Congratulation Kuwait

Now that it’s over and the new cabinet has taken the oath; old issues of who did what and why is not important. All members of the parliament as well as government members are Kuwaiti people of this country and we have to respect them all regardless of our past experiences with them. If not for their personal deeds at least for the post that they hold under Abdullah Alsalem dome. We have accepted democracy as part of our life and we have to respect its outcome. The most important thing at this stage is to assume good intentions and work accordingly.
One big achievement of the orange movement was the ministerial approval of five constituents. And although this has not been finalized yet, but in my opinion, it’s just a matter of time and I hope that this issue is resolved as quickly as possible and before the end of this session.
Yet, we have to understand that our main goal is not the five constituent, this issue was only our leading thread to fight corruption. These members that we have chosen at our will to represent us need to always be reminded that they have taken those seats because of us- people, and it is us who define the policy of this country.
At the time of elections it was easy to deal face to face with candidates because they all had campaigning tents, but now, with women entering the political arena, men diwaniyas would not fulfill this purpose due to the embracement it may cause to women. And Sa7at Eliradah is not that big of a place to accommodate all. And therefore I suggest that these tents should be open to public permanently, where people can meet their representatives regularly and audit their actions. There should be regular open forums organized by the MP’s to discuss vital issues and inform the public of their actions and the reasons behind them. And at the same time it’s a chance for the representative to check public opinion and to be a true messenger. And therefore lessen the gap between the MP’s and the massive needs, rather than personal needs of the populous.

Wi mabrook ya Kuwait


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  1. Fuzzy
    Jul 12, 2006 @ 19:29:00

    an HBO TV mini Series called
    ” ROME ” came to mind while reading your post….. the struggle between Cesar & the Senate & Brotos bla bla bla the whole story of the Republic, and all i can say is

    حتى أنت يا بروتس


  2. AyyA
    Jul 12, 2006 @ 20:22:00

    What’s done is done; we have to look at the future. By no means I’m asking to stop the fight against corruption or Sa7at Eliradah gathering; on the contrary, I’m asking to widen its base, to be able to question the ones who fail to fulfill the promises they made in their campaigns, especially the ones who fooled others by joining the orange movement only to get electoral votes.


  3. Mini Я.
    Jul 12, 2006 @ 21:28:00

    One word for all this..



  4. iDip
    Jul 13, 2006 @ 00:46:00

    indeed, staying in touch with the public is a must, and Diwaniyas could be suitable as meeting venues if the MPs call the people for open meetings (monthly for examples), and they can decide if they want to call for segregated meetings or mixed gender ones. It depends on the MP’s political orientation & social surrounding & background.

    What I don’t want to see is MPs turning their backs to people. But after what Al-Sadoun said yesterday (wed) that he told both HE the Emir & the PM that what he -and his companions- said during the elections was not “Kalam entekhabat”.


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