A Genuine Fake

Against my will
The pictures popped on the screen
Smiles on faces, happy faces
Took me back in a blast
Memories of what has been
Just images of the past

They say miseries break masks
Reveal true faces
And Unravel artifacts
They say they’re reality check

Exposing those genuine smiles
As just fake images
Just another accumulation
To my laptop recollection

Time washes away all remorse
With fleeting tears and deleting keys
Of both

I have to admit, I failed with honors
When I called you my best friend


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mini Я.
    Jul 12, 2006 @ 09:11:00

    You should collect all of your poems in a book. Of course, the 1st print of the 1st edition autographed & given to me as a gift. 😉

    I like your writing 🙂


  2. ولاّدة
    Jul 12, 2006 @ 13:17:00

    نص جميل

    الصديق الخائن قصة كلاسيكية تتكرر لنا جميعاً
    في كل مرحلة عمرية أتخلص من صديقة دون أدنى إحساس بتأنيب الضمير

    قرأت في مكان ما أن المرأة بشكل عام وبسبب الحكايات التي تدور حول الوفاء للصداقة تجد أنه من الصعب عليها التخلص من صديقة مزعجة في حين الأسهل بالنسبة لها أن تتخلص من حبيب مزعج أو زوج غير مريح

    تعديت هذه المرحلة ولا أسمح أن يبقى بقربي إلا من يستحق صحبتي

    شفتي الغرور؟


  3. AyyA
    Jul 12, 2006 @ 16:00:00

    Mini inverted R
    Ah.. I’ve been meaning to publish this book for ages, but every time I have an excuse ;p
    But sure, you’ll be the first to have a copy; signed, sealed, delivered 🙂

    I guess it came at the right time for some whom we lately called friends ;p
    And sweetie what you mentioned is not egoism, its called maturity, good for you.


  4. ولاّدة
    Jul 12, 2006 @ 19:43:00


    كانوا حلفاء لم يكونوا أصدقاء

    للصداقة شروط مختلفة


  5. AyyA
    Jul 12, 2006 @ 20:13:00

    Of course Princess, they never were and they will never be.


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