Ramadaniyat (I)

My dad asked me yesterday if I was going to fast this Ramadan and I said “NO”, my brother joined the conversation and said” sure”. Now I know my brother is a heavy smoker, and every Ramadan he fasts for a couple of days and pretends to be fasting the rest of the month, what I don’t understand is “why?” why should one lie? He could have said “I’ll do my best”, or “I’ll give it a shot” or even “I’m not sure” but why lie? Why pretend to be doing something when you’re not? Was he doing it to respect my dad’s feelings? And why should my dad’s feeling be hurt in the first place? Or was he trying to avoid the questions and the lectures that might follow? Each person is responsible for his actions and I think that my brother is a mature person that should bear the consequences of his actions.

Now this takes me to another question that arises when people find it strange to have ethics when you don’t believe in religion. Why should ethics always be franchised by religion? Can’t one have ethics without believing in religion?

And this again took me to another level; what is ethics? And when was it introduced and by who? Was it first introduced by monotheism? Ancient Greeks didn’t have a religion, or more accurately; they had a pagan religion, yet morals and ethics was part of their society, otherwise they wouldn’t have had a civilization. Even if those ethics change from one belief to another; or one society to another, there are certain universal ethics that are common in all beliefs; like lying, stealing or killing perhaps.

This reminded me of a blogger who asked me once” if you don’t believe in religion; then how can you raise your kids?” When I read the question I started singing “what’s love got to do, got to do with it?”

It is really amazing how people are one track minded in the sense that they think when you don’t believe in religion; you have no belief at all. Things like:

“هذي ما عندها دين. يبا هذي كافره”.

I think the word “kafra” or “infidel” is an insult by itself. It give the sense of absoluteness to certain beliefs on the account of the others, it carries a sense of biasness and prejudice Not believing in religion is a belief by itself. It might not be a common belief, but nevertheless; it’s a belief.

And talking about Ramadan; the very fact that I’m writing this post today might be outrageous for some; they may even take it as a personal insult to their beliefs, especially now that Ramadan is at the door. And although Ramadan is considered scared for most Moslems, yet, why should it be treated differently, faith is faith throughout the year, you either believe in what you are doing or you don’t.

Oh and expect more from me now that I have nothing to do but lie on my back and babble on the net

يعني فضيت لكم :p

Happy Ramadan ya’ll, and may it be an easy fasting experience to those who really fast, and don’t be surprised of my greetings, I respect your beliefs and expect you to respect mine.

Now one more question: what are the good Ramadan series ( mosalsalat) that deserve watching? And on which channels and what times? Mind you; I’m only interested in historical ones, thanks in advance 😀

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  1. iDip
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 02:23:02

    Happy Ramdhan 🙂

    I feel sick when I hear “you know it’s ramadhan” by ill-mannered ppl who pretend/try to be “good muslims” in Ramdhan ONLY! for God sake.. can’t they be good muslims always!

    as for the “musalsalat”

    I’m planning to watch:
    – Khalid bin Al-Waleed + Al-Ameen & Al-Ma2moun (I love history, and if they fake it.. ya wailhum minny!)
    – Freej (an emarati 3D cartoon/animation about Emarati “3ayayez”) http://www.freej.ae
    – and I look for something in 2M (moroccan channel), last year they had something like “3rd rock from the sun” a-la-maroc… I have to admit, it’s hard to cacth with their speaking pace, but they’re funny!

    if all the mentioned above failed me, I’ll be watching my un-watched DVDs

    I just noticed that you listed Bo Jaij’s blog, Shurouq’s, Q8 demon’s, Q’s and mine as “Political”.


  2. AyyA
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 03:07:50

    Same to you sweetie, and as for the category list actually they are meant to be my mood reference since I’m very moody; ya3ni when I’m in politics mood then these are the blogs that interest me the most, and same goes for my solitary moods. soaring is my general mood, may be later on I would break them down more.
    And about the series; I believe that we share the same interests. So I think I’ll like your list. and yes the series that do not give me the truth really irritate me and I soon get bored and lose interest. Last year’s Molook El6awa2f I think was great, and I hope to see more of the type if you know what I mean.
    Today, by accident, I switched to Kuwait TV at around 10PM, and 6ash ma 6ash was on, now that’s something I wouldn’t want to miss.
    Thanks for the tip buddy.


  3. Fuzzy
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 04:14:02

    embarak 3alaikom el shahar,

    the post is double cream, needs thorough reading hehehe, guess ill do that tomorrow after fo6oor 🙂



  4. erzulie
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 04:36:55

    Well, this certainly took me by surprise. I have to say that you are brave to state this.

