديث الضعيفة او الغير مسنة ….واستمرار لجنة اسناد الاحاديث وسندها الى اليوم هو اكبر دليل على ذلك ….. الامانة العلمية بالنقل والرصد والكتابة لم تتواجد عند العالم الثالث …بل حتى الان لم تتواجد ….القي نظرة على البرامج الوثائقية والكتب التاريخية القديمة والمعاصرة المنشورة حاليا تجدين تزوير جريء لتاريخ لم يمض عليه وقت ومازلنا نذكره !!
    احسن مقولة تنطبق على ما يجري هذه الايام هي :
    لكم دينكم ولي دين



  2. AyyA
    Oct 04, 2006 @ 23:15:31

    Ma ashbah elbari7a bilyoom


  3. ummel3yal
    Oct 04, 2006 @ 23:27:22

    You are right that beleiving in an after-life is a coping (or defence) mechanism. It also might be a motive for some to “die”. But, the hisotry is full of examples of those who sacrified thier lives for a cause without a belief in an after-life. (e.g. Communist resistance and revolutions). The early plane hijackings and blowing up were carried by the communist and socialist Plastinian groups. They were not seeking heaven for sure. But they felt they had no other options OR they felt their cause was worth their lives.

    I am not trying to get off the subject, but maybe we should think of other elements that may shape human behavior and motivations 🙂

    Religion, as with any other idealogy, is a mean to a goal. Some may use the same mean but for different goals and other may use different means for the same goal.


  4. bosale7
    Oct 05, 2006 @ 00:26:50

    نسيت اشتكيلج من شي صارلي جم يوم ودي اقوله وانسى 🙂

    الخط صغيييييييييير !! ….شوفيلج حل ولا ترى بدزلج فاتورة طبيب العيون 🙂


  5. bosale7
    Oct 05, 2006 @ 13:06:26

    مممممتاااااااز …اييه جذيه الخط واضح والالوان روعة…هادية وخفيفة على العين

    منزل مبارك 🙂


  6. soud
    Oct 05, 2006 @ 13:08:43

    قرأت الموضوع كلة وأعجبتنى جملة

    3yoon elmo7ib ma te9eeb 😉

    والبلوق أبديت أكثررائع


  7. AyyA
    Oct 05, 2006 @ 13:17:11

    Off course, the cause is the driver; it’s the situation that leads to such actions. It’s desperation that calls for jihad in the first place. Yet, this fades with time and nations try to compromise like USSR did and Japanese did. But believing in afterlife adds incentives. I remember the time of Iraqi-Iranian war where Iranians wore a key on their necks believing it to be the key to heaven’s door. Hundreds of Iranians without proper gears dashed in the battlefields to gain such honor. It is true they were defending their country, yet, going without equipments was foolish, it only added hundreds of corpses, if they did not believe in afterlife they wouldn’t have done it in such a way.

    Sorry sweetie, I tried my best to look for the option that enlarges font and I couldn’t find any, I had to change my theme for this purpose, I hope this one is clearer now.


  8. AyyA
    Oct 05, 2006 @ 13:19:55

    Thanks Saud, bas 3asa elkha6 wathi7?


  9. AyyA
    Oct 05, 2006 @ 13:21:55

    Oh Bosale7, tawni ashoof radik, el7imdillah, wa akheeran.


  10. soud
    Oct 05, 2006 @ 13:36:35

    my name is soud not saud سعود مو سعد

    the font is good and Colours wonderful

    amta yosel mw3ed alf6oor , very hungry ;p


  11. AyyA
    Oct 05, 2006 @ 13:41:03

    LOL Soud, you asked the wrong person 😉


  12. AyyA
    Oct 05, 2006 @ 13:43:58

    And btw
    These colors are my colors, I’m more of an earthy type person.


  13. ummel3yal
    Oct 05, 2006 @ 14:34:15

    Great new layout and beautiful colors? Capricorn?!


  14. Purgatory
    Oct 05, 2006 @ 17:06:19

    I will not read the post in details or comment on anything in it, but besech, kel ermothan etyee lech hal 7ala 😛


  15. NewMe
    Oct 05, 2006 @ 18:34:30

    تسلم الايد اللي اكتبت
    ياليت الناس تفهم
    المشكله ان الجهل بيذبحهم
    قبل كم يوم وحده كانت بتاكلني
    اتقوللي انت تدرين ان كل اللي تسوينه غلط ومردج الناااار!!!
    هذي العقول اللي حوالينا
    يوم سالتها طيب عطيني ايه حديث
    اثبتي لي انج صح وباسلوب تفكيرج
    قالت انا ما افتي بالدين
    بس اي احد ايشوفج ايعرف انج غلط
    اشدعوه ما تدرين!!!
    وهذي وايد محترمه نفسها بالنسبة لغيرها
    خليها علي الله
    نار والا جنه
    ماني معترضه
    دومي بود

