Lebanon; the land of freedom is hijacked
Lebanon; the land of beauty is demolished
Lebanon; the land of love is bombarded with hate
Lebanon; the land pride is hungry and injured
Lebanon; the land of prosperity is brought to its knees
Lebanon; the land of dignity is crying
Lebanon; the land of history is dying
Lebanon; the land of hope is calling
It’s time to pay back
It’s time to extend a hand to our beloved land

I remember at the very early stages of Kuwait invasion by Iraq, I was checking the radio and TV to find out what the Arab and Muslim countries were doing to help us- nothing, not even mentioning the news- surprised?
The only voice I heard was coming from Lebanon

Kuwaiti Wafa group initiated this move and they need all the help they can get.

Please be human and contribute as much as you can; donate, spread the word, any small effort is a big effort. Sharing is caring

Wafa Group (click the link please)