A Mind Break

Why is it that when you’re around
I don’t really know how much emotionally, physically and mentally
I’m dependent on you- until you go away?

Then, I start missing you
Reminiscing your little things
Things I never valued before-When you were around

Busy in my errands and pleasures
Loads I want to accomplish
Not to mention; I never paid attention
That you’re right behind

And when you’re gone
My mind slips into a bittersweet pause
From all the things I prized before
Into an art gallery of our time together

And regardless of the tart taste
I believe it’s healthy for my mind to take this break

The paintings become invaluable
Love portraits challenge one another
Making sure- not a single stroke is gone astray
When we’re back together

An Update
Mood of today
Santana Ft. Sean Paul and Joss Stone – Cry Baby Cry