We Don’t Need No Education

High officials pup on TV and newspapers now and again reminding us how pathetic is the results of our kids in schools. It’s about time to realize how low our education system is getting when it solely depends on memorization and no scientific research, when it depends on incompetent teachers taking this profession to enjoy long breaks. So don’t blame it on the kids; our system is corrupted to its brink.

And to our lovely kids who are starting school, here is Pink Floyd.

Wishing you the best what luck might bring.


Talaq Ba2in

It is really hard to give up on something or someone we are so used to. For more than a month I’ve been struggling with blogspot. All I wanted is some more organization to be able to categorize my posts. I transferred to beta for that reason but unfortunately; not only I wasn’t able to do that, I was also faced with trail of other problems. I guess holding on to what is dear to us is not worth it when that thing keeps agonizing us. That goes to people too. Some of whom I have been patient with more than six years
Therefore I decided to move to WordPress, and to move on with my life on other accounts.
WordPress doesn’t deal with beta version as of yet, and as a result I can’t transfer my old posts ( they promised to do that in the near future). But regardless of that, I’m so disappointed with blogspot that I don’t really give a damn.
I have decided as of today to start a new beginning, discarding all what bothered me in the past, no more Ms. Nice. And so I declare:
Bye bye blogspot, bye bye selfish ignorant people….. Life is much more worth spending on my own happiness, than waiting for a miracle to change my situation.
Fellow bloggers, my dear cyber companions in good times and bad; please visit the new me on The Ultimate, if the link dosn’t work try http://www.3asal.wordpress.com and have a love break…..see you there.

An Update
I just realized it’s my second year with blogspot, the nasty troublesome kid LOL

When You’re in Love

You listen to me as I stutter
Whispering softly in my hair
Like whooshing waves rolling to shore
I sigh with every word you utter

If you feel love you would know
How this feeling makes you grow
Ten years in a day when you withdraw
A lifetime in single hour

On good days you want to embrace
Each passing shadow as if in a race
Mirrors deduct years off your face
And time whizzes like a burning rubber

Small details map your mind
Encompassing intimate encounters
Your eyes follow your lover around
Indifferent to the presence of others

When you’re in love you feel alone
All senses alert to the phone
Expecting the familiar tone
With each ring your heart shudders

Give me strength for I’m so drained
From this undulating state
Of ecstasy and great pains
Love is driving me insane

Love is that mysterious wine
Too delicious to explain

Toxic Love

Ask me to nourish you with passion till eternity
In mortal terms
And beyond immortality
Allow me to pave your pavement
With riches of roses from robust estates
Merciful to your fragile tread
Accept the ample services
Of a humble slave at your door
Begging for your forgiveness
Please; reign the jewel-studded peacock throne
Of this extravagant heart
And be its sole queen

But don’t ask me to leave I beg you
This decision is not mine to take
The oath was made by destiny
You are my everything
And I can’t stop
Loving you

Sufferings of one lifetime surpassed eternity
And suspended my mortal being for years
Leaving nothing for immortality
Your thorns bled the sole of my essence
Detouring my path through a whirlwind
Into a lost continent cursed with drought
Where your ample services seized
All what I have and swapped my identity
To that of a beggar at your door
Estranged in your lavish palaces
Sad and empty in
Solitary confinement

Set me free I beg you
One mistake cost me a lifetime
And contrived my destiny
I’m left with nothing
And your love is

Heaven’s Compensation

Katkoot is one year old today; my son brought her to me when he was traveling so I would take care of her while he’s gone. She was barely 3 months old at that time. I was a bit nervous at first since I’m not a cat person and don’t know how to deal with them. But by the time my son was back, Katkoot became my constant companion that I couldn’t do without.
Here is a poem I wrote about our first encounter:

The glistening iris kept dancing
Wondering who I was
Knowing what’s on her mind, I had to be patient
Not to break her fragility
After all, like me she was in a strange mansion
Of different possibilities

I left here alone to explore my hospitality
She cautiously tiptoed until she faced me
Meowing, purring
Entwining her gaze with mine, a thread

Of hazel sunshine voyaged me along the bay
Of reminiscent far away shores
Where I watched sunset
Surrounding my image in his iris
And vowed to reside there forever

But that was long ago
And there was no forever

Now what kind of trick heaven was playing?
The new kitten and I both reflected and eased

The banging of construction workers next door did not distract us
Neither did the pains of the past

Two broken hearted, deprived
One from mother, one from lover
Now were united and eyes talked
Refuge, although lips never moved

I smiled as she lingered
Between my open arms
And I whispered
“You’re not alone”

Isn’t she lovely?

