Last night I was at a friend’s last gathering before Ramadan, and as I was leaving the premises after saying my goodbyes, I spotted this punching bag proudly hanging in the yard, And as if this PB had a soul; it challenged me to give it one of my infamous kicks of long time ago when I was one of Thai-boxing queens of the gym (actually only one Argentinean lady could compete against me).

Ah…. those good old days when I was dubbed marine woman. When for two continuous hours I would be moving with sweated body as if had run under a water douche, daring the most muscled men in the gym to stand against my punches and my unwinding energies. I hesitated the urge for a while and told myself “3igli ya mara, el3agel zain”. Aft all; I was a bit tipsy and out of practice for more than four years. But the damn PB kept calling me as I headed to my car fishing for my keys, and it cunningly won.

I went back in to teach that teaser a lesson, and without hesitation, I checked to see that no one was around, took my shoes off, and with my hand bag still over my shoulder I ran right at it and flew in the air, only to find myself on a wet floor, on my back, unable to move.

In no time worried faces all gathered and appeared in my vision; the maid must’ve spotted my foolishness and called the host and his guests to my rescue. Ok, that was embarrassing. Now getting back to my feet was a nightmare; my ribs felt like shattered glass.

I could not sleep last night; my left side ribs were killing me with every breath I took in, and the serge of coughing did not make it any easier. But still the pain was nothing compared to today as I realized that my body is all bruised and I have a big lump on my left elbow and hips. Now I have to stay in bed lying on my back, thanks to my friendly laptop for keeping my company or otherwise this would have been a disaster.

On a separate issue; a blogger buddy Fuzzy sent me an old song I was looking for quite some time with no use. And here I dedicate this song to him with a big THANK YOU; enjoy

Dr. Kiss Kiss