To Burakan With Lots of Respect

I read your words late last night, or to be more precise, early this morning and a big smile cracked on the face of the broken hearted; me 🙂
You have to understand Sir that ma3rakat eldawa2er for elburtugally is a priority. We have our principles, our beliefs and our respect for the word of honor. Alburtugaly as you mentioned included many different mentalities and lines of thought as well as tribal and sectarian divergence, but fighting corruption united us, and nabeeha khamsa was only the lead. We did not feel our differences, liberals clapped for Islamists and Islamists for liberals and that was a very good feeling. Until a group of organized Islamists interfered at the last demonstration and broke our unity. At that very time alburtugally lost its main power; it’s unity. And the elections broadened the gap.

If you check the net; blogs, elshabaka ellibraliya and others, you’d feel that not all are supportive of the 29 ex-MP’s, especially the Islamist, although they all support the fight for five, bringing down the other 21 ex-MP’s and exposing any corrupt or pro government candidate. You’d also feel how the overall trend is going towards Islamite direction. And although this is not an accurate indication, it gives a sense of warning which is not easy to underestimate.

Would Islamists keep their word to have ma3rakat Eldawa2er a priority on their agenda in the next parliament? That is assuming that they get majority seats. Or would they change color as they did with us in the beginning of our real test?
Just few hours ago I had a phone call from a friend who attended the opening of Almutair’s campaign site; she said that some ladies with liberal tendencies angrily left Almutair’s diwaniya among the plea of others to stop them, in support of Almutair ( one of the ex-29 MP’s), while Islamist women rocked the gathering hall with their clapping in a very provocative way. The incident took place when alMutair said that he does not support women running for parliament since women’s participation is considered willaya 3amah which is against our Islamic belief. The women who left his place were anguished with his statement and cursed the day that they took a stand to back up this person who is denying them the very basic right that they fought for more than 40 years back.

You see even between us liberals it’s hard to find unity on ma3rakat Eldawa2er, especially when it comes to supporting certain mentalities, no matter how hard some of us try. And from what I see in women gatherings which has a vital effect on the general outcome of the elections; none of the women Islamist would support the liberals of the ex-29 MP’s, they prefer being used like steps on which their masters climb to the top announcing female slavery in a harem. Or else, how could you explain women clapping for someone who is telling them that they have no right to be here?

A ma3a hatha nil3ag jira7na wi nintikhibhom?


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  1. Mini Я.
    Jun 06, 2006 @ 09:18:00

    I’m making it a habit to read your blog before even going through the newspaper sites…don’t ask why. 😛

    We’re now going through a phase known to mankind throughout history. Power grabbing. It’s one of the most basic instincts we have is to grab power, then think what to do next. That’s what’s driving almost everyone in primaries now. Power is a very powerful drug. The Islamists now see a crack in the system in which they think they can finally gain the power they’ve always wanted.
    They want us to be like Saudi Arabia. Another satellite state to the Arabian Muslim version of the former USSR during Stalin’s regime.
    Remember Kuwait back in the 1980’s? I remember it pretty clearly when Kuwait was more like an Islamist police state than now.
    Let us take advantage of our freedom and work harder to topple this corrupt entity that has us in its iron grip. Now the fight is not just about women’s rights or even human rights. It’s about the fight to be heard & seen. A fight to bring down the great evil and to create a better place to live in.
    We need to regroup even more tightly than before and not just plan for the next day, but plan for the next 10 years on how we can successfully reform this lovely country.
    The Rape of Kuwait wasn’t just in 1990. Kuwait is being gang raped over and over again. Let’s help her.


  2. Jelly Belly
    Jun 06, 2006 @ 10:59:00

    First of all mabrok 7abebty I was happy to read your nick name while reading the article…because you make me proud to be a Kuwaiti woman…as for those ignorant women who were clapping they will always be followers lel asaf..I don’t know if they will ever realize what they are doing! I don’t think they know anything about women’s right in Islam!

    I should be happy that women are taking part of the election now but sadly I don’t see them united…I didn’t read about any candidate that really impressed me! I hope by next election will see more promising women in the Parliament…who are leaders and not followers.


