It’s a New Day

Away from the crowd
Soaring, you took me
Drawing a childish smile of a new discoverer
Casting a look of a devious knower
Pinpointing addresses of the grounds
That zoomed out beneath the clouds

But that was not all what you discovered
Nor was all what I endeavored
Taking off into the realms of the unknown
Like Alice in wonderment
Of what could never be any better
What so ever

My little Buddha, my discoverer
My undulating conqueror
That was not all
You dazzled the sun
From which I hid
Under your purring smooth head

You sent the awakened early birds
To draw the morning whiff
And waver the questions of “what if”
Under the security
Of our precious nudity
Immersed in capricious, luscious unity

Where no thoughts scattered
Nor anything mattered
A new day was born, a new sun
The morning after
When politics, business and pleasure
In harmony embraced one another