Fetching My Love

Hand me wine and a cuddle
Salute me with your bottle
Nothing can drift my mind away
Noisy around my world is subtle

For as I rise my crystal cup
All emotions would drop
On rouge liquid around the rim
My thoughts voyages to him

Tell me
Is this his dreamy eyes
In my cup I visualize!
Or just a mere hallucination
I crave to fantasize!

At the beat of music flow

I care less who comes, who goes

Rising rhythms in my veins
Rock me as they start to grow
Causing thunderous inner beats
From my head down to my feet

Just as smoke all memories vanish
As I dance, twirl, and flourish

When I return to my seat
Exhausted by the torturous heat
I rise my cup for more sips
And a kiss his luscious lips

He takes me in his arms to tango
And flows with the Latino lingo
Of music so soft and mellow
His shoulder becomes my pillow

Then again I’m lost in thought
Of yearnings to his lot
My heart burns with each breath
As if ember  in my throat

Silently I shout in a maze
Of a room full of haze
In smokes that lost their tracks
“I want my beloved back”


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Last night I was at a friend’s last gathering before Ramadan, and as I was leaving the premises after saying my goodbyes, I spotted this punching bag proudly hanging in the yard, And as if this PB had a soul; it challenged me to give it one of my infamous kicks of long time ago when I was one of Thai-boxing queens of the gym (actually only one Argentinean lady could compete against me).

Ah…. those good old days when I was dubbed marine woman. When for two continuous hours I would be moving with sweated body as if had run under a water douche, daring the most muscled men in the gym to stand against my punches and my unwinding energies. I hesitated the urge for a while and told myself “3igli ya mara, el3agel zain”. Aft all; I was a bit tipsy and out of practice for more than four years. But the damn PB kept calling me as I headed to my car fishing for my keys, and it cunningly won.

I went back in to teach that teaser a lesson, and without hesitation, I checked to see that no one was around, took my shoes off, and with my hand bag still over my shoulder I ran right at it and flew in the air, only to find myself on a wet floor, on my back, unable to move.

In no time worried faces all gathered and appeared in my vision; the maid must’ve spotted my foolishness and called the host and his guests to my rescue. Ok, that was embarrassing. Now getting back to my feet was a nightmare; my ribs felt like shattered glass.

I could not sleep last night; my left side ribs were killing me with every breath I took in, and the serge of coughing did not make it any easier. But still the pain was nothing compared to today as I realized that my body is all bruised and I have a big lump on my left elbow and hips. Now I have to stay in bed lying on my back, thanks to my friendly laptop for keeping my company or otherwise this would have been a disaster.

On a separate issue; a blogger buddy Fuzzy sent me an old song I was looking for quite some time with no use. And here I dedicate this song to him with a big THANK YOU; enjoy

Dr. Kiss Kiss

We Don’t Need No Education

High officials pup on TV and newspapers now and again reminding us how pathetic is the results of our kids in schools. It’s about time to realize how low our education system is getting when it solely depends on memorization and no scientific research, when it depends on incompetent teachers taking this profession to enjoy long breaks. So don’t blame it on the kids; our system is corrupted to its brink.

And to our lovely kids who are starting school, here is Pink Floyd.

Wishing you the best what luck might bring.


Talaq Ba2in

It is really hard to give up on something or someone we are so used to. For more than a month I’ve been struggling with blogspot. All I wanted is some more organization to be able to categorize my posts. I transferred to beta for that reason but unfortunately; not only I wasn’t able to do that, I was also faced with trail of other problems. I guess holding on to what is dear to us is not worth it when that thing keeps agonizing us. That goes to people too. Some of whom I have been patient with more than six years
Therefore I decided to move to WordPress, and to move on with my life on other accounts.
WordPress doesn’t deal with beta version as of yet, and as a result I can’t transfer my old posts ( they promised to do that in the near future). But regardless of that, I’m so disappointed with blogspot that I don’t really give a damn.
I have decided as of today to start a new beginning, discarding all what bothered me in the past, no more Ms. Nice. And so I declare:
Bye bye blogspot, bye bye selfish ignorant people….. Life is much more worth spending on my own happiness, than waiting for a miracle to change my situation.
Fellow bloggers, my dear cyber companions in good times and bad; please visit the new me on The Ultimate, if the link dosn’t work try http://www.3asal.wordpress.com and have a love break…..see you there.

An Update
I just realized it’s my second year with blogspot, the nasty troublesome kid LOL

When You’re in Love

You listen to me as I stutter
Whispering softly in my hair
Like whooshing waves rolling to shore
I sigh with every word you utter

If you feel love you would know
How this feeling makes you grow
Ten years in a day when you withdraw
A lifetime in single hour

On good days you want to embrace
Each passing shadow as if in a race
Mirrors deduct years off your face
And time whizzes like a burning rubber

Small details map your mind
Encompassing intimate encounters
Your eyes follow your lover around
Indifferent to the presence of others

When you’re in love you feel alone
All senses alert to the phone
Expecting the familiar tone
With each ring your heart shudders

Give me strength for I’m so drained
From this undulating state
Of ecstasy and great pains
Love is driving me insane

Love is that mysterious wine
Too delicious to explain

Toxic Love

Ask me to nourish you with passion till eternity
In mortal terms
And beyond immortality
Allow me to pave your pavement
With riches of roses from robust estates
Merciful to your fragile tread
Accept the ample services
Of a humble slave at your door
Begging for your forgiveness
Please; reign the jewel-studded peacock throne
Of this extravagant heart
And be its sole queen

But don’t ask me to leave I beg you
This decision is not mine to take
The oath was made by destiny
You are my everything
And I can’t stop
Loving you

Sufferings of one lifetime surpassed eternity
And suspended my mortal being for years
Leaving nothing for immortality
Your thorns bled the sole of my essence
Detouring my path through a whirlwind
Into a lost continent cursed with drought
Where your ample services seized
All what I have and swapped my identity
To that of a beggar at your door
Estranged in your lavish palaces
Sad and empty in
Solitary confinement

Set me free I beg you
One mistake cost me a lifetime
And contrived my destiny
I’m left with nothing
And your love is

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