Isn’t she wonderful?

Isn’t she made of love?

Sa7i elnoom

The Infamy

Dedicated to the souls of the martyrs of the WTC on Tue. Sep.11,2001

I’m distraught with terrorism
Being of my race is a dire shame
Mixing flesh with steel and flame
On behalf of Allah’s name

The God I’ve known is mercy
Directing the “lost in course”
But it is an act of hearsay
To spread faith with devil’s force!

How dare they ruin my reputation
How could they destroy great men’s deeds
It takes a second to demolish a nation
That took generations’ sweat and heed

Make no mistake, the infamy’s mine
It’s my heard that has been boomed
Be it now or after time
Barbarism shall be doomed

I sadly grieve the innocent souls
The prey of pusillanimity
But twin towers shall always stay
The emblem of liberty
In spite of their cowardice
In spite of their cruelty

Certainly infidelity
To God’s endless civility

PS; I wrote this poem right after the 9/11 terrorist attack on the twin towers; I looked for it in my archives for two days and could not find it. Then I remembered publishing it on the Net on one of poetry sites and luckily; it was there. My original intention was to post it yesterday; but better late than never.

An Enigma

This poem was inspired by NewMe’s post

When hearts break to the point of no repair
How long dose it take to reboot
So we can start another endeavor?

Some can never go on
Waiting for time to fragment historical data
But what if the backup didn’t shudder?

The train never waits for those who come late

And some would take as long as
A new lover their hearts discover
To occupy the space vacated by another

What if this lover is never to come?

Some transfer from one lover after another
Until they’re settled
Or may be never

As for me, I’ve had many endeavors
Yet no lover could mend a heart
Bugged with phobia

I always thought love intensity
And the agony of separation
Stipulated each situation

I know now, I never knew any better

Experience is an image in brain layers
We need to delete it once and forever
From virtual remembrance
As if the past didn’t exist ever

Copying one image on top of the other
Would only create distortion
And more torture

But formatting memory is not reliant on time
Rather on a single command- willpower

Correct me if I’m in error
But I think I got the answer to enigma


From the archives “Oct. 12, 2001”

Too proud to admit
I’ve goofed up in this bid
When I willingly permitted
To be bullied by such a kid

Imagination is deceived
And grieved for a reason
Frustration’s what I received
With a foolish heart in treason

Had dreaded always his whims
Should’ve expected from him
Before getting to the brim
A devil disguised as cherubim

Got to get my head clear
Not to play with devil’s spear
I’ll pack my pains and disappear
For my heart is surely dear

Mood of the day ” 50 ways to leave your lover, by Paul Simon”

My Treasure

Dedicated to my twin on their birthday

Mistakes are age old, but mine was twofold

On a half wrecked, half sunken ship
I was Dumbfounded
When on a brink of a flight
I realized I was carrying a heavy freight

Friends and kin cautioned
“Dump the double trouble in the ocean
And save your skin”

My load was priceless
On a useless carrier
Amidst tumultuous weather
I had to pause, I had to ponder

But without any doubt
I chose to keep my twin treasure

Guarding them against the wind, against time pressure
Bumping one blow after another
And watching them glow and prosper
Until they molded into perfection

Today is a birthday occasion
Of the most rewarding mistake ever
Ornamenting the neck of a proud mother;
A string of two pearls in beauty competition

In the iris of my eyes
Glistening my ever lasting pleasure
Despite the abandoned ship in the gutter
Despite the weather

PS; I have disabled the comment option since this is a special occasion, I know you’d understand, thanks for reading.

A Mind Break

Why is it that when you’re around
I don’t really know how much emotionally, physically and mentally
I’m dependent on you- until you go away?

Then, I start missing you
Reminiscing your little things
Things I never valued before-When you were around

Busy in my errands and pleasures
Loads I want to accomplish
Not to mention; I never paid attention
That you’re right behind

And when you’re gone
My mind slips into a bittersweet pause
From all the things I prized before
Into an art gallery of our time together

And regardless of the tart taste
I believe it’s healthy for my mind to take this break

The paintings become invaluable
Love portraits challenge one another
Making sure- not a single stroke is gone astray
When we’re back together

An Update
Mood of today
Santana Ft. Sean Paul and Joss Stone – Cry Baby Cry

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