    Personally, I don’t think religion has to do with people’s sense of morality.

    I have a friend who prays everyday and preaches to all to do the same. This person is also the worst of the best players (read: playa) I know.

    On the other hand, I have a friend who is a silent atheist. She doesn’t believe, but has never in her life done anything morally wrong.

    Now, I’m not saying that all people who pray are bad and all nonbelievers are good. No, of course not. But I don’t agree with the societal stamp of trustworthiness if one is a “Muslim.” Who defines that anyway?

    And love is the innermost essence of God 🙂

    “What’s love but a second hand emotion” 😛


  5. bosale7
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 14:30:24

    هممممممممممم ..

    موضوع صحيح والاخلاق لا علاقة لها بالاديان …ولو مو صحيح هالكلام جان ما شفنا جمعيات حقوق الانسان او الديمقراطيات بدول العالم لعدم ارتباطها باديان !

    عموما رمضان عادة جميلة والدفء العائلي فيه مميز ….
    كل عام والجميع بخير
    اما بالنسبة للمسلسلات …انا عادة جدا مقصر بالتلفزيون وعادة اشوف المسلسلات بعد رمضان لانه حوسة وكل قناة حاطة مسلسلين او اكثر فالواحد يتوه معاهم 🙂



  6. kila_ma6goog
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 14:32:52

    that was one hell of a post!

    huff, usually ur posts doent click with me cause i cant taste poets in english for educational reasons:P mdares 7kooma

    اولا مبارك عيك الموقع الجديد

    ثانيا مبارك عليك الشهر

    ثالثا موضوع ملغوم و ثقيل وايد و فيه نقاشات و افكار وايدة مادري شلون بكتبها و أنا صايم ,بس أحاول

    أعتقد والله أعلم ان عندك أو عند عامة الناس خلط في بعض المفاهيم لذلك تجدين بعض الناس تربط بعض الكلمات بمفاهيم معينة, يعني لمن يقولون التسامح تلقين هالكلمة على طول تسوي كلك بالمخ انها شي ديني أو اسلامي في حالتنا, مع ان التسامح شي انساني بغض النظر عن الدين

    الآن يجب علينا التفريق بين العادات او المفاهيم الخيرة الاخلاقية الانسانية و بين الديانات و تعاليمها, لكن في نفس الوقت يجب ان نفهم سبب ارتباط الديانات بهذه المفاهيم الاخلاقية

    بالنسبة لي الدين أو الديانة هي مانيوال , أو دليل ارشادات الحياة

    لمن تشترين تلفزيون تلقين بالقوطي دليل ارشادات استعمال يعلمك كيفية استعمال هالجهاز بالشكل الأمثل

    الدين هو دليل ارشادات يعطيك تعليمات و تحذيرات و حقوق و واجبات يجب عليك تطبقها بالشكل الصحيح عشان تنجح في حياة الدنيا اللي معظم الديانات تعتبرها مرحلة اختبار للحياة الأخرى أو الآخرة

    معظم الأديان تقوم على هالفكرة, هناك حياة دنيا و حياة آخرة , و الحياة الآخرة فيها قسمين , الجنة و النار , و يجب عليك الالتزام بالدين في الحياة الدنيا عشان تدش الجنة في الحياة الآخرة

    الآن هناك نقاش من جنابك و هو هل الفكرة هذي صحيحة؟ هل هناك حياتين؟ و هل الحياة الأخرى فيها جنة و نار, و هل فيه أديان توصلك للجنة في الحياة الأخرى؟ طبعا كلها اسئلة طبيعية و الجواب عنها يطول لكن باختصار يعتمد على راحتك النفسية و معتقداتك

    أنا مسلم لذلك معتقداتي انه نعم على كل هذه الأسئلة

    سوف احط هالبوست و اكمل الرد بتعليق ثاني


  7. AyyA
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 15:19:05

    3alina wi 3alaik, waiting for you, wi 3asa allah yisahil 3alaik elsoom, specially in the first few days 😀

    I wouldn’t call it bravery more of a matter of principle. I really do respect the ones who are acting out of belief, no matter what is the belief, and no matter how diverted they are in their beliefs to mine so long that this belief is personal and not forced on others.
    Glad you made it here and hope to see more of your valuable comments.