  3. A3sab
    Jun 06, 2006 @ 14:09:00

    Ayya, I was speechless as well when i read my nickname in the article. I am truely honored. Thank you Bu Rakan for acknowledging our role.
    You said everything I had in mind but didn’t know how to put in words.
    And Ayya, as he said:
    في مزبلة التاريخ…بعد حين

    In the case of Dhahia, there are three orange candidates, and because of Al-Mutair’s stance on women I would vote for naibari and haroun, unfortunately i’m not in that district. My district is very unexciting.


  4. bo_sale7
    Jun 06, 2006 @ 18:06:00

    السلام عليكم ….

    الغريب يا اخت اية ان موقفك كان مطابق لموقف المدعو عبداللطيف الدعيج وذالك منذ بداية حملة نبيها خمسة والذي اذكره جيدا انك كنت مشتطة تماما لفكرة النواب ال 29 بغض النظر عن توجهاتهم !!
    مالذي حدث وجعلك ترين الصورة الحقيقة التي كنا نراها من زمان ؟؟؟ بل الادهى والامر مالذي سوف يحدث للذين اقتنعو برايك وتم تغيير قناعاتهم بسبب تفاعلك الغير مسبوق ومحاولتك اختزال قضية الاصلاح السياسي بالدوائر وتاييد النواب ال 29 عمياني !!

    التسرع والاندفاع دايما سيء وصوت العقل لابد ان يسود ….لكن ماالعمل مع سطحيو الثقافة وقصيرو النظر ؟؟



  5. iDip
    Jun 06, 2006 @ 18:46:00

    and that’s why it’s hard to choose!

    in the 2nd constituency, there are 3 “orange” candidates (as A3sab mentioned before), and Al-Naibary’s decision to take part in it complicated the formula.

    in this case (the 2nd con.) all 3 candidates are reformists, each one of them with his own background:
    Al-Naibary: an ex-Arab Nationalist & Socialist. Currently a socio-democratic liberal.
    Al-Haroun: an Independent “Capitalist” liberal.
    Al-Mtair: Independent & quasi-Islamist.

    So replacing Al-Haroun or Al-Mtair with Al-Naibary (if he “did it”) won’t weaken the bloc of 29MPs, because it will replace a reformer with another… but the question is: What if Marzouq Al-Ghanim did it?!


  6. Mini Я.
    Jun 07, 2006 @ 08:58:00

    If you ask for my opinion: I would want the younger & newer reformists to make it to parliament. For the following reason: They can put in double the effort as young people.

    welne3em feehum ilnibary oo rab3a, I like them for what they’re doing for us. But fresh blood would be an added bonus to renew the fight even more feircly than before.


  7. AyyA
    Jun 07, 2006 @ 12:36:00

    Mini R
    Yes mini, you are right and what scares me the most is the spread of political Islam. And mind you I’m not talking about Islam as religion. I’m talking about Islamists who use religion to gain political power. It’s a trend that is moving like a tornado in the region. These opponents are the worst because they use people’s sentiments and emotions, they would not hesitate to use any means to get what they strive for on the name of God. Of course this does not apply to all candidates, but then again this is a disadvantage because all cards get mixed up and citizens could easily be fooled.
    And about supporting young candidates, I would have agreed with you if this election was a regular one. But in our case it is ma3rakat dawa2er, which means we need experts to deal with this matter, people who know all the ins and out of politics and have dealt with Eldistoor. With all due respect to young people who are running, and I wish them all good luck especially the ones who are running with patriotic intentions, but I would prefer having an expert to adapt my case; like a lawyer; if you have a complicated case, it is logical to assign someone with experience and not to try a new comer just because he is younger. For me past experience is vital.

    J bunny
    7ayati intai wallah, I’m proud of you too. Wi walaht 3alaich.
    And sweetie; it does not matter if no woman won a seat in the parliament. The fact that she can vote is by itself a power. And the effect would be palpable whether there is a woman MP in the next cabinet or not, that’s for sure.
    And about the running women candidates; to be honest with you, so far none impressed me so far although I wish that at least one seat is taken by a woman. And don’t forget dear that this is our first experience and we have a lot of learning to do.

