Election Day I

The day I waited for so long, I fought for so long and unfortunately, I had to vote against my will for the benefit of my country.
This election was not what I had hoped for, I dreamt for campaigning for a woman candidate, I dreamt of women MP’s, yet I excluded myself and voted against my heart. And by God I hope I did the right thing, and pray that I won’t regret it one day.
But regardless of all this; I woke up in the morning of the hot June 29th with a big smile on my face, it was the day I only imagined in my head, and now it was a reality, everything looked beautiful and I felt my importance for the first time in my life. Euphoric atmosphere seemed everywhere; people looked prettier and more civilized
Can’t say anymore; let the pictures talk

Blogger is giving me a hard time; I had to post in two entries.
Check the next post pls

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