    Thanks for your insight dude, and yes, I like some of the traditions in Ramadan, but what bothers me is the hypocracy of some. Bas mithil ma yigoloon; kil wa7id yinam 3ala elganb illi yiraya7o. and it is true; elmosalsalat are all cramped up in Ramadan that one can’t keep up with them, but the thing is that I lose interest after Ramadan 😦
    Hope you have a great month

    Sorry sweetie, I don’t have Arabic keyboard in my Mac or else I would have answered you using Arabic language, although my Arabic yifashil :p
    First; 3alina wi 3alaik wi allah yisahil 3alaik elsoom
    Second; in this post I’m not discussing the authentic aspect of religion, this issue would take more than a book LOL, what I’m trying to say is every one is entitled to his own belief, but It’s the people in the gray area that I can’t fathom, for example; people who stash bottles of Alcohol to celebrate in Eid, while they spend Ramadan nights in mosques. Are they doing this for the society? Or is God only around in Ramadan? If they respect the society they are in, wouldn’t God be more worthy to respect, that’s if they believe in God as they declare. Well, some might say that they do it to balance good with evil, and may be wash away sins in one month to be eventually led to the path of correct. To me this does not make any sense, beliefs are in juxtaposition with will; the stronger is the belief, the more is the willpower no matter what is the belief.
    Waiting for your elaboration wi ahlan wasahlan feek bilmanzil eljideed, baitic wi ma6ra7ik 🙂


  8. kila_ma6goog
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 15:19:27


    كما قلت في التعليق السابق كل هذه المعتقدات تعتمد على مدى انسجامك النفسي و الروحي معها, يعني انا مسلم و منسجم مع الكثير الكثير من المعتقدات اللي ممكن الناس تعتبرها خرافية أو خزعبلات لكني مقتنع فيها لأني مسلم, كالمعجزات اللي صارت مع الرسول و غيرها

    انا شخصيا مرتاح من ديني و من هذه المعتقدات بغض النظر ان كانت صحيحة أو غير صحيحة أو هناك الأصح منها لأني قارنت بين ديني و بقية الأديان الموجودة على الساحة و شفت ان ديني هو الانسب لي

    الآن بالنسبة لعلاقة الدين بالمفاهيم الأخلاقية كالصدق و التسامح و الكرم

    كل هذه المفاهيم موجودة بالدين و بدونه و قبله و بعده, الا أن الدين هو الذي يضعها في اطار أكاديمي ان صح لي التعبير

    يعني أي واحد بسيط يفتح تجارة اكيد راح يحسب الارباح و التكاليف و المبيعات

    الا ان اللي دارس محاسبة راح يضع كل هذه الأمور بطريقة أكاديمية متخصصة , الدين هو نفس الشيء, يضع هذه الأخلاق باطار أكاديمي و محدد

    المشكلة في أتباع المذهب أو الدين اللا ديني أو الملحدين او غير المعتقدين أو سميهم اللي تبين تسميهم لأني لست من هواة اطلاق الأسماء أو التسميات

    عموما المشكلة في الغير معتقدين أن ليس لهم منهج واضح متناسق, فكل فئة صغيرة منهم لها معتقدات تخصها و لا تعني غيرها, لذلك فنحن امام خيارين

    الخيار الأول هو اختيار أي دين كبير موجود على الساحة و ميزة هذا الاختيار هو وجود الحلول و الأجوبة و التفسيرات الجاهزة لكل سؤال ممكن يطري على بالك

    و الخيار الثاني هو أن يهيم في بحر الشك و الاستفسارات و عدم الاعتقاد و يصل في النهاية الى نتيجة جماعة ماركس و غيره في ان الكون موجود صدفة او ليس هناك خالق او يقولون فيه خالق بس مو شرط يكون نفس اللي تعتقده الأديان او يقولك في الله بس ماكو دين او او او او او او او

    الزبدة ان سعي اغلب الناس للانطواء تحت عباءة الديانات الكبيرة هو لعدم قدرتهم على ايجاد اجوبة شافية و مريحة في اللا دين, أيضا عدم وجود منهج لا ديني واضح ليكون بديل ناجح للدين

    الآن ليش السيد الوالد يزعل او يشعر بخيبة أمل لأنه ابنه ما يصوم , يمكن لأنه يحس انه قصّر في تعليم ابنه و اقناعه بالاسلام و تعاليمه

    عموما انا معاك بان الواحد مو مغصوب انه يمثل ممارسة الدين ان لم يكن مقتنع به بالأساس

    و شكرا و آسف للاطالة


  9. kila_ma6goog
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 15:33:57

    ثانك يو و عادي رايت ان انجلش

    بالنسبة عاد للفئة الرمادية كما سميتهم , فيجب عليك الفهم ان ليس كل الناس شجعان للخوض و التعمق في الدين و اللاهوت و المعتقد

