Fetching My Love

Hand me wine and a cuddle
Salute me with your bottle
Nothing can drift my mind away
Noisy around my world is subtle

For as I rise my crystal cup
All emotions would drop
On rouge liquid around the rim
My thoughts voyages to him

Tell me
Is this his dreamy eyes
In my cup I visualize!
Or just a mere hallucination
I crave to fantasize!

At the beat of music flow

I care less who comes, who goes

Rising rhythms in my veins
Rock me as they start to grow
Causing thunderous inner beats
From my head down to my feet

Just as smoke all memories vanish
As I dance, twirl, and flourish

When I return to my seat
Exhausted by the torturous heat
I rise my cup for more sips
And a kiss his luscious lips

He takes me in his arms to tango
And flows with the Latino lingo
Of music so soft and mellow
His shoulder becomes my pillow

Then again I’m lost in thought
Of yearnings to his lot
My heart burns with each breath
As if ember  in my throat

Silently I shout in a maze
Of a room full of haze
In smokes that lost their tracks
“I want my beloved back”