Morning Sex

The AC is cold and careless
The quilt is soft and warm
Her limbs are cold and folding
In spite of the pampered torso, against his warmth

Half asleep half dreaming
Verily reposing yet vigilant
Goosebumps creeping around
Each move of the contact point

Just a flick and it all started
East with West united
For the undulating feast
Body-to-body tease

Serine, monotonous rhythms
Bit by bit, picking up tone to a wild cry
As the smell of the night-before filled the air
And the dream became wetted reality

Sedated in lasting pleasures
She takes a side of the king-size bed
And drifts back to tranquility
Regardless of her wet body, of the hot covers

Or of that sneaking sun
Of the early morn