    ومبروووووك لنيو لوك
    هذي بمناسبة القرقيعان؟


  16. AyyA
    Oct 05, 2006 @ 23:23:30

    Yes, I am a true Capricorn, was it that obvious? 😀

    What do they say? Elshiya6een tesfad fi Ramadan?
    I hope I said it right 😉

    This is the arrogance that comes with blind faith, now what is right and what it wrong? What is right for one person could be wrong for others; off course there are universal rights and wrongs that civilizations produced through time progression. Why should she be right and you wrong, how can she be sure?
    Allahoma la3terath
    As for my blog; Wallah towny ri7t markaz sultan and got some chocolates for girgai3an. And before getting my stuff to my place, I was faced with three groups and all the chocolates were gone, yistahloon, there is nothing more appealing than looking at those smiling faces, happy to get a treat. And if I could see the same smile on your face for being able to read the comments on my post, I guess you could say that the timing is right to call it cyber qirgai3an from me to you :*


  17. Luloo
    Oct 06, 2006 @ 02:33:39

    very very very interesting


  18. Proletarian
    Oct 06, 2006 @ 08:38:27

    Could not agree more…
    Marx said:
    “Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.
    The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness. To call on them to give up their illusions about their condition is to call on them to give up a condition that requires illusions. The criticism of religion is, therefore, in embryo, the criticism of that vale of tears of which religion is the halo.”


  19. Arfana
    Oct 06, 2006 @ 14:02:56

    i don’t understand this particualr incentive:
    don’t drink now, drink when all is good and good forever !!!

    awwalan, who wants to live forever in one place that’s all good and predictable?

    thanyan, the wine in heaven la yoskir, might as well drink while you’re alive- alcohol free, so what’s the point?

    thalethan, yes u r an obvious capricon 🙂


  20. بالديسار
    Oct 06, 2006 @ 14:37:09

    They say Islam is a religion of tolerance, yet they expect each and every individual to adhere to their own way of interpreting the religion. Not to mention the right for people of other faiths to practice their believe without being under threat. Moslems today are nothing but hypocrites


  21. Hanan
    Oct 06, 2006 @ 15:49:28

    Your attack on Islamic sensibilites intensifies in Ramadan. Is it because when the body starves the mind creates?

    Great topic. Live for the afterlife has always intrigued me. How am I expected to give up on the pleasures of today for the mere belief that tomorrow I will have better pleasures? Why not enjoy your day? I’m a believer in “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” So live for today, don’t die for tomorrow.


  22. AyyA
    Oct 06, 2006 @ 17:40:18

    Glad you made the time to read, knowing how busy you are, thanks sweetie.

    Religion is the opium of the people, but it is also obvious that people need this opium. Are there any other dealers? The real challenge is to find your own opium.

    You have a point in your awllalan and thaniyan. Yet when we think of that utopia, and compare it to our sad reality, we want to believe it, lots of people strengthened their faiths, not because they believed everything, but for the joy that this feeling brings. The doubter may look at things metaphorically; who wouldn’t want to be immortal? Who wouldn’t want to fight death and old age? Who wouldn’t want to never feel hunger, or ever feel the need to satisfy all his desires, whatever they may be?
    For the layman; drinking in heaven and satisfying his appetite are the palpable things on which he can imagine heaven. For the learned he has to create his own metaphor.
    “The drinks would not affect me for I am already drunken with joy in heaven” this was one of my quotes years back when I believed metaphorically in religion.
    And so the layman and the learned can easily fall in the same trap.
    As for thalithan; are you one? 🙂

    You see, much efforts are lost on rituals, this is the right way, or that, does not matter, what matters is the soul which is lost in this whole chaos. Stories of the ancient that has been repeated time and again to remind people that they belong to us, not them, mixed with each one’s own rules. Each has his own court, and his own mosque. And own day to fast and his own day to break the fast and so on, that’s just a reminder of where we belong, there where you draw the line. It is OK though if it was not taken so seriously, but is it?
    Islam is one religion; it is supposedly a miraculous system that governs social, economical, cultural and spiritual aspects of life, as we have been lead to believe. And what we witness now that all those aspects proved to be a failure in comparison to man-made systems except may be for its spirituality. And this is also lost in the chaos.

    It’s the mind that always starves, but Ramadan is just a forced reminder.


  23. 9ahba'a
    Oct 08, 2006 @ 14:00:45

    They keep saying that isalm answers all your questions
    i have 1000000000000 Q that Islam does not have an answer for that not even giving me the chance to ask It’s a Taboo

    we all have to believe because they want us to believe!!!


  24. hazel
    Oct 13, 2006 @ 01:36:52

    when a religeon is biasd on the issue of man psychicaly or mentaly abusing a woman then it is no longer a treatment of equality.
    To the man that allows these kind of autrocities to occur (domestic violence) in his house. This creats an un healthy ambience for the child he wil either grow up in either the 2 following conditions to resent his society or resenting man.
    An Ex husband once waiting down the stairs of his ex wifes apartment with a butchers knife found him self with his 2 children rushing down the stairs and bashing his skull to death( if i was there i wudnt of stop them thats for sure)after years of seeing there mother suffer is was their fathers way to pay his dues.


  25. AyyA
    Oct 13, 2006 @ 14:48:21

    I love your nickname, and can’t agree with you more 😀


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