Ramadaniyat (I)

My dad asked me yesterday if I was going to fast this Ramadan and I said “NO”, my brother joined the conversation and said” sure”. Now I know my brother is a heavy smoker, and every Ramadan he fasts for a couple of days and pretends to be fasting the rest of the month, what I don’t understand is “why?” why should one lie? He could have said “I’ll do my best”, or “I’ll give it a shot” or even “I’m not sure” but why lie? Why pretend to be doing something when you’re not? Was he doing it to respect my dad’s feelings? And why should my dad’s feeling be hurt in the first place? Or was he trying to avoid the questions and the lectures that might follow? Each person is responsible for his actions and I think that my brother is a mature person that should bear the consequences of his actions.

Now this takes me to another question that arises when people find it strange to have ethics when you don’t believe in religion. Why should ethics always be franchised by religion? Can’t one have ethics without believing in religion?

And this again took me to another level; what is ethics? And when was it introduced and by who? Was it first introduced by monotheism? Ancient Greeks didn’t have a religion, or more accurately; they had a pagan religion, yet morals and ethics was part of their society, otherwise they wouldn’t have had a civilization. Even if those ethics change from one belief to another; or one society to another, there are certain universal ethics that are common in all beliefs; like lying, stealing or killing perhaps.

This reminded me of a blogger who asked me once” if you don’t believe in religion; then how can you raise your kids?” When I read the question I started singing “what’s love got to do, got to do with it?”

It is really amazing how people are one track minded in the sense that they think when you don’t believe in religion; you have no belief at all. Things like:

“هذي ما عندها دين. يبا هذي كافره”.

I think the word “kafra” or “infidel” is an insult by itself. It give the sense of absoluteness to certain beliefs on the account of the others, it carries a sense of biasness and prejudice Not believing in religion is a belief by itself. It might not be a common belief, but nevertheless; it’s a belief.

And talking about Ramadan; the very fact that I’m writing this post today might be outrageous for some; they may even take it as a personal insult to their beliefs, especially now that Ramadan is at the door. And although Ramadan is considered scared for most Moslems, yet, why should it be treated differently, faith is faith throughout the year, you either believe in what you are doing or you don’t.

Oh and expect more from me now that I have nothing to do but lie on my back and babble on the net

يعني فضيت لكم :p

Happy Ramadan ya’ll, and may it be an easy fasting experience to those who really fast, and don’t be surprised of my greetings, I respect your beliefs and expect you to respect mine.

Now one more question: what are the good Ramadan series ( mosalsalat) that deserve watching? And on which channels and what times? Mind you; I’m only interested in historical ones, thanks in advance 😀