Talaq Ba2in

It is really hard to give up on something or someone we are so used to. For more than a month I’ve been struggling with blogspot. All I wanted is some more organization to be able to categorize my posts. I transferred to beta for that reason but unfortunately; not only I wasn’t able to do that, I was also faced with trail of other problems. I guess holding on to what is dear to us is not worth it when that thing keeps agonizing us. That goes to people too. Some of whom I have been patient with more than six years
Therefore I decided to move to WordPress, and to move on with my life on other accounts.
WordPress doesn’t deal with beta version as of yet, and as a result I can’t transfer my old posts ( they promised to do that in the near future). But regardless of that, I’m so disappointed with blogspot that I don’t really give a damn.
I have decided as of today to start a new beginning, discarding all what bothered me in the past, no more Ms. Nice. And so I declare:
Bye bye blogspot, bye bye selfish ignorant people….. Life is much more worth spending on my own happiness, than waiting for a miracle to change my situation.
Fellow bloggers, my dear cyber companions in good times and bad; please visit the new me on The Ultimate, if the link dosn’t work try http://www.3asal.wordpress.com and have a love break…..see you there.

An Update
I just realized it’s my second year with blogspot, the nasty troublesome kid LOL

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