In Response to Misguided

In response to Misguided’s entry You Ain’t So Cool , I wrote this comment. Yet I preferred to post it here instead because I think that Misguided’s tape is worth seeing by all means. I don’t know how long it took me to watch it with my lousy laptop and lousier connection (still using the GPRS 😦 ), but it was well worth it.

Dear misguided:
What you have shown is pure talent, no matter how ridiculous this may seem. I don’t blame those kids. And I don’t ask them to go read books either. You know why? Look around you, what type of entertainment do these youths have? Where can they release their frusterating energy? Practically; nowhere.
With our primitive education system which is dominated with pure nonsense, not equipped to produce minds that can deal with the new age, many youths leave schools before they’re 18. This has nothing to do with poor intelligence, on the contrary; some of them are very smart. The rich ones can afford to wreck a car or tow, the ones that can’t afford that fix a single car out of nothing sometimes and make it ready for russian rouletteing( didn’t know that’s what it’s called), in other words; they become experts in car mechanics. What if the government controlled this dangerous game and set safety rules to it and gathered those talents under one roof !
Youth at that age needs to let out; they are naturally full of energy. The education in schools especially the ones dominated with government curriculum does not encourage reading, nor does it do any health activities. Its built on pure repetition, no creativity, even when a creative project is assigned, most of the good grading go for reports or projects that are prepared by learned ones working for companies which are full in 7awali, making bundles with these assignments while the student is home playing with his Play Station. And what happens to the honest kids who do their reports and projects to the best of their efforts? Get the lowest grades unless the parent does a favor (wasta) for the teacher, sometimes the favor is so pathetic (like restoring a telephone line where every citizen and exppat have the right to have in the first place). Or may be present a gift. This is the real Kuwait. Our educational system is boring; in combination with the chaos of technology age of satellite and networking it either produces a Russian rouletter or a suicide bomber.
Where would they release that energy? You tell me.
Don’t tell me religion. That’s a never ending story. If religion was successful to decrease natural youth energy, we would have had a utopian Islamic state. Health clubs? Most of them either expensive or boring especially for the ones who can afford to have a more exciting pastime. Let alone the fact that health activities in schools are lousy and not encouraging at all. Malls? What are they getting from malls except may be a smile here or a gesture there. You see them in coffee shops waving their heads side to side in unison when a female figure passes by, as if you’re watching the audience of a tennis match. Walla misakeen.
Yes, these are our kids, they are talented, they are full of energy and they are damn bored and deadly.


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  1. Misguided
    Feb 20, 2006 @ 19:13:00

    Dear AyyA,

    Thanks for taking the time and writing an insightful commentary on the video. I do agree with much of what you wrote… but there are a couple of points of contention.

    1. The government has provided the youth with a track for stunts near mishref called “nadee howat al-seyarat” (i think that’s the name). I have been there once and kids perform stunts, drag racing, burn tires etc.. In a safe enviroment. They have tracks to race, with stands for people to watch and on opposing sides of the track are tires incase they ram into the sides. So I think the government is trying.
    This was started years ago… I was a teenager, because of so many car-related deaths. Please don’t forget AyyA that Motor vehicle accidents is the second most common cause of death in Kuwait after heart disease.

    2. They don’t have to read a book. But there is a lot more to be done. Science club offers all kinds of programs. I used to like to fly toy planes there. Kids play soccer all the time with there friends and there are new tournaments all the time… they don’t have to belong to any club… these are tournaments held amongst themselves… sometimes sponsored sometimes not.

    3. So the question now asked.. is where are they to release their energy. I used to hear this all the time even growing up as a youth in Kuwait. But to be honest, you’ll hear this from any teenager in the world.

    The truth of the matter is… some kids are just lost, because their parents abonded them long ago.
    Explain to me, how we have adults who grow up to not respect women and yell at them in malls to get there attention, as if we where in a zoo and they were monkeys. Explain to me how bus drivers are hasseled by kids, servants are hit… etc.

    It is unfortunate, but it isn’t really release of energy they are looking for…

    My brother who was younger than me, learned the guitar on his own, used to go to a club in our area and learned karate etc… do I need to go on AyyA.

    The government has not failed them… their families have.


    P.S. Such a long reply… deserved another 😉


  2. A3sab
    Feb 20, 2006 @ 20:16:00

    did the driver just shred the bystander to pieces or is it just my imagination.

    you know what your both right. families are responsible of proper child rearing while finding talent and encouraging hobbies and good behavior. This role is essentially the families’ role.
    However the government must compliment that by stimulating the children in school through better curricula, having good role models and making students participate in afterschool activities.


  3. Purgatory
    Feb 20, 2006 @ 21:07:00

    Why are you always worried? the universe balances itself, watch and learn.

    no go do a frog situation.


  4. mosan mosan
    Feb 21, 2006 @ 14:03:00

    government and members of the ruling family control the sport and drying the resources for their own benefits (nothing new) we will amount to nothing and raise a generation of hooligans…. they have no shame and no love for the representation of the country. Most off the officials who are heading those entities know shit abt the sport they are presenting. They fight talent and encourage ass kissing and narrow-minded youth (yes ppl ).

    I can go on & on and On

    You know that I know it 1st hand

    because they are ignorate we are doomed to be in the dark ages

    long live princess Haya and princess Anne


  5. AyyA
    Feb 27, 2006 @ 19:22:00

    Sorry guys for not replying earlier, I have been extremely busy. Thank you all for participating, I really appreciate it.


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