We are Stronger Than Ever Before

I’m broken hearted
At my will I gave you my heart
On extended hands to take
I bedded the wet grass so you’d stay still
Yet you squashed my heart
Under your feet
And shuddered my dreams away

Was the orange sun too bright
For you to see the truth!
I wonder

I’m disappointed
Not for dissolving the parliament, this was inevitable, but for the purpose of the act as was included in Amir’s speech. It sounded like disagreement between two political groupings in the parliament dragging the populous as sheep to fulfill their own agendas. And last night’s blue stage play was just a preparation for today’s speech. How pathetic.
Fighting corruption is not an easy road; it’s full off bumps. But only the smart driver can reach safety without much damage.

On the other hand; I’m proud
Proud that a bunch of free thinkers behind the net could move the country in such a short time and dissolve the parliament in less than a month period, sending one message to all; enough is enough.

Not only proud; I’m also ecstatic
Ecstatic that this whole episode uncovered masks and broadened political awareness that is much needed in the coming stage.

Do you see why your voice is important now? Don’t demote it, give it to whoever will build your country, not destroy it, do your homework, be smart.

وهم نبيها خمسة

source:الامة دوت اورغ