My blind Valentine

I went to the Graduate’s Society (the translation sounds funny) last night, not to hear speeches since I have had enough of those. But I thought may be I will run into two cyber friends whom are very dear to me: Shurouq and Princess. I neither could stand what seemed to me 7izb Alomah’s coalition with liberals, nor was easy to single out my friends in the crowd; I got disappointed and left early. Too bad cause the bright blue eyed guy sitting next to me was very cute and funny.

Away from this indigestion:
Let’s see what love has to offer for Valentine.
A friend who was insisting lately to meet up with me and I kept postponing, kept SMSing while I was in the conference asking me to pass by urgently, so I did.
This friend is having a small “love gathering for valentine” and he is fixing me up with a blind date. And as ridiculous as this may sound, his arrangement does not sound too bad. I do not know anything about my date, not even his name, neither does he. All we know about each other (his point of view) is that we both compliment each other. There will be other singles (both genders) in the gathering and so he is betting that we two would readily click. And although I refused in the beginning, he convinced me that if things did not go as he expected then neither of us will ever know who the other one is. Not bad ha?
He might even turn out to be the cute guy I was sitting next to last night ( wishful thinking).
So guys, there it goes, and I hope I won’t be disappointed as I was last night.
Have a wonderful Valentine with lots of love.