Toxic Love

Ask me to nourish you with passion till eternity
In mortal terms
And beyond immortality
Allow me to pave your pavement
With riches of roses from robust estates
Merciful to your fragile tread
Accept the ample services
Of a humble slave at your door
Begging for your forgiveness
Please; reign the jewel-studded peacock throne
Of this extravagant heart
And be its sole queen

But don’t ask me to leave I beg you
This decision is not mine to take
The oath was made by destiny
You are my everything
And I can’t stop
Loving you

Sufferings of one lifetime surpassed eternity
And suspended my mortal being for years
Leaving nothing for immortality
Your thorns bled the sole of my essence
Detouring my path through a whirlwind
Into a lost continent cursed with drought
Where your ample services seized
All what I have and swapped my identity
To that of a beggar at your door
Estranged in your lavish palaces
Sad and empty in
Solitary confinement

Set me free I beg you
One mistake cost me a lifetime
And contrived my destiny
I’m left with nothing
And your love is

Heaven’s Compensation

Katkoot is one year old today; my son brought her to me when he was traveling so I would take care of her while he’s gone. She was barely 3 months old at that time. I was a bit nervous at first since I’m not a cat person and don’t know how to deal with them. But by the time my son was back, Katkoot became my constant companion that I couldn’t do without.
Here is a poem I wrote about our first encounter:

The glistening iris kept dancing
Wondering who I was
Knowing what’s on her mind, I had to be patient
Not to break her fragility
After all, like me she was in a strange mansion
Of different possibilities

I left here alone to explore my hospitality
She cautiously tiptoed until she faced me
Meowing, purring
Entwining her gaze with mine, a thread

Of hazel sunshine voyaged me along the bay
Of reminiscent far away shores
Where I watched sunset
Surrounding my image in his iris
And vowed to reside there forever

But that was long ago
And there was no forever

Now what kind of trick heaven was playing?
The new kitten and I both reflected and eased

The banging of construction workers next door did not distract us
Neither did the pains of the past

Two broken hearted, deprived
One from mother, one from lover
Now were united and eyes talked
Refuge, although lips never moved

I smiled as she lingered
Between my open arms
And I whispered
“You’re not alone”

Isn’t she lovely?

Isn’t she wonderful?

Isn’t she made of love?

Sa7i elnoom