To Burakan With Lots of Respect

I read your words late last night, or to be more precise, early this morning and a big smile cracked on the face of the broken hearted; me 🙂
You have to understand Sir that ma3rakat eldawa2er for elburtugally is a priority. We have our principles, our beliefs and our respect for the word of honor. Alburtugaly as you mentioned included many different mentalities and lines of thought as well as tribal and sectarian divergence, but fighting corruption united us, and nabeeha khamsa was only the lead. We did not feel our differences, liberals clapped for Islamists and Islamists for liberals and that was a very good feeling. Until a group of organized Islamists interfered at the last demonstration and broke our unity. At that very time alburtugally lost its main power; it’s unity. And the elections broadened the gap.

If you check the net; blogs, elshabaka ellibraliya and others, you’d feel that not all are supportive of the 29 ex-MP’s, especially the Islamist, although they all support the fight for five, bringing down the other 21 ex-MP’s and exposing any corrupt or pro government candidate. You’d also feel how the overall trend is going towards Islamite direction. And although this is not an accurate indication, it gives a sense of warning which is not easy to underestimate.

Would Islamists keep their word to have ma3rakat Eldawa2er a priority on their agenda in the next parliament? That is assuming that they get majority seats. Or would they change color as they did with us in the beginning of our real test?
Just few hours ago I had a phone call from a friend who attended the opening of Almutair’s campaign site; she said that some ladies with liberal tendencies angrily left Almutair’s diwaniya among the plea of others to stop them, in support of Almutair ( one of the ex-29 MP’s), while Islamist women rocked the gathering hall with their clapping in a very provocative way. The incident took place when alMutair said that he does not support women running for parliament since women’s participation is considered willaya 3amah which is against our Islamic belief. The women who left his place were anguished with his statement and cursed the day that they took a stand to back up this person who is denying them the very basic right that they fought for more than 40 years back.

You see even between us liberals it’s hard to find unity on ma3rakat Eldawa2er, especially when it comes to supporting certain mentalities, no matter how hard some of us try. And from what I see in women gatherings which has a vital effect on the general outcome of the elections; none of the women Islamist would support the liberals of the ex-29 MP’s, they prefer being used like steps on which their masters climb to the top announcing female slavery in a harem. Or else, how could you explain women clapping for someone who is telling them that they have no right to be here?

A ma3a hatha nil3ag jira7na wi nintikhibhom?