The Uprising Orange Blossoms

I’m speechless, honestly speaking; I did not expect such a huge attendance. After all, it was only yesterday that we awoke from the shock of the marathonic meeting of the council of ministers. When did these buds ( yahaloo) have time to organize all this? It reminded me of the time of the invasion where all Kuwaitis gathered and united under one thing; THE LOVE OF KUWAIT.
No, I do not only hope that we’d win the battle for five; I know that Kuwait at the end will win.

The buds had gathered
And to five no’s had sworn:
No for corruption
No for favors
No for injustice
No for looting
No for ten
Let the buds lead the way

Enough is enough
Union is our power
The battle is not over yet
Together for five all the way
Sa7at Elsafat; you rock

PS; I met some of my dear bloggers whom I really wanted to meet. I was surprised that some of them were related to me. It made me feel very proud.
And while I was holding the banner; a gorgeous lady passed in front of me. I don’t know why I started blabbering things like; do I know you? You look familiar? Then without any hesitation and without her asking me, I mentioned to her my real name. she surprised me by saying” I’m wallada”; the princess whom I never met in my life was real right there in front of me, and my heart recognized her.
Go bloggers, together for five all the way :****


Women also participated

This is all for you

Although the space was limited; the organization was amazing

The line extended all the way to my left

As well as to my right

I want to join too

Nothing but five

It was not only yahaloo

Yahaloo; you have guts

The demonstration at night

Alan Alan walaisa qadan

See you THERE, and don’t forget to dress up in orange, I want to shoot the historical pictures of the orange sea, just like the ones I had for the blue revolution 🙂