Who Will Pay the Price!

I left the herd and lulled
Into my well allotted shell-
A space in which I dwelled to speak
My mind -Because I cared
I closed windows, locked doors,
Banned the creeping heat,
Avoided pious drafts
And dreamt of a civilized state

But the hurricane had hit home,
Crackling my windows,
Braking my fragile crusted dome
With the announcement of :
The Islamic government
The news hauled my course back into
The uncomforting zone –

Misused the deeds of the holy-
Infused into power and wealth,
Politicized the lootings of my country
Without a word that can be said-
Freedom of speech, to them – a blasphemy

“Let the sleeping dogs lie”
Their dreams, like mine, were just a lie
They failed to free their civil mentalities where
The dogma of the herd was pure trivialities-

The designer and the creator
Sheep must stay sheep
No damage that can’t be tended
The herd can be one hundred KD richer!
Five hundred! Sheep mentality can be rewarded-
Loans can be wavered, bills paid
Oh yes, the government can always mend it

That’s what the herd wants to keep it occupied-
The Afghani Hashish
After all
That’s what the parliament
Got elected (appointed) for

2007 parliament
Back to desert ages – the phantom shows:
Islamic government is an Islamic state
With or without parliament
“What the BLEEP do we know?”

Me again
“We’re heading to the path of corrupt”
Oh yes, pun is definitely intended to
Civilization buriers

If no one can state his indignation
Then who will save the remaining of a dream
When the state is suffocating into debris?
And who will pay the price?

Sirens are signaling- From sheep I strayed, hence
To Sheep I will return.
Adding and multiplying

I need to seep through the sand avalanche
I need a saviour
Before I’m swept with the flock Into
The darkest nightmare

A fly kept buzzing in my sleep this morning
I must’ve forgotten to close the shutters last night
I’ll leave that for now.