When You’re in Love

You listen to me as I stutter
Whispering softly in my hair
Like whooshing waves rolling to shore
I sigh with every word you utter

If you feel love you would know
How this feeling makes you grow
Ten years in a day when you withdraw
A lifetime in single hour

On good days you want to embrace
Each passing shadow as if in a race
Mirrors deduct years off your face
And time whizzes like a burning rubber

Small details map your mind
Encompassing intimate encounters
Your eyes follow your lover around
Indifferent to the presence of others

When you’re in love you feel alone
All senses alert to the phone
Expecting the familiar tone
With each ring your heart shudders

Give me strength for I’m so drained
From this undulating state
Of ecstasy and great pains
Love is driving me insane

Love is that mysterious wine
Too delicious to explain