Just an Opinion

Chaos on the streets of Kuwait city – mad, astray drivers, kids
Sawa radio announces the oath of our new Amir
I can’t even see the messages on my mobile; it’s cloudy, oh not again
Another message from God knows who this time

“Boycott the Danish products”, that’s an order
What product? The smooth white stuff I grew up licking off the knife?
The scrumptious fulfilling desires I took years for granted?
And what for?
Just an opinion?

Iran president announces war on America
He keeps his nuclear plants nice
And intact right on our eastern border
More American troops- it looks gray

His stuff is exactly where it has always been
He suddenly decided to leave

Kuwait TV is jolly with festivities right after mourning
Was that a song about the new Amir, when did it come out?
Get the genuine news from Safat
I demand to know the truth

Rumors, rumors and more juicy drastic rumors
Let’s see what Burakan has to say today

Palestinian’s real democracy- Hamas won?
Iraq vague democracy – bombing the flesh
Raping the virgin land, mingling
This is democracy

Oh yes we have to dearly pay

How come he didn’t ask my opinion about being deserted?

Safat : a local Kuwaiti political blog with genuine unbiased and unprecedented news.
Burakan: the best local political columnist(Off course that’s my opinion). he works for Alqabas local newspaper. .


13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. iDip
    Feb 03, 2006 @ 00:30:00

    it was a dramatic month


  2. shosho
    Feb 03, 2006 @ 01:11:00

    True idip, very dramatic.

    El7imdillah 3ala el salama wal 3afia 🙂


  3. Misguided
    Feb 03, 2006 @ 06:30:00

    Dear AyyA,

    2006 looks like it’s going to be quite the roller-coaster ride. Allah yester!



  4. ولاّدة
    Feb 03, 2006 @ 08:25:00

    يقول الشاعر

    وإذا فتاوي الشيخ محض سخافةٍ
    وإذا بـــــه في فقهه مسكينَ
    هذا ما أردده وأنا أرى فتاوي المقاطعة
    فاهزم كتائبهم وافلل مضاربهم
    واسلل يراعك واكتب عنهم العجبا

    هذا ما أردده كل صباح وأنا أقرأ مقالة بوراكان لا فض فوه
    وأردد ماذكره فيكم خير قاطعو المرسيدس
    وازيد من عندي ..لأ لأ لأ لابسة إسكادا ما يصير الماني رجعوا على البخنق!!! لا لا حمرة ديور ممنوع
    رجعوا على الديرم وابشروا بالجنة ونعيمها


  5. Ms.Baker
    Feb 03, 2006 @ 18:20:00


    I know how you feel…The year has just begun and I am exhausted already.

    I am looking for little havens of calm in everything right now, in order to have some sense of balance.



  6. burakan
    Feb 03, 2006 @ 20:35:00

    How come your are the only Bloger that commented on the Danish crisis ..!! Where is Zaydoon shabab alsaha .. Q .. I guess we all know now that when it come to religion there is no LIBERAL in Kuwait … I am not surprised I said that hounded times long time ago
    شكرا ولادة


  7. A3sab
    Feb 03, 2006 @ 21:14:00

    burakan, many have in fact posted about the danish boycott and many expressed their protest against it. Can’t recall all of them but i’m sure “kila matgoog” did.

    I just feel so sorry for the kuwaiti importers they are the ones suffering the most.

    ayya go to Sultan Center they probably sell danish products.


  8. Zaydoun
    Feb 03, 2006 @ 21:16:00


    علقت عند ساحة الصفاة من زمان بس ولا يهمك


    Sultan Center was forced to remove Danish products after getting many threatening phone calls!!!


  9. burakan
    Feb 03, 2006 @ 21:44:00

    آسف فاتني تعليقك لكن المسالة ليست تعليق عابر . السؤال لماذا لم يخصص بلغ للموضوع عندك او عند كيو او الشباب او اي مكان … للامانة انا بوجيج خصص موضوع بس للاسف محاه بعد ذلك مباشرة … ليش ما اردي ..ّّ


  10. Ms.Baker
    Feb 04, 2006 @ 07:16:00


    On our blog Misguided has written an essay on the issue. I myself have been commenting on different Kuwaiti blogger’s posts on the matter. I simply cannot believe the mad mass hysteria that has surrounded this. The reaction that has ensued is insanity, so disproportionate and blind. Granted, the caricatures are offensive, and it was irresponsible of this little Danish paper to publish them. But what we have done by our reactions is to propagate the bloodthirsty and irrational stereotype that is imposed on us Muslims and Arabs, when we are so prejudiced and easily derogatory towards the religions of others including our own Muslim sects. I am amazed that there are now death and kidnapping threats being made 😦

    There is so much I could say on the issue and I am not afraid, but what good is it when you are faced with a mob mentality who will assasinate your own personal faith in your religion if you do?

    All over some silly, ignorant cartoons!

    MsB, who is dismayed by what she sees…


  11. burakan
    Feb 04, 2006 @ 11:02:00

    Ms.Baker …
    Sorry did not see your comment on the issue . frankly your Blog deal mostly with personnel interest . that why I did not check it .But Zaydoon , Q , Sahat Alsafat those blogs deal with common issue and mainly politics that why I thought it was very strange that they totally ignored the subject . Funny how shabab sahat alsafat blame our TV for not covering what went on last week .. well how about them not covering what is going on now …!!!


  12. AyyA
    Feb 04, 2006 @ 11:30:00

    Hi all
    Sorry for replying late, but I do agree with Burakan; this issue had been escalated dramatically by the Islamist (I will publish soon about it) that they have become the power which is moving the public, yet there are not much of free pens which directly oppose such movement, at least not to the extend that the other side is taking in their campaign. Why are we forced to boycott? Do all of us agree with that? Definitely not, but what are we doing about it. Sa7at Elsafat blog had done a great job in educating the public since their first birth, and with the latest fiasco they got more publicity that even the ones who never knew anything about computers started logging in, my own dad who never cared about computers, is calling me constantly to report about them. And it is really surprising that none of the four writers have taken the liberty to dedicate an entry to educate the mislead public. And although I know their opinion before hand, since they have submitted some comments on the latest few entries, but a subject like this one should have taken a much bigger response. I think once you get this reputation, it becomes a responsibility.


  13. Anonymous
    Feb 01, 2007 @ 04:48:00

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