    What surprised me is the misspelling of my name “AyyA” to “Ayyah”. I’m sure that the publisher did this mistake because I know Burakan knows how I got that name and what it means :p
    And about the three orange candidates; only two were from the 29 group. And if we want to keep our stand, then it should be Almutair and Alharoon. But after what Almutair did in his gathering I would not blame anyone going for AlNibari instead of Almutair, I think that Almutair had it coming with his irresponsible speach. And mind you this is not the first incidence; women campaigning for Almutair go door to door in Aldahiya promoting Almutair and Marzook Alghanim despite our agreement to stick to the 29 ex MP’s, which is really sad.

    If you read my post correctly, you would understand my grave sadness to what is happening; reality show that is. I did not mention that I do not support ma3raka Eldawa3er; to me, this is the vital issue. And for your information, until this minute I did not participate in any campaign although some of the ones who are running (like Alnibari) gives me an honor to be at his service. And I think eltasoro3 here came from your side when you prejudged my intentions without thoroughly understanding my delima.

    Sa7 ilsanik, and as I mentioned to A3sab, Almutair’s group are campaigning for Alghanim with Almutair which does not make any sense. If liberals keep their word (although it’s painful with Alnibari running), then the votes would scatter among Alharoon and Alnibari to the benefit of Almutair and Alghanim; An Islamist and a business man. And from what I gathered I have a doubt that Almutair would stand to his vow.
    But what about Alghanim? Where was he before the dissolution of the parliament? Not to mention the house of commerce’ peculiar silence! And the fact that he mentioned that he supports 5 right after registering in the poll, does not indicate that he is willing to fight for it and have it as a priority on his agenda. And it also looks doubtful that he will, considering his and his family’s huge projects with the government. Yet; all this is only speculation, we just have to wait and see.
    On the other hand; Alnibari was with Alburtugally and supporting him means that we have our case in safe hands.


  8. Trina Flowers
    Jun 07, 2006 @ 17:51:00


    The way you insult everyone makes me wonder how you still have certain body parts, especially since you have mafimouk?


  9. bo_sale7
    Jun 07, 2006 @ 19:24:00

    السلام عليكم …..

    الاخت الفاضلة ايا , انا ما تسرعت لكن مفاتيح مقالك تشير الى التوجه السلبي وعرض السلبيات والانشقاق الذي حصل لانه بالاصل كان ارتباط مصالح …الجملة الحقيقة التي لا تغني عن اي كلام وردت في ذيل مقالك كالتالي :

    A ma3a hatha nil3ag jira7na wi nintikhibhom?

    رفعت الاقلام وجفت الصحف



  10. AyyA
    Jun 08, 2006 @ 13:10:00

    Don’t mind Talis, he’s just another psycho.

    Point taken.


  11. Trina Flowers
    Jun 08, 2006 @ 19:07:00


    Talis or anyone else for that matter doesn’t bother me; people have different facets to their behavior.

    However, after following Talisman’s comments on blogs and other info, I’m not so sure he is a psycho even though I do think he and others want the general populace to believe that.

    And there are reasons to purposely make people very angry and perhaps that is really his end game, which he is losing and quite badly at that.


  12. Trina Flowers
    Jun 08, 2006 @ 19:20:00


    Sorry my previous comment posted 3 times even though I only posted it once. I was able to delete one of them, but couldn’t delete a second one, so feel free to delete one of the two left.



  13. Hanan
    Jun 09, 2006 @ 20:29:00

    Just a quick hello.
    It was a thrill to read my name on that list too. Or at least, what I assume to be my name.

    I’m hesitant, like a few others, to calling this ma3rakat dawa2er. I don’t want my first vote to go towards this issue regardless of other vital ones. I am also hesitant because there seems to be a tendency among bloggers to regard the coming elections as aimed purely towards reforming the constituencies. The next 4 years are not and will not be about this issue only. And I think it is essential to keep that in mind, regardless of our orange enthusiasm towards the nabeha 5 campaign.


  14. Arfana
    Jun 10, 2006 @ 01:44:00

    ِAyya, mini, Trina, future women of Kuwait..

    may I intrude?

    in my half brain (as lots of our lovely 29 candidates would put it) i’ve come to the following conclusion:

    Politics is filthy
    Dirty politicians take advantage of people (that’s us yes)

    it’s time for people (also us) to take advantage of them.

    I’ve suggested some unfortunate names on my blog, please feel free to contribute.


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