    بعضهم يخاف اذا تعمق يلحد و بعضهم يخام من نظرة المجتمع و بعضهم يخاف يضيع و انا شخصيا ما ؤأيد أي شخص يتعمق اذا ما كان عنده قاعده قوية و افكار عميقة و راسخة تساعده على التعامل مع هذه المراحل المتقدمة من الغيبيات و المعتقدات الغير مستندة على اي دليل مادي

    لذلك معظم الناس قاصين الحق من نفسهم يسوون اللي يبونه و يستانسون و بنفس الوقت يمارسون الطقوس الدينية يمكن تضرب وياهم , ان كان فيه دين و الله يدشون الجنة و ان كان ماكو دين هم ما يتحسفون لأنهم استانسوا بالدنيا

    يعني الزبدة اكو وايد ناس مثل ما قلتي منطقة رمادية و انا اسميهم ضايعين بالطوشة, ما يدري اهو شيبي و ما يدري ليش و شحقة و ماله خلق او ما عنده الشجاعة للتفكير بهالمواضيع

    و على فكرة صيام الاكل جدا سهل عندي كوني اصلا ما آكل طول اليوم الا وقت العشاء

    المشكلة في صيام الروح و النفس



  10. NewMe
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 15:41:53

    مبروووووك الموقع اليديد
    بس عندي مشكلة مع حجم الخط

    رمضان كريم
    عليك وعلى كل الناس

    موضوع جريء في الطرح
    كما عودتينا

    معك في ان الدين لا علاقة له بالاخلاق
    وان الناس هم المصرين على ربط الاثنين ببعض

    كل سنه اصوم اقول فرصه يمكن اضعف
    انزل كيلوين بس مع اني ما اكل شي
    هالسنه راح اخفف وزني لكن بالرياضه
    عندي وقت وايد بسبب تخفيض ساعات الدوام

    من يدري

    دومي بكل ود
    اطيب تحية


  11. soud
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 15:44:11

    Mbarek 3lak alshahar


  12. Sumaya
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 18:54:41

    مرحبا اختي آية
    ذكرتي بأنكي تحترمين كل مؤمن بغض النظر عن ديانته, وهذا شيئ جميل

    و انا بصفتي مؤمنة بدين سماوي, احترم من لايؤمن بديانتي أوي أي ديانة سماوية واتمنى لهم الهداية

    اختي آية اسمحي لي أن ألفت انتباهك إلى نقطتان رئيسيتان
    ذكرتي بأنك تحترمين الجميع, ولكني تؤازرين من يتهجم على رسول الإسلام محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم , و تجلى ذلك واضحا في مدونة الغائب أبا الحكم, حيث بديتي منتشية من كتاباته المشينة ضد الرسول الكريم ومساندة له
    كذلك أراك تعزين أخواتك في المدونات في أكثر من مدونة قائلة: عظم “الله” أجركم, تعترفين بوجود “الله” ولا تؤمنين به؟

    دمتي سالمة 🙂


  13. AyyA
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 20:48:26

    7ilwah elmanual LOL
    What you said above might sound logical to the ones who already believe in afterlife as explained in sacred books, without religion there is no set definition for afterlife. Without religion the question remains unsolved because it deal with the unknown. Yet the possibility of its existence is 50/50. As a non-believer in religion I might accept this possibility; not to the notion that religions try to portray as heaven and hell, but more to a different kind of existence. Same goes to the definition of “soul” or “God”. A non-believer in religions does not have to believe in the existence of anything, he has the choice and that is the difference.
    I find religions to undermine the power of the mind, and treat it as an accessory. My manual is right here with me; I do not need others to impose their manuals on me. And again when I state my opinion I do not mean to insult any other beliefs, nor I mean to impose mine on you, I’m just expressing it as you did yours.
    Thanks for the insight 😀

    First sharafteeni, ahlan wa sahlan feech
    Second; 3alaina wi 3alaich
    As for reducing your weight, I advice you to do an hour of easy workout one hour before fotoor, something like walking or Yoga, first because you can drink water right after so your body won’t be dehydrated, second because your metabolism increases to it’s max after your workout and whatever you eat will be burned more efficiently, third because you won’t be able to eat much anyway especially with the temptation of the goodies of Ramadan and that would reduce your appetite and eventually shrink your tummy. But in any case beware not to nibble afterwards because this is the real danger to your health.
    And I’m really sorry about the font size, I will try to make it larger in my next posts, but you can enlarge them through the view option in your window for now, thanks sweetie.

