Energy Shortage Again

It is amazing how a ministry can go to a lengthy detailed report that has a lot of vocabulary yet expresses nothing but its role as a prey. In this report that was presented to the Council of Ministers and published in tow pages of Algabas newspaper I could only get these points:

1-It’s not the ministry’s fault; it’s the consumer’s fault for being not energy conservative.

2-It is also consumer’s fault for not paying his bills.

3-Blame it on government policy for fixing the sale rate to be less than the operational cost, although oil prices are constantly increasing.

4-We don’t have qualified personnel; give the work to private sector.

5-Government bureaucracy (mentioned in detail in this point ) in dealing with projects, therefore; the ministry is asking for more leniency in dealing with URGENT PROJECTS (was mentioned only briefly).

6-Using other resources for energy like natural gas and treated waters, or undersurface water.

Now let’s go over these points one by one:

Although the first point was repeated many time, but this is not always the case. With modern day technology people’s dependence on electricity increases, and that should have been included in the long term planning. Campaigns for energy conservations had been in effect more than a decade, but that did not prevent energy shortage.

As for the second point; needless to remind the Ministry that its personnel never went to check meters in the past, even when consumers asked them to do that and were willing to pay, they sent them home! Some meters were even broken and no one knew about it, now whose fault is that? Shouldn’t the ministry exert more control over its personnel?

As for number three; I say take your hands off. Find an alternative to bring down the cost and there are so many, but don’t increase the payment on the consumer.

I agree with number four completely.

As for the fifth point; why ask for leniency for urgent matters only; solve the problem, once and for all, for all the projects by reducing governmental liaison time need in all stages of the project. There are many committees with studies that were done in the past, use them. Because otherwise you will always be dealing with urgent matters, and this is mismanagement.

I agree with the sixth point completely and I’m surprised at how much money we have already lost by wasting natural gas and not using the treated water that cost the government a fortune to build its plants.

And the most important question to all service ministries: where is the liaisons between these ministries? Why one ministry digs a tunnel in an area for its services and rebuilds it to come another ministry right after that and dig the same tunnel for other types of services? Isn’t this considered overburdening governmental budget?

P.S. : I’m even more pissed off today; I woke up this morning with a sty in my right eye 😦