Happy 3eed

Written words can have enormous impact on us. You might read an excerpt here or a sentence there or even a word that can change the entire course of your life. Words can bring us happiness, encouragement, agony, sympathy, euphoria…you name it. Notice how much a negative or a positive entry changes your mood. You might even fall in love or hate a writer without having any personal contact with him/her. What you write is very important and what you read is even more important.
Years back I read this prose ( I think that’s what it is) for an unknown author. The words sank in my heart as I read them again and again. They made me think of a lot of things that were right there before my eyes but I couldn’t see them. And here I present it to you my cyber friends as my 3eediya ( gift) hoping that it would change your life to better understand yourself and the ones around you as it did to me. I have to confess though that finding it was not an easy job, my cousin and I spent quite a long time searching for it since, as I mentioned, the author is unknown and we were not sure of the title. But you are well worth the time spent. Enjoy it and have a wonderful 3eed surrounded by your loved ones and way away from your foes.
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I feel sorry for the poor animal 😦