Would Women Vote Make Any Difference

After few hectic weeks of rebellious orange movement against corruption, and the dissolution of the parliament, we women find ourselves, for the first time, facing a huge challenge. A lot of writers and politicians are betting on our force to direct the outcome of the next parliament since our number exceeds that of men by more than a double. Some are betting that women are just followers of men and their tribes or cultural groups. Others have much higher hopes that we are more intelligent than that, especially when it comes to vital issues like reform in the country.
Now I’m no politician, neither intending to be one, yet, as a citizen I see it my duty to educate myself in this field. Especially that our experience in this area is just born today. Now I’m not posting this to promote anyone, although I support the 29 MP’s who stood by public voice and think that their existence in the next parliament is a must, especially that they are experienced and brave enough to stand against corruption in the government. Yet; I think that giving a vote is a huge responsibility; if there isn’t anyone that I can really trust in my constituent; I prefer not to vote at all.
I think attending lectures to have at least a sense of direction is a must at this stage , and as a contribution from me to my sisters;. I will be more active in the coming few weeks with Woman Cultural and Social Society to provide such lectures, given by writers and thinkers in the country for the benefit of all.
On another note; many people who are calling for reform and for some reason or another could not participate in the orange movement, now it’s their time to move. I do not blame the government for being corrupt; money and power are synonymous to corruption. Neither I blame the MP’s; each has his own agenda. But I blame the citizens; especially the ones with a “don’t care” label. The ones who have the right to vote, yet, due to their desperation, they don’t. Not voting for the right person is as bad as voting for a wrong person may be even worse. Now how do you know who is the right person and who is the wrong one? You do your homework.
I may be idealistic when it comes to reform, but at least I know that I have hope. Our national reserve is drying up sooner than we think; nothing would be left for our future generation if we didn’t act now.

Viva Kuwait

An Update:
I have added a slideshow of the “Night of the Will” on the sidebar of my blog by the title” Orange Blossoms. Click here to see the slides