My Treasure

Dedicated to my twin on their birthday

Mistakes are age old, but mine was twofold

On a half wrecked, half sunken ship
I was Dumbfounded
When on a brink of a flight
I realized I was carrying a heavy freight

Friends and kin cautioned
“Dump the double trouble in the ocean
And save your skin”

My load was priceless
On a useless carrier
Amidst tumultuous weather
I had to pause, I had to ponder

But without any doubt
I chose to keep my twin treasure

Guarding them against the wind, against time pressure
Bumping one blow after another
And watching them glow and prosper
Until they molded into perfection

Today is a birthday occasion
Of the most rewarding mistake ever
Ornamenting the neck of a proud mother;
A string of two pearls in beauty competition

In the iris of my eyes
Glistening my ever lasting pleasure
Despite the abandoned ship in the gutter
Despite the weather

PS; I have disabled the comment option since this is a special occasion, I know you’d understand, thanks for reading.

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