A Peace of Mind

I stayed away from politics and elections in seclusion for a couple of days to think and gather my thoughts and try to find a solution for my confusion. As we all know, this is not a regular election for many reasons, and therefore I had to put a list of my objectives down to be able to think logically, and here is the list:

– This election took place after the disillusion of the previous cabinet, of which the apparent cause was the reduction in constituents, yet the real cause was fighting corruption. And for me as a burtugally (and I proudly say so), fighting corruption is a number one priority. And therefore promoting the 29 ex-MP’s is a must.

– A considerable number of the 29’s are neither honest nor agree with my mentality, yet, I should back them up in a hope that they’d bring the next parliament down and replace it with a 5 or better yet one constituent that is fair for all parties. And for now, this is just a hope.

– Backing up some of the 29 ex-MP’s like Alkhinnah on one hand and Al6ab6abai on the other contradicts with my principles of human rights and free country. And my biggest fear is beautifully elaborated by Luloo commenting on Princess Wallada’s latest post (I could never say it any better). Which makes backing them up very difficult, if not impossible at times (check the first comment in the above link).

– I’m joining an election of this magnitude for the first time, I’m not much of a politician, yet I dream of a country where different groups and sects can live peacefully together, respecting and accepting each other. A country where our children can have a normal, healthy life. A place where women are respected and trusted. A touristic place welcoming others instead of kicking its own people out in each long and short vacation. And my dream does not end there. My only hope is our constitution that gives such freedom and is open to more freedom, and any any chance of its alteration to less freedom is totally unacceptable

Now putting these objectives in mind, I had to come up with a comfortable decision that would not shake my stand with the 29 ex-MP’s and at the same time would not deter my principles. And this is the best of what I could come up with:

Looking at the election as a whole; the priority of my support would be for the 29 ex- MP. This is easy for some constituents, yet, not so easy with others when a liberal with a large supporting base or a patriotic figure is running against someone like Elkhinnah. In this case my support would be for the liberal. This means that each constituent should be treated individually; case by case.
The other 21 ex-MP’s; especially pro-government MP’s should be brought down as well as others who have the tendency to be one, depending on their dealings with the elections and their historical data.

And here I rest my case, as well as my mind.

Wi ham nabeeha khamsa
An update:
يدعوكم تجمع القوى الطلابية إلى جلسة حاور مرشحك
اليوم، الثلاثاء في جمعية الخريجين ، الساعة الخامسة عصرا

المرشحون المشاركون
د. ناصر الصانع
د. سعد بن طفله
د. رولا دشتي
السيد محمد العبدالجادر
السيد عبدالوهاب الهارون

Please be there


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  1. bo_sale7
    Jun 11, 2006 @ 20:08:00

    dear ayya :

    sorry for that ..but what u said is considered a shallow analysis ….not care about all the 29 mp …i care about kuwait …..what would happen if the islamist mp demand for the change of the article no 2 of the contitusion ???

    would u support them cause they say yes to the 5 ??

    u are destroying kuwait if u vote for any islamist regardless of his stand of the 5 …

    kuwait is the final aim and for kuwait i will never look , act or think shallow



  2. عادل القلاف
    Jun 11, 2006 @ 21:09:00

    Nice blog
    إنشالله نكون من المتابعين. 🙂


  3. Trina Flowers
    Jun 11, 2006 @ 21:50:00


    I understand completely how you feel. I have been fighting that fight for several years now. As I’ve been saying for awhile now finding the “right” candidate is problematic to say the least; the lesser of two evils as it were.

    Frankly, the right candidates are probably not running for numerous reasons which a few of them would be not enough money, no recognition and/or backing, don’t want the headaches, being honest, etc.

    I can tell you that Tabtabaie is about as much a human rights defender as Saddam is, most know what a liar he is (simply review the Mexico drowning incident) and that’s the least of his lies.

    As for Khanna review his finances (even the ones he has tried to hide) and you will know where his loyalities lie.

    Then of course you have Adnan Abdulsamad, check his CRIMINAL record and who got him off the hook totally while at the same time selling other Kuwaitis down the proverbial river! That should be enough to scare the hell out of any law abiding Kuwaiti.

    I cannot vote in the elections as I’m not Kuwaiti, but if I could vote, I would NOT vote for ANY of the candidates running; I would simply write in my own candidate of choice and sign my name to it.


  4. q80_demon
    Jun 12, 2006 @ 02:04:00

    Dear AyyA,

    Unfortunately, its not that simple or easy. In an ideal world, white is white while black is black, but we don’t live in an ideal world.

