I published this poem on Kaleidoscope sometimes back. But I think it’s the right time to publish it here as well:


Published Thursday, January 26, 2006 by Kaleidoscope
Written by Ayya Copyright © 2006

What is the difference between “Right” and “Wrong”?
And where do you get what you abide to?
Set rules? Like God’s or humans, to stand strong?
Or do you make your own rules, any clue?
Do you find that religion suffices?
Don’t you find its preaching puts on airs,
Conflicts as day and night and suppresses
Mortal minds of basic human affairs?
Can you alter the mighty divine rules
That common sense refuses to indulge?
Can you suggest: premarital sex pools
Out risks involved in the unfit marriage?
Can’t you see that religion is about
Full submission, inward as well as out?

Full submission, inward as well as out
Too alone, most illogical notion
Didn’t you ever have at least a doubt
That desire; the power, the motion
Behind your daily errands, the dire
Act of your earnings is your vile sin?
Why then did God create desire?
Why do we have to suppress what’s within
A point to be mused upon by the sane
If you think otherwise, then explain gays?
How could the Perfect create in vain
The best of his concepts in funny ways?
Hasn’t history proved time and again-
Divinity; the core of our pain?

Divinity; the core of our pain
It divides nations; causes ugly wars
When each claims that The God of his own brain
Is more worthy of such divinely chores?
Do you believe that suicide bombers
Are people with no values? Haven’t they
Totally submitted to the hummers
Of their rituals and perverted ways?
But, what happened to their minds and “conscience”?
An essential question to be answered
Why haven’t they used it as their guidance?
How could their emotions be so wavered?
I could only see one answer; devout,
Succumbing faith is what it’s all about

Succumbing faith is what it’s all about
Miseries man had brought to his own kind
Man had even made his own rules of what
“wrong” and “right” are – a state of his own mind
Do you think knowledge – a propensity?
Then why, this big divergence between you
And me? Why when you steal for charity
You don’t consider the act – a taboo
Even when you lie to save someone’s Neck –
How could you dub that as a white lie?
Does lying have a color pattern? Heck
And who invented such pattern? And, why?
If you pretend that you go by the book
Lying and stealing shouldn’t be your hook

Lying and stealing shouldn’t be your hook
If you are true to yourself you’d admit
That all those fairy-tales in spoons you took
Were nothing but myths to have you submit
Legends weaved with ancient tales of the far
East, look for yourself and ponder closely
Even the works of philosophers are
A part of what you’ve been fed so blindly
God doesn’t have to be found in a fixed
Blind faith, he is right here in you and me
Ask yourself time and again who had mixed
Your beliefs, wasn’t it your pedigree?
It’s time to ponder, it time to comment
Assume that for the sake of argument

Assume that for the sake of argument
That prophets and saints had fixed ambitions
They were no doubt great thinkers that were sent
To flourish earth with civilization
Then what makes you think that what they had preached
Is what had reached you in time progression?
Don’t you think politics had been beseeched
To manipulate your own conviction?
Do you have the authority to think?
Or even to question your religion?
How could you silence that inner voice? Blink
And wake up; it’s time for a revision
Of what you have produced at your will
Of the un-real land of heaven and hell

Of the un-real land of heaven and hell
I could tell you what might quiver your core;
Heaven or hell is a state of mind, still
Do you believe in eternal burn? Or,
Is heaven where you find wine and perfect
Dames? Why don’t you then fetch that on this earth?
Why wait for another life to detect
Whether or not you’re on the path of truth?
God that aught to be worshiped has to be
Much greater than what they made you believe
Ethnicus had fooled, deceived you and me
We are but one nation taught to deceive
And what makes you think that they can’t be wrong?
What is the difference between “right” and “wrong”?


17 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Eridanus
    Feb 05, 2006 @ 21:11:00

    Having read your poem, I will rest my case on the two Fundamental Laws of Philosophy:

    1) For each philosopher, there exists an equal and an opposite philosopher;

    2) They are both wrong;


  2. AyyA
    Feb 05, 2006 @ 22:12:00

    Why not both right


  3. 9oot
    Feb 05, 2006 @ 22:21:00

    Beautiful … but does the deaf hear?
    The masses want Full submission…. they don’t want to think for them selfs.


  4. AyyA
    Feb 05, 2006 @ 22:38:00

    That’s why Windex (a free thought) came into invention.
    Thank you


  5. 9oot
    Feb 05, 2006 @ 22:51:00

    Am getting one of those for my mother, and the government should provide some kind of subsidy for the rest of the population.


  6. iDip
    Feb 05, 2006 @ 23:28:00

    I don’t want to elaborate, let me generalize:
    Arabs are submissive by nature.


  7. Eridanus
    Feb 06, 2006 @ 01:38:00

    What is the difference between “right” and “wrong” ?


