Political Islam

When my daughter first learned to write her full name she wrote her first name then mine then her father’s as her official full name on school math test paper. The teacher noticed that while she was passing to check the names. And asked her to change it, but she refused saying innocently that she was the daughter of AyyA as well as her father’s and that she loved me more than she did her father, and that’s why she placed my name after hers. If you know my daughter; you’d know what stubbornness I had to deal with especially at that young age ( she was considered a slow learner). She refused to write her name the traditional way and her teacher got a blank paper from her, with only her name on it; her way. This annoyed the school and they contacted me for an explanation. It took me a long time to convince her that this is not the way it’s done. And that love had nothing to do with it. This conversation took us to women suppression in our society, off course at her innocent level. She asked questions that I could not answer. One of the questions I remember was; why do women have children if they can’t carry their names? It was a very challenging situation especially that I wanted to be honest with her and at the same time had to beat around the bush for lame excuses that did not convince me, let alone her. Off course she forgot about it as time passed.
The other day I read what Dala3 Elmofti wrote in Alqabas about this subject and remembered this incident that happened with my daughter. And I came to one conclusion; children think more logically than adults. It is we and our stereotype teachings that suppress their logical thinking, and this was just another example.
Practically speaking and away from women’s lib; in a country like Kuwait where almost all Mohammads have to name one of their sons Jasem as a tradition. And Jasems name theirs Mohammad. How many Jasems and Mohammads we have in the gulf as a whole? Almost every other three houses (that’s my estimate), and so names like Mohammad Jasem Mohammad Jasem( you may start the name with Jasem) is very common. And accordingly you can measure other typical, widely used trailing names.
Similarities in names is becoming inevitable, a lot of people have been held at the borders for having suspicious names ( similar to some wanted by law), and this was causing a lot of discomfort and embarrassment to some, that’s why the Interior ministry had to include mother’s names in their computer systems to verify identity. It would be less headache if mother’s name is included in the official name, wouldn’t you think? So what’s the big deal with the name? And why can’t a person choose his official name as he wants? Who said mother’s name should die with time?

Atorabi(click the link) wa ma adraka ma Torabi
In one of my older posts I wrote a topic about 7ijab and challenged others to bring me any proof that it’s mandatory in Islam the way it is worn today. Off course a lot of people discarded my opinion because they consider me a secular who does not understand anything about religion although none submitted any proof. Well never mind; can anyone one discard Altorabi’s declaration? Now here is a prominent Islamist who said it loud and clear ( as fatwa). And off course all Islamists kept a low profile and did not comments on his radical declarations ( khamooooosh). That goes to tell you one thing; they all know the truth, yet the truth is not beneficial for them to be declared. They prefer fooling people; especially women who easily swallow the bait. Wake up; it’s a struggle for a political identity and you are only being used.
Another thing that caught my attention in Altorabi’s fatwa is the marriage of a Moslem woman to a non-Moslam man. I have not seen or read anything forbidding it in Islam. And as per our sharee3a; a Moslem man can marry a non-Moslam woman, but if she did not convert, and the marriage, for some reason, did not survive, she has no right of inheritance and she loses the custody of her children. In other words; she is forced to convert in an indirect way. Where does religion stand in all this? Wake up; THEY ARE FOOLING YOU.
He also mentioned that Islam does not consider alcohol consumption a felony that should be punished by law. D&G (as young and innocent as she is) wrote about this subject and was practically slandered. I ask those who opposed her to answer Altorabi; yallah, hatha elmaidan…..
Alturabi; two thumps up to you

Consider this post khu6bat eljum3a…. LOL

PS; I know I promised to post my diaries in Lebanon, but too much going on and occupying my mind. The post is ready since I wrote it when I was there, but have to do some proof reading and will post soon inshallah.