The Closing Message

Delicately, elegantly, exuberantly written words
With ornamented tang dagger stabbed right in the core
Although I knew from before they were coming
The truth was shockingly numbing

Remember that morning when you said no?
Like an open book I read you
In all those years you never said no
You’re not the only one who could read faces, you know

But you scribbled the book
Mocked my illiteracy
Shuffled my doubts
And I trusted you

I’m not the one who threw it all away
I lived on the pages of the meeting day
Touched your silhouette on the settee
And like the cabernet, I waited

Yes, I’m angry with myself
I thought you never lied to me like I never lied to you
You knew I’d understand
Don’t I always do?

“Good luck” is the only reply to your message
For I’m much more worthy than just a message
Be it a fancy message
Be it your message

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. بالديسار
    Sep 28, 2006 @ 16:12:44

    You are the one with the big heart, friend.
    Stay who you are the way you are


  2. AyyA
    Sep 28, 2006 @ 19:22:58

    Big heart only hurts it’s beholder, thanks friend


  3. bosale7
    Sep 29, 2006 @ 00:15:40

    اللي ينهي العلاقة بمسج هذا اصلا ما كان محترم نفسه ولا اللي جدامه
    المفروض يكون شجاع مثل مابدى وجها لوجه خل ينهي وجها لوجه
    لا تتحسفين عليه …. ما يستاهل التفكير فيه



  4. AyyA
    Sep 29, 2006 @ 09:08:24

    I totally agree with you; and don’t worry my friend; people come and go in our lifetime, what remains is just a memory. The thing that hurts the most is when this comes from a dear trusted friend, ya3ni buddies, where they don’t need to lie to each other. But, at the end of the day, we learn from our mistakes.


  5. soud
    Sep 29, 2006 @ 14:06:26

    Life will goes on , u will face another better than him !


  6. AyyA
    Sep 29, 2006 @ 14:43:51

    Better? I’m not sure, but definitely different 🙂


  7. NewMe
    Oct 01, 2006 @ 09:00:15

    should he lose such an intelligent woman,,
    he lost a lifetime full of extravagant delight..
    should you lose such a lousy man,,
    you gained a lifetime full of better chances..
    cheers to a great life ahead of you 🙂


  8. AyyA
    Oct 01, 2006 @ 16:45:59

    Thanks friend for your support :*


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