  8. AyyA
    Feb 06, 2006 @ 08:42:00

    That’s exactly what we all need although I have lost hope in the government, but never in the lightened youth. Those (you one of them) are our final resort 🙂

    Being submissive can’t be labeled to one nation. But being emotional by nature yes; Arabs and Moslems in general unfortunately are to the extremes.

    Now we have to go back to the beginning, and hang in a cycle 😉


  9. The Truth
    Feb 17, 2006 @ 02:04:00

    what is the difference between right and wrong?

    the difference is GOD

    hark thy words >>>

    each factor has a counter
    two is all and one is God
    all soar around the one
    as one is the core of all
    light and dark, day and night
    men of power, women of charm
    all are two and so are you
    a Body and a spirit
    don’t forget the later though you don’t see it
    a cosmos without a God
    is Chaos and darkness
    as a body without a soul is death


  10. AyyA
    Feb 17, 2006 @ 10:06:00

    “God doesn’t have to be found in a fixed
    Blind faith, he is right here in you and me”

    “God that aught to be worshiped has to be
    Much greater than what they made you believe”


  11. The Truth
    Feb 17, 2006 @ 14:28:00

    hmmmm >> i disagree –

    if God was within as an intity then why do we die!
    we not immortality – absolute power!

    God gave you a choice:

    u can do have everyting in this life
    but still this life is half sweet half bitter

    there is the afterlife

    u can’t expect me to believe that um gonna live for 60 – 7- yrs and then vanish!!!!

    My soul >>>> is something sacred!

    it can’t vanish like this by my death.

    if God was within then that means he dies when we die!

    it means there is NO PERFECTION!

    we would be like clones!!!

    breaken from the inside!

    u might think um crazy >>>>

    and so anyone would hear what um gonna say >>>

    I LUV God >>> when i look up – i look up to God >>> when someone asks who is mathalik el A3laa – i say ALLAH! he is perfection – absolute power – everything my soul crave for …. God’s 99 characteristics … if i only have for in a human form – lets say ana Kareem ra7eem 3adil w majeed – only this for … poeple would love me … u see … and what if an intity have more and more absolute characterists in a perfect form … i love God … I might have a Dark wild soul still i love God … he is Perfection … he created me ….. does Penocchio hate his creator! no …. God is there … and what is within is the Love of God …. he is the light … and it isn’t about religeon !!! it’s about and idintity … an X-type is a Jaguar … an SLK is a Benz … and a Human is a creature of God!i luv God – no matter how sinful and savage my inside was.

    a soul is inside us – a gift from God …

    u do Yoga … u know that spirit is important.

    we belong to Adam and Eve – and they belong to God.


  12. AyyA
    Feb 17, 2006 @ 14:56:00

    I think you are contradicting yourself here when you said God is light, then you assumed that light dies. No it does not die, it changes form.
    All religions think of the God as light “ allah noron, nooroho kanoor mishkaten“if you go back to Koran. Even the faiths that do not believe in God feel his power in enlightenment. I don’t remember who said “my perception of God is as water around the fish, the fish knows that it can’t live without it, yet can’t define it” no question about that, at least for me.
    As for not having God within us, then you are defying Koran “ wa nafakhna feehi min ro7ina” roo7= soul. My soul, your soul is a part of God. And having a dark side is not specifically bad nor good. And it doesn’t make you less divine because no matter what; you stay a part of God.


  13. The Truth
    Feb 17, 2006 @ 23:21:00

    Quran says that God nafakh mn his soul in us –

    when i give u my blood – say donation

    does that mean i live in you Ayya!

    my blood runs through you however i do not live within!

    about the Noor –

    it isn’t Light as in Light we see
    its tashbeeeh

    when God say that he sees us – that doesn’t mean that he has an eye like our!

    when i say God is light – it means it isn’t like the light we have!

    bel quraan – mathaluh kamathal mishkah

    y3ny looks like and not IS!

    the light we know changes form!
    the light in our world

    and about us

    w yasalonak 3n el roo7 quil el roo7 mn amr raby

    when BMW manufactorars make a car – it belongs to them – and it doesn’t mean that the car is part of them.

    have a nice day 🙂


  14. luloo
    Jul 26, 2006 @ 22:59:00


    I’m speechless, astonished, and amzed


  15. AyyA
    Jul 27, 2006 @ 14:13:00

    Meeting you ( and others through you) over the Net was the most thrilling experience, you are an amazing woman, humanity united our souls, and determination shall make this world a better place for humans, not savages, to live on, keep on the good work, I’m really proud of you :*


  16. luloo
    Jul 27, 2006 @ 18:47:00

    الفخر لي صديقتي….أنت معدن نادر… ما أروعك



  17. AyyA
    Aug 01, 2006 @ 22:44:00



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