Ramadaniyat (III)

Dr. Emoto, a Buddhist Japanese academic, spent more than a decade in researching water and the effect of the surroundings on it. He has proved in laboratory research that water crystals are affected by music, words and writings. Positive words make the hexagon water crystal appear like precious Jewels under the microscope. While negative words can distort the shape that even the hexagonal shape is destroyed.
I watched his magnificent documentary “Massage in Water” about six months back and it made me re-evaluate many things I believed in, or did not believe in before.
In this post I only want to highlight one thing in his research; he believes that people can actually heal ailments through reciting positive words in a glass of water, which is then to be consumed by the sick person.

Doesn’t that remind you of something?

How many times your mom read verses of Quran in a glass of water and asked you to drink it when you were sick?
And how many Moslems have gone to Mullas who read Quran verses in a glass of water to cure their illness?

I for one never believed in such stuff, but to prove in laboratory? What do I know?

The thing is that many Moslems believe that it’s the words of Quran that did the trick, and this is its miracle. But the truth is; positive energy that one emits is the curing factor regardless of what one reads, or otherwise a Buddhist who doesn’t know anything about Quran can never do that.

Now let’s go a bit deeper into that; is it really the words that cause such a change in water crystals, or is it the intention behind the words?

As we know the major mass of human body consists of water, and on that account, we do not need to drink sacred water to feel better; words like “Peace”, ”Love”, “Harmony”, “construction”, “heaven” and “Success” immediately bring a surge of relief. On the other hand; words like ”war”, “hate”, “tension”, “destruction”, “hell”, and “failure” bring ill feelings. Same thing with music, and that’s why it was said that music heals the soul. Why is that though? Is it the words themselves that cause such feeling? Or is it our response to these words?

Most Moslems say that when they read Quran they immediately feel better. But is it the words that they read that brings them this feeling? A lot of non-Arab Moslems hardly know the meaning of these words, yet the affect is the same. Arab non-Moslems, on the other hand, do not get this feeling of relief when they listen to Quran. Couldn’t it be the preset Moslem mentalities that are associated with Quran that brings them this feeling and not the verses in Quran as we were led to believe?

Same thing goes when visiting sacred places and the feelings it brings, I remember the first time I went to 3omra and saw Kaba, my feet trembled to a point that it hardly could carry my weight.

How about evil eye?


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  1. Baroque
    Sep 27, 2006 @ 18:20:38

    hmmmmm, that was so enlightening..
    thanx for sharing 😉


  2. The Extreme Moderate
    Sep 27, 2006 @ 20:23:09

    I’ve never heard of or seen anyone recite verses from the Holy Qur’an into a glass of water… Do people really do that here?


  3. ummel3yal
    Sep 27, 2006 @ 21:22:40

    Dear AyyA,

    This research, as interesting as it seems, is not quite solid. So far no one managed to replicate Emoto’s results. So I would be hesitant to draw solid conclusions.

    Having said that, the healing “power” of water and “good’ words is a typical placebo effect or the “sugar tablet ” effect. If we really believe in something it will happen. This can be something as positive as believing in the miracles of Zamzam water or as bad as “seeing” yananwa and other similar stuff 🙂 The same applies to the 3ain and black magic ,, etc.


  4. bosale7
    Sep 27, 2006 @ 22:15:02

    في علم النفس توجد قاعدة مهمة وهي الاحساس او الايمان بشيء يؤدي لنتيجة ايجابية اذا كان الهدف ايجابي والعكس بالعكس…مثال …سيجموند فرويد العالم النفسي الامريكي الشهير اجرى تجارب على مرضى …..قسم المرضى لمجموعتين …مجموعة اعطاها دواء لعلاجها …والمجموعة الاخرى اعطاها مجموعة من السوائل واوهمها انها علاج ….وبدأ بالعلاج النفسي حيث اوهم المجموعة الثانية بان السوائل فيها علاج سحري لمرضها ….وابقى على المجموعة الاولى تحت تاثير ان الدواء هو علاج للمرض ….ولاحظ ان المجموعة الثانية بدأت تستجيب وتتحسن حالتها مع انها تتعاطى مجموعة سوائل لا دواء فيها !
    من هنا خرج بنتيجة ان التاثير النفسي او التهيئة النفسية والايمان بقدرة معينة تجعل الجسم يستجيب

    يمكن هالكلام يجاوب تساؤلاتج
    اسف على الاطالة


  5. jewaira
    Sep 28, 2006 @ 00:13:21

    wow that is so fascinating about water crystals being affected by words and energy!