    3alinah wi 3alaik 😀

    First let me welcome you in my humble quarters, second; I might like what Aba El7akam writes, and actually I love his style, yet that does not mean I agree with everything he mentioned. If you are an old follower of his blog you will read some of my earlier comments where I pointed out that I do agree with constructive criticism so long there is no insult. But the problem with most monotheist believers, especially Moslems, is that they consider any criticism as a direct personal insult where it shouldn’t be. Each is entitled to his/her opinion.
    And in your comment, I’m sure you meant well when you addressed the non-believers of your faith by saying “ wa atamana lahom elhidaya”, as if they are lost souls. This type of mightiness and prejudice is what I’m talking about which is associated with religion. What makes you think that they are lost? Couldn’t they be on the path of correct, at least from their point of view?
    And what made you think that I do not believe in God? Is God also franchised by religion?
    You see, for you or any religious believer to understand my stand, you have to remove yourself first from the domain of thought that you are in to be able to grasp other mentalities. On the other hand; I don’t have to do that because I was raised as a Moslem, so I do understand your stand perfectly well.
    Last; I can’t deny that I’m flattered to learn that you have paid attention to my comments on other blogs, and I warmly welcome you in mine, I believe it’s the first time, no?
    Wi mubarak 3alaich elshahar.


  14. Fuzzy
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 22:29:05


    ethics versus religion, or is it virtue versus reality ! madry….

    in history we had buddha, confucious, hamourabi, judism, christianity, Islam

    thou shall not steal, thou shall not kill !

    ethics has to come from some place, and if its not from a religion or a certain group or school of thought, then from where ? is it related to ones Genes ?

    your dad might feel bad if the members of his household do not Fast in ramadan, why ?
    because of 2 main things, innah he is resposible of teaching his kids the breachings of Islam, and also, hoping that his kids would make good deeds after he passes away .

    TV … tomorrow it will be clear which series are good or not, ill keep you posted, by the way i wrote a post in my blog that is similar to your post in a way 🙂



  15. AyyA
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 23:43:34

    I don’t believe it’s genes, I think that the introduction of ethics was more a matter of social evolution for the sake of survival. Civilizations vanish and others emerge learning from its predecessors and adding to it.
    And about parental responsibilities towards their kids, yes, this is true so long that they are beyond adulthood, but once they reach a certain age where they can think for themselves and differentiate between good and evil, then it’s not the parent’s responsibility anymore. A friend of mine just mentioned to me a while ago that as per Islamic preaching; parents are always responsible for their offspring’s behavior, no matter how old they get, and they are to be rewarded/punished afterlife if they failed to fulfill these responsibilities as was directed, now that doesn’t make any sense. Why should anyone bear the consequences of another one’s conduct? I look at this type of logic as mind terrorism and manipulation for a sake of keeping one’s faith running in the generations to come, no more, no less.


  16. NewMe
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 23:48:33

    oh i am not planning to fast.. never worked for me!!
    all what i will do is head to the gym everyday after work.. before fatoor
    crossing my fingers hoping it would work 🙂
    have a great one


  17. AyyA
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 00:05:00

    New Me
    I still think you should do it before eating weather you fast or not, to get the best results 😀
    Anyway; I wish you good luck and may Ramadan come to an end with a new NewMe look; more like qusain Elban 😀


  18. Arfana
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 00:43:43

    When I told my dad “No”. He freaked out!
    I told him “if it relieves your consious I can say yes and LIE about it?”
    He said: No I want you to change your opinion


    3al 3moom… 30 days and it will be over 🙂


  19. Fuzzy
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 00:46:13

    do you believe that Quran is the words of Allah at least ? 🙂


  20. kila_ma6goog
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 00:57:17

    سلام مرة أخرى

    اسمحيلي الوع جبدك مرة اخرى

    من خلال ردك على سمية تبين لي او تحسست انك مستاءة قليلا من نظرة المسلمين للغير معتقدين؟

    طيب بدل ما ندخل في أوهام و خيالات تدور حول معتقدات غير المعتقدين, لم لا تبادري انتي بالكلام عن اعتقادك اللا اعتقادي؟ اشرحي لنا وجهة نظرك؟

