Ramadaniyat (II)

Two days ago, I was turning the channels to see what’s going on with Ramadan programs on TV, and accidentally I switched to Alhurra and there was this interview with a Yamani Academic by the name of D.Ilham Mani3 in a debate with a cleric from Alazhar ( forgot his name). The interview in general was about how women are unjustly treated in Islamic societies.

Dr. Ilham; like many other Moslems believes that the problem with Islam is not religion itself, but rather the clerics who misled Moslems throughout the years.

Is it really?

I for one disagree with her and believe that the problem is not in the interpretation of religion; rather; it’s in the core of religion. But this is another issue that I might address in other Ramadaniyat post.

She believes for instance that covering the head (7ijab) is not a dogma (thawabit) but a debating issue ( masa2il khilafiya). She also says that women don’t have to cover their heads while praying. This I agree with 100% and I have posted about it before here

Now the issue that really took me by surprise was the fact that she believes that women can perform all the practices of her faith including praying while she has her period!!!!!
Now that was news to me, but come to think of it, why not?

Human body consist more than 70% of its weight of water in the form of blood. And it circulates all over the body. This blood carries nutrients to each cell activating it to perform its duty.

Now what happens in women’s body each month?

In each cycle the womb is preparing itself with nutrients in the form of blood to house and nourish the fetus if it gets to be formed. This blood differs from the blood in other parts of the body by being more pure from the toxics; it naturally gets filtered for the safety of the fetus.

Now if someone has a cut in his hand and puts a band-aid to stop the leaking, can’t he resume his prayer?
If yes, then can’t women insert a tampon and resume their prayers?


Let’s do some yoga 😀