    Lets look at article #91 of The Constitution of Kuwait:

    قبل أن يتولى عضو مجلس الأمة أعماله في المجلس أو لجانه يؤدي أمام المجلس في جلسة علنية اليمين الآتية: »أقسم بالله العظيم أن أكون مخلصاً للوطن وللأمير، وأن أحترم الدستور وقوانين الدولة، وأذوذ عن حريات الشعب ومصالحه وأموالة، وأؤديأعمالي بالأمانة والصدق«.

    Here we have it: the MPs we send to represent us as Kuwaitis MUST sincerely and truthfully respect our country and Amir, our Constitution and laws and protect our freedoms, resources and wealth.

    If you look at the “Orangina” list of ex-MPs, you’ll find those who did everything to curb our freedoms (with vulgar disregard to article #175 of the Constitution), and who blatantly used their influence for their own personal gains through sustained corruption and embezzlement.

    Many of the group of 29 have jumped to the “Nabeeha 5” wagon out of their individual desire to keep their seats in the parliament: to them the Orange / Yasmeen … campaign is nothing more than a surfboard to ride the wave to the next parliamentary session. Why should we believe a certain candidate with his newly acquired Orange ribbon, especially given his open position about the second article in the Constitution? Do we have to send back to the parliament a venerable liberal MP who barked against corruption for decades, only to find many unanswered question marks in his own personal dossier upon close scrutiny? In reality, how many of those running under the orange campaign belong to this subversive trend? As the proverb goes: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

    History tells of many events when the democratic method was utilized by groups to seize power, and once that goal was achieved the democratic mechanism was demolished by the victors, paving the way to authoritarian systems of government.

    Let our choice be based upon our own adherence to our constitution: let us vote for those who’ll value our country, its constitution and people above personal gains, tribal factors and undeclared goals, and let us not forget that each one our choices will represent us as a whole nation:

    المادة ١٠٨: عضو مجلس الأمة يمثل الأمة بأسرها، ويرعى المصلحة العامة، ولاسلطان لأي هيئة عليه في عمله بالمجلس أو لجانه.

    Let us not forget that the campaign to reduce the number electoral districts stemmed from our passionate desire to fight corruption in our country and to improve the situation for that slice of our population which the current system has left disenfranchised, so it is basically a stroke in a bigger picture. But it is only an initial step; personally I believe that the number of the districts (as mandated by article #81 in the Constitution) should reflect the entire makeup of our country and the number itself should not be chiseled in stone; probably the number should be adjusted over time while adhering to the 50-MPs mark as stipulated by article #80 in the Constitution. That number should be revised every decade or so to reflect the results of the census, in a manner similar to how each US state determines the number of its representatives to the House of Representatives.


  5. Hazolat
    Jun 12, 2006 @ 11:22:00


    What you have said makes sense. Personally I think being a pro-government is worst of all.

    Many of us dream of a country that you described. Kuwait used to be such a country, both in the past and also in the sixties an seventies (golden an perhaps never-again-to-come era).

    But the world as a whole has changed in terms of having more ignorance and fanatics in religion and therefore less free and tolerant to the diversity of man.

    I remain to be skeptical and a pessimist concerning Kuwait, but i do hope that a part of the picture that you drew of kuwait will come true sometime.


  6. AyyA
    Jun 12, 2006 @ 13:10:00

    It’s not called shallow dear, it’s called faith. I don’t mean faith in the Islamists, no, far from it. I meant the Orangina ( copy right:DA) faith that in less than a month brought down the government. We chose our MP’s and we decide if they can stay regardless of their groupings. Orangina is a stampede that had just started.

    Thanks dear, baitik wi matra7ik

    You see, that was the way I was thinking as well, at times I even wanted to take off and leave Kuwait and come back after the elections. My seclusion took me back to the euphoria of the orange movement, I relived each minute and slowly my faith in shabab elyasmeen strengthened, after all we were the ones who controlled those 29 and not them. They stood by our demand and not otherwise. Many now are campaigning for this particular demand because of us. Don’t you think that we are underestimating our power when we talk about who may or may not win the election?

    You are right, there is no ideal world, but I can’t resist my urge to reach one. I know it takes a lot of time and hard work as well as pain to build that idealness, yet the process is more exiting than ever reaching that goal because you give it a part of soul.

    Great empires started in a dream. And my dream is so vivid regardless of some hectic times.


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