    ما هو سر الحياة؟ما هي قناعتك في الحياة؟


  21. luloo
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 02:15:05


    بالطبع لا يوجد هناك علاقة إطلاقا بين الدين والأخلاق …. والدليل على ذلك … وأنا لا أعمم … ولكن أتكلم من خلال واقع ملموس ومحسوس، نرى أن الكثير من المسلمين، والمتدينيين على وجه الخصوص … بعيدون كل البعد عن أبجديات الأخلاق، والكثير منهم عنصريين حتى النخاع … ونرااهم يدعون على غيرهم بالسحق والمحق وتيتيم الأطفال وتعقيم الأرحام … وينعتون الأخرين بالكفر والعلمنة والزندقة … ويقذفونهم بألفاظ كأخوة القردة والخنازير…وينظرون لغير المسلم بنظرة دونية لإعتقادهم بأنهم الأفضل بل ويدعون لهم بالهداية لأنهم هم على بينة والأخرون على ضلال … وينسون أنهم لا يملكون شيئا من الأخلاق فهم أكثر الناس ظلما تجاه المرأة … وأقلهم احتراما للآخر المختلف عنهم .. وأقلهم احتراما للقوانين … وأكثرهم كذبا ونفاقا وازدواجية في المعايير … وذلك لأنهم يفعلون تماما غير ما يقولون ويعظون ليلا نهارا

    وعندما يخطأ البابا ويعتذر … تقوم الدنيا ولا تقعد … ولكن حين يقتل المسلمون الناس قتل الخراف في العراق ويسفكون الدماء ويرهبون الأمنين في بلاد الغرب … التي فتحت ذراعيها لهم … وسمحت لبعض اللاجئين من متطرفيهم باالاستفادة من الضرائب التي يدفعها المواطنين …وسمحت لهم بإقامة المساجد والمعابد والمراكز والصحف بكل حرية ……. تقعد دنياهم ولا تقوم


  22. AyyA
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 03:01:07

    LOL, kil 3am wi inti bikhair

    I believe that if there ever were any sacred book scripting words of God, it definitely aren’t what reached us today. That goes to all sacred books including Quran, and I’d rather not go into the detail of why I have come to this belief ( adri, you are curious to know :p) for two reasons: first; it’s a long story that needs more than one post to write, second; it has to be written carefully and not hastily so that it might not raise misunderstanding 😀

    Not only Moslem’s perceptions of other beliefs are biased, all Judeo-Christian religions have the same perceptions to outsiders of their faiths.
    As for the other part of your question, or may I say inquiry, I’m not sure if I got your message right, but let me give you, in brief, my philosophy of life:
    Yes, I do believe in God, yet can I define God? No. I can only guess through logical thinking that took me years of hard working research and pondering to reach a formula that is satisfying to me. Would my formula be proved wrong one day? Yes, possible and I’m ready to take the consequences.
    Now the God that I perceive is all what’s good, it’s the higher energy that encompasses everything in this world, from the tinniest creature to the most intellectual human being. We all carry part of God in us; you may call that part a soul if you like. And since I carry that part in me, I consider myself responsible to keep it and nourish it to the best of humanity. Not only that, but I also believe that God is there to help me bring the best of my original propensities for the sake of building this earth, not destroying it, and to do that I don’t need a mediator (was6a) to get to Him, he’s right here, in my inner mind and heart, I just have to reach out and get to feel Him and communicate with Him. It does not matter what I practice to reach out to him, the most important thing is to ponder in solitude and feel His positive energies in me. I also believe that prophets were great philosophers, no less than great men with good preaching that aimed to lead humanity to enlightenments, yet what they preached is not what reached us after centuries of man-manipulation and struggle for power. I believe that the furthest we get from this God, the greedier we become and we keep losing great parts of Him and of ourselves.
    Shall I go on? Tara I won’t stop :p

    What you mentioned above is one reason why I do not believe in religion. And although our reality as Moslems in this century portrays a lot of hatred and atrocities toward other faiths, come to the core of it, all religions carry the same perception to different degrees toward outsiders of their faiths. Islam prospered as a civilization only when it developed a degree of tolerance to other beliefs and other nations. At one time a khaleefat had a Jewish minister in Andalusia; scientist translated Greek philosophy although it was based on paganism. They prospered only when they freed themselves from the dogma of their religion.