    My grandmother used to do that for people alot – prepare them bottles of special water that she had “read” on and people certainly felt better for it 🙂


  6. luloo
    Sep 28, 2006 @ 01:15:22

    very logical … interesting topics


  7. Fuzzy
    Sep 28, 2006 @ 03:22:50

    are you saying its a Placebo ? 🙂

    i read Quran i feel good
    i listen to Chopan i feel good
    i read a poem i also feel good
    but, do you think that the words of Quran have no power ?
    or maybe one of the Mullas has to research that subject and come to us with an answer ?

    to arab & Muslim People, Quran by itself is a miracle, each and every word of it, but what about the sound of Quran to Non-muslim Non-Arabic speakers ?
    maybe the rythem of each word ?
    im not sure


  8. white wings
    Sep 28, 2006 @ 03:43:28

    i agree with busale7, it is the power of the mind that brings the healing to reality, if you believe that a poisonous substance is curing, there is a good chance, it won’t kill you, rather it would do the job of healing..
    isn’t the human mind amazing?
    What a great subject, thanks ayya
    as for the evi eye, dr. marwan almutawaa explained that it is nothing but rays coming from the eyes and falling on subjects admired, what of that? it is bull 🙂 excuse my French
    I learned never to overrule anything, so evil eye? maybe, dr. marwan’s analysis, no no (ok, it is the only thing i overrule) 🙂


  9. AyyA
    Sep 28, 2006 @ 14:36:51

    Thanks you for participating 😀

    The Extreme Mod
    We learn a new thing everyday 😉

    I did no know about others who attempted to replicate the research, but it sounds possible to me. I believe in energy transformation between human and nature. And I agree with you about the placebo effect when it comes to human. As for the effect on water; the video showed an experiment that was performed in a classroom where two jars of rice cookies were placed on a shelf; each had a sticker with a word written on it. One word was “love” the other was “hate”. And the reason it was placed in a classroom was to have as many people to read the words on a daily bases. After one month, the contents in the one with the word “love” stayed fresh as it was, while the other turned greenish-black and produced a foul odor.
    I tried to test this myself; I have a stack of bamboo stems that were slowly withering ever since I moved it from my office. And in an effort to save it; I tried to trim it and change its place for lighting purposes more than once, but still no use. Only last month I thought to put a sticker on it’s clear vase with “love & peace” note. So far it looks good and it seems healthier. But I’m still not sure about the results since this type of visitation needs more time to show if there is a real difference.

    True; as I mentioned to ummel3yal, I do agree with placebo effect when it comes to human. But why not work both ways? Wi ba3dain 6awil wala yihimik, I care for your opinion 😀

    Lady J
    That’s interesting, so now we know that the possibility that this may have some bases is valid 🙂

    More interesting though is how words affect our bodies, we know that some people always complain about a certain sickness, although there is nothing wrong with them, but we also notice that this negative attitude eventually turns into physical malfunction. This could give an explanation to how a mental state can affect the physical state.

    Part of it is placebo yes,
    It would be interesting to see a Mulla perform the research :p

    When I mentioned about evil eye as we know it very well around the region when one says” imseeba sabathom, imnain iyeeboon kil hatha” the negative words and the evil intentions behind them even if not heard by the mosabee ( I invented this word :p) will it really have a bad effect? For example if a nice house was built in the neighborhood, and passing people uttered these words, would that mean anything?


  10. white wings
    Sep 28, 2006 @ 14:43:05

    there is a possibility, i really like this idea of words affecting physical change..really important
    on a different level but still ponding words, linguists are weary of the generic “he” because it emphasizes male as main species, and when I say this poeple think that it is a crude exaggeration…goes to show how much words affect our lives
    and inventing words ia my thing
    يا قلادة


  11. AyyA
    Sep 28, 2006 @ 19:29:05

    Wallah, since I do not have mogalid, then it’s my honor to be your galadah 😉


  12. NewMe
    Sep 29, 2006 @ 11:19:37

    In my opinion..
    you only believe in what you want to believe in..
    no magic behind it..
    i for one don’t believe in sacred places therefore never trembled neither in ka3ba nor in fatikan..


  13. AyyA
    Sep 29, 2006 @ 12:04:58

    I agree with you, at that time, I was a total believer, I went to 7aj one time and to 3omra not less than seven times, but as I pondered more and more into my belief, I lost this feeling and on my last visit to 3omra, my feelings were no more than being in a church. It kept it’s respectful atmosphere since it natually brought God to mind, yet, it lost it’s exitement for I started believing that God is everywhere, not just in a closed premises.


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