The Making of a Country:

Pearl divers yesterday
Were too exhausted
Making the living of the day
While wealth spread among
Traders, businessmen and
The Royal Family

But on the contrary today
They work for ministries
No work is expected
Nor punctuality
Fixed earning guaranteed
Regardless of individual deeds

Yet; the cleaver only discovers
The path to the perfect pearl
As long as he doesn’t exceed
His preprogrammed, marathon speed
To compete with businessmen and
Please the Royal Family

Lazy life, more riches
Faked extravagancy
Only exposed the greed
In human mentalities
When each sold his ethics
In the land of opportunity

Dad; now I understand
Why you stopped long ago
Playing fake democracy
In this sick society
I’m sad that your message came
A bit too late to me

What I fought for all my life
Turned out to be
“Dust in The Wind”
I wish I knew then
What I know today-
The making of a country