  23. mosan
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 12:41:19

    lol gril


  24. kila_ma6goog
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 13:00:43

    كلام معقول , انا أيضا مؤمن بأن الديانات الموجودة حاليا مختلفة تماما عن الرسالة الأصلية التي أتى بها الرسول أو النبي

    عطيتيني خوش فكرة حق نيو بوست



  25. AyyA
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 14:12:42

    Mosano babe
    See it wasn’t too bad was it? 😉

    Ok, now I’m waiting patiently for your post 😀


  26. Sumaya
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 20:02:21

    عزيزتي آية,
    مساء الخير
    فرحت كثيرا لتفهمك موقفي بشأن دعائي لمن لايدينون بديانتي بالهداية
    هذا هو شعور كل من يرى نفسه على صواب ويتمنى من الغير تصحيح الخطأ وتصويبه والانضمام اليه
    دعائي لايعني التأثير على معتقدك أو التلميح بضياعك, ولكن هو دعاء محبة تتمنى لك السعادة دنيا وآخرة
    هذا وأحسب انكِ تجدين السعادة في عالمك والانسجام والطمأنينة, لايسعني في هذه الحالة إلا أن اتمنى لكِ مزيدا من السعادة وتحقيق ماتسعين إليه

    ملحوظة: انا متابعة لماتنسجين من كلام منذ البداية ولكني ألتزم الصمت وأكتفي بالقراءة والتأمل
    نعم هذا أول تعليق لي هنا


  27. Fuzzy
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 20:19:56

    one of the topics i like to read about is Science, and scientific Miracles in the Quran,

    here is a video miracles from the Quran


  28. ولاّدة
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 22:38:56

    موضوع ممتاز وطرحك أيا مقنع كالعادة

    أوافقك الرأي في أن لا علاقة بين الدين والأخلاق

    بل أذهب إلى أبعد من ذلك بأنني لاحظت كلما إزداد الشخص تدين -في الكويت- كلما إزداد انحطاط على المستوى الأخلاقي
    إلا من رحم الله


  29. you-sif
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 22:40:34

    مبروك للموقع الجديد

    أما الموضوع
    الكل معافى إلا المجاهرون .. من المسلمين.. وأنت لست منهم

    طبعا لا بأس أن تتخذين أي دين تشائين وأي معتقد ترغبين به حتى لو كان غير سماوي
    وذلك حسب الرأي الشرعي القائل .. لا إكراه في الدين

    ويوجد تباين في الآراء التي تتعامل مع من ينكرون الدين ويكفرون به
    ففهناك من العلماء من يجرم الذين يكفرون بالإسلام وينالون منهم بأبشع الكلمات
    وآخرون يرون أن هذا شأن كل فرد بينه وبين خالقه ولكن بشرط أن لاينال هو من الإسلام طالما لم يقتنع فيه .. ويترك الآخرون بما يؤمنون
    بمعنى أن لا ينادي بالإرتداد عن الدين لأنه غير مقتنع بما ورد فيه
    لأن في تلك الحالة يختلف التعامل مع المرتد أو الكافر أو الغير مؤمن .. كل الأوصاف بالنهاية تؤدي الى نفس النتيجة لذلك لا تنزعجي من هذه المسميات

    على كل .. كل عام وأنت بخير


  30. AyyA
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 23:53:50

    Science interest me as well, but I don’t believe in miracles :p

    True, religion is fine when one believe in it as a sacred bond between himself and God; it should be a very private matter. But when it becomes a public matter, where a group interfere into the rights of others is could become really unethical.

    Thank you dear and glad you made it here
    And about the subject, don’t you see that there is a contradictory here?
    I mean how could a Moslem born not be forced to embrace Islam as a religion, yet can’t declare his opinion about his own beliefs? The mere fact of mentioning it is mojahara. Don’t you think? And where are his/her rights?
    You mentioned that there are different opinions about this matter, now which opinion is the majorities’?


  31. AyyA
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 23:54:50

    ah and kil 3am wi inta bi sa7a wa salamah 😀


  32. AyyA
    Sep 25, 2006 @ 00:03:05

    Sorry Sumaya
    I just noticed your comment. I’m honored to have you here dear and looking forward to see more of you, don’t be a silent guest, I care for your comments 😀


  33. فيزوقراطي
    Sep 25, 2006 @ 02:00:04

    Well, the question of ethircs/morals and religion is one of those ancient disputes that have carried over time. Probably each philosopher in history have had discussed this issue. Yet I would say yea we all agree its unethical to steal or kill, but why? How did this idea got spreaded? When did the first crime happened? How was categorized as a crime? Search the roots.. as u said Greeks back then their morality was also tied with their religion. I believe religion is the root of all ethics..

    the word “Kafer” it shouldn’t be annoying for someone, who is supposignly to be proud of his believe. Just stand up for what you believe in, if that what you believe in why do you think its an insult?! unless you are not confident on what you believe in!

    Again I see similar reaction from “Liberals” in Kuwait. For some reason they don’t like to be called liberals or seculars! dudes if that what you believe in why are you shy?

    At the end of the day, I do believe in religion, yet I respect all of those who don’t believe. I think each person has the right to believe in what he/she thinks is right. My friends have different beliefs but that has never effected our common ideas nor our happy relationships.


