Elections II

Election time has its own flavor in Kuwait. The whole country looks like …. a chaos.
Driving around can be very dangerous with all the posters and banners blocking the driver’s vision, some posters are creative and some are disgusting.

Repetitive posters; is this some sort of psychology?
Uncivilized; coming from a doctor!


I asked a friend of mine about the reason for some candidates to run, especially when they know that they don’t have any chance to win against prominent figures that have a large electoral base. I know some who have only their family members and very few neighbors to back them up, yet, they won’t hesitate to bear the expenses for the preparations. And this is what he said:
These candidates, especially the ones running in a district where there are other candidates who would pay extravagantly to win the elections are called extras; they wait till few days before the elections and then make a deal with such a candidate to sell him whatever votes he could gather in return to his withdrawal. His neighbors and relatives would be paid and the rest would go in his pocket, in other words it’s all about business baby.

Disturbing scene

Creative scene… yet

Location is an art

Does she think that by blocking the driver’s vision she has a chance in getting his vote?