And the Snowball Rolls

Government Had Never Been Any Weaker!!! (I)

Not everybody was in jeans.

Water anyone?

We will go in a civilized manner towards the back gate, if the security did not let us in, we will walk peacefully around the build to the front gate.

Walking towards the back gate

Ana 3abd elma2moor

Nevermind we’ll walk to the front gate.

And the crowd grew by the minute.

A skirmish started at the front gate as soon as we arrived, not any serious damage though.

And I sneeked in the gate 🙂

PS; Continues

Government Had Never Been Any Weaker !!! (II)

Please try to keep calm.

Where did they all of a sudden come from?



This is absurd

One of the bandits burst in curses towards the crowd, coming from the building towards the fence. Security forces forced him back in. Too bad I couldn’t catch his face.

MPs: We won’t go in unless they allow you in.

This is Alommah building; your building and no one has the right to keep you out.

Building momentum

Lulowa: it is sad to celebrate the first anniversary of granting women’s political rights, and our first woman minister has not resigned yet; despite her well known ethics, under which generations had graduated.

Gotch yah

Fire brigade! I swear if the building was on fire, you wouldn’t have gotten here any sooner.

Yeh, it is damn hot.

But regardless; we’re staying.

Jamal li3mar; the only reform opposition MP who entered through the front gate guarded by armed forces. His smile indicated his ecstasy to see his country men and women treated like criminals. Even the ministers were too coward to do that; bravo

Morning episode is over, but the fight is definitely not.

See you tonight on the beach in front of the parliament building at 8 PM.

إحنا الخطاوي الأكيدة

و طلعنا الشمس

A Special Dedication to Sa7at Elsafat

To those who can’t be with us today

While I was sitting in a crowd
Click clicking my camera
As if shooting a national theme
Of some gigantic opera

Not attending much to speech*
And much enjoying the screech
Of my beloved camera

An ex-MP** sitting next to me,
Distracted by the sound
Asked, what was this all about?
To comprehend my stamina

He looked as if loads of pain
Mounted his fragile frame
He looked astounded by the crowd
Protesting our shame

I said “Sir; I beg you to see
Our kids who live too far away
To witness the glory of today
When youth had made history
Of Shakespeare’s
“To be or not to be”

The ones yearning to be with us
Raising the flag
Damning with pride
The bandits who crucified
The heart within our hearts”

And then I ruefully added
”for them the sceneries are loaded”

A sheer glow suddenly smoothed
The grooves within his tired face
He suddenly looked as if his years
Were lifted with no trace

Hope sprung from his eyes
Mercy thrilled his smiling teeth
And with a gist of youthful pride
He backed away on his seat
Handing the view over to the lens
With such a classy treat

I saw him screening a flashback
To shoot his old aspiration
For those saddened by the sense
Of their absence within the lens
In spite of their dedication

To those who live behind the net
His eyes delivered a message;

“Your souls had started a stampede
Dressed in orange pride
To liberate our Kuwait-
The heart within our hearts”

* In Diwan Elrashid
** ex-MP: Abdullah Elnebari

And the Real Era of Corruption has Started

Despite public demand, the spoiled KID rules
Here is some photos of Diwan Elrashid

An update:

Orange Reverie

A void
A vacuum
No sound, no vision

No comprehension of ABC
Or logic
Not even bureaucracy

Only a mirage
A devastation,
Desolation and

A volcano roaring from within
Is the exact state I’m in

Yet, by God; I’m not a quitter
I’d rather see my orange reverie
Blooming alive

The Day When the Youth Spoke



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