  34. AyyA
    Sep 25, 2006 @ 02:53:43

    It’s not an easy matter to research the first emergence of ethics into the ancient societies other than searching in sacred book for the first crime; where it states that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him. Science of evolution, on the other hand discards the theory of Adam and Eve. Darwin the founder of evolution theory could not prove his theory back on his time because evolution process take billions and trillions of time, a matter that can’t be proven, not even in centuries. Yet; today; the research of HIV virus accidentally proved in laboratories the authenticity of the theory since HIV virus evolution goes through the same process as humans yet does not need a long time to take place. Therefore; the first crime in the sacred books remains to be a mystery if not a myth.
    Kafer means a non-believer period, I wouldn’t mind the dubbing if it did not contain the absoluteness ring to it. As I mentioned before; when one does not believe in religion, that is a belief in itself. As for secularism or liberalism, I don’t see anything offending in these terms, actually; I have added a logo on my sidebar that shows The Sacred Trinity of : Secularism, Freedom, and Democracy.. And I’m proud to be dubbed as such.


  35. zaydoun
    Sep 25, 2006 @ 12:57:40

    Again, like KM I usually don’t comment here because I feel inadequate commenting about poetry.

    But today’s subject? I wish everyone would stay out everyone else’s business and leave us to believe (or not believe) as we choose. I am a proud secular and I believe in God. How? I believe each person’s relationship with God should be personal

    Today driving to work, I saw a girl in a Jeep wearing a yellow glittery baseball cap and smoking freely at the traffic light. She must not have got the Ramadan memo. But did I care? NO! It’s her problem!


  36. neelaah
    Sep 25, 2006 @ 13:18:15

    انا ضم صوتي لج
    لا علاقه بالدين بالاخلاق
    الاخلاق سلوك اما الدين عقيده

    و اقرب مثال
    انه محمد قبل ان يكون رسول
    كان رجل كل ما يميزه الاخلاق رغم انه
    لم يكن هناك دين او شريعه واضحه

    انا اعتقد انه الاخلاق
    هي الشريعه
    اللي يضعها الانسان لنفسه
    شرعه الخاص فيه و المؤمن فيه
    واللي لم يميله عليه احد

    الاخلاق بالنهايه واعز داخلي و جميل ان تملكه
    ومهم ان يكون موجود لتكون فرشه جيده للدين
    انه افترضنا بانه الشخص سيتوجهه الى دين ما


  37. AyyA
    Sep 25, 2006 @ 14:27:36

    Big Z
    7ayak anytime sweetie and expect more of this series of Ramadaniyat, that’s why I had “I” on the title above.
    LOL; that girl must’ve turned curios heads on the traffic light, poor thing.

    Thank you dear for your invaluable insight, wi mubarak 3alich ishahar 😀


  38. newbie
    Sep 25, 2006 @ 14:31:08

    Good post..

    El deen mala sheghel bel akhlaaq

    wel daleel takarror jomlat “Deen wa Kholoq” bil islam, it wasn’t “Deen OR Kholoq” .. it is Deen AND Kholoq…

    meaning that not every Muslim has ethics, although Islam calls for it.


  39. AyyA
    Sep 25, 2006 @ 14:38:52

    Mola7atha jayidah, thanks for sharing
    Have a great month 🙂


  40. q80_demon
    Sep 25, 2006 @ 21:28:53

    Great post, Ayya. Let me direct you to a book I’m currently reading.

    Richard Dawkins has been one of my favorite authors since blogger Anti-Reason directed me to his books some years ago. I’m currently reading his latest: The God Delusion, and I’m discussing it online with AR. The question of detaching morality from religion is discussed at length in a couple of chapters. Early in his preface to the book, the author comments on exactly the point you raised about atheism as an insult: it is not: “on the contrary, it is something to be proud of, standing tall to face the far horizon, for atheism nearly always indicates a healthy independence of mind and, indeed, a healthy mind.”

    So, I highly recommend the book; order it soon before the censors in our esteemed Ministry of dis-Information take notice and impose a ban on it.

    I’m sorry I don’t have an opinion about the musalsalaat. Even though history is my vocation, I absolutely abhor the so-called historical dramas produced for Ramadhan. Those costume parties have as much in common with history as the Jay Leno show has with news and current events.


  41. AyyA
    Sep 26, 2006 @ 03:37:12

    Atheisms like secular are not insults, since they both specify a group of thought. Yet; infidel doesn’t and that was the point of my argument.
    And thanks sweetie for the book, I already placed the order 🙂


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