Change is Refreshing

September to me was the month of drastic changes;

The first change  was to transfer from my IBM ThinkPad to 17 inch Apple MacBook Pro, I got this laptop back in May through the Net, but being blank-headed in Apple technology on one hand, and busy with the orange movement on the other (excuses, excuses), I did not try to use it properly, or may be I was too scared of change, so it lay down as a nice accessory in my bedroom, using it once and a while to watch my DVD’s in bed with it’s cute little remote control. But that made me feel guilty, I had to make time and gather courage. But when I finally did at the beginning of this month, I ran into different problems when I tried to connect to the Net.
I thought at the beginning that the problem was with my novice trials to use the Mac (which was true in a way). But Mac is very prompt in providing step-by-step directions of use as if aiding a blind. So I resigned to the fact that I’m not a Mac person and went ahead and loaded 30% of the Mac memory with Windows XP operating system. But that was a stupid move, why did I pay so much for Mac if I wasn’t going to use its facilities.
 Anyway; I realized that the problem was neither with Mac instructions nor the Net, but rather with my left brain cells that were hooked to Windows. And now that I released myself from my addiction to Windows, I find Mac to be much easier to deal with than I thought, and even friendlier than IBM and its windows. The resolution is superb and it feels like a jump from earth to the Milky Way galaxy.
All I need to do now is to uninstall windows since it’s slowing down process operations, install Microsoft office since the one I have is only a trial version, and engrave the keyboard with Arabic letters and I’ll be set and ready for a complete transformation.
And boy I’m loving my new toy 😀

The second change was the host of my blog. Blogspot has many limitations, and if you are an ambitious freak like me, wanting to work around your template, making constant changes here and there when your HTML IQ is equivalent to almost zilch, then forget it. You either learn HTML which I’m too rusted to do, or just depend on others to make the changes and I hate to do that.
But when the beta version of blogspot came out with loads of promises, I thought; ah.. now I can solve all my problems, especially with categorization which I needed the most. And like diving in the sea blindfolded, I jumped into it without hesitation, only to find out that beta is still at a testing stage and its problems are immense.

بس بعد شنو, بعد خراب بغداد!!!

My frustration with beta amounted to a point that I decided to discard the whole blog all together and switch to WordPress (call me a traitor if you may) since it does not require being a nerd in HTML, and more suitable for “ Blogging for Dummies” like me. Why take the hard route in life if you have the option for an easier way out?
Easy way out?????

هوه دخول الحمام زي خروجه!!!

First WordPress does not have the facility to import my files that were transferred to beta version, at least not yet, although they promised to add it soon. Second; blogspot is a selfish, nasty kid that only recognizes other bloggers that are registered in its domain, and unless other blogspot bloggers enable options like “other” or “anonymous” I won’t be able to comment on their blogs easily. So you can imagine the hassle I go through trying to post a comment on your blogs; I have to sign in, sign out then again sign in and sign out just to be able to leave a lousy comment on each and every blog I visit!

Then the third change was my mobile; I have been a Nokia person for as long as I can remember, and if you know me, you would know how attached I am to my old stuff. I have used this mobile till it gave up on me and started having a mind of its own, when it’s in the mood; it would ring when someone calls, and send all messages simultaneously. And when it’s not; it just lists missed calls and late massages.
My dad knew that it would take a miracle for me to change my mobile, so he decided to do that miracle and got me Sony Ericsson (K800). The first thing that attracted me to this mobile and did the trick was the digital camera facilities it provides, and it tempted me like a magnet. The temptation was harder to resist even if that meant throwing away my dear old beloved Nokia.
Now I have to do some learning and readjusting to a new system altogether 😦

Will there be more changes?
Well, September is not over yet, and if there is, then I will throw the old me to the sea and embrace the wind of change, for nothing is more refreshing than the rejuvenating change.