Trapped – unruly I keep seeping back and forth through
the uncanny neck of the hourglass; yes, I do understand your
constant urge to find your long lost soul. Yet, forever fetching
a wraith in a misty crossroad where you’re not so sure where to
go, still remains a puzzle to me. Why did you go on dwelling at
the doors of tomorrow and what it may or may not promise to
obey only to come back, expectedly, today! Do you know
what it means to be trapped in an hourglass? Do you
know what it feels like to be in awe awaiting
a decision! A call! Pleading for a miracle
to stop for once the flipping of the
ticking time, and to rest
the trickling
in the
bed of
calm and
ease. I beg of
you please stop jolting me
back and forth into the maze, back
to where in vain we started, back to many
a times we reunited, back to labeling our cut-and-
paste relationship with titles we agreed we’re better
without. Labels of capricious desires – of love, passion,
obsession, and the dire horror of obligation not to mention
the pain of separation, in my despair, so many a times I prayed
for an upper hand to smash the glass on a cold callous floor and
Free my soul, once and for all, from you or may be for you, I’m
badly addicted to you. At times I wanted you out, but my soul
couldn’t stop leaking until your body rested back in mine