Jigsaw Puzzle

With a twitch of an eye he cast a spell
Upon my soul and each cell
Permeating in such a quiver
That bewitched me in his whirl!

Without a word in me he dwelled
As if it was his nature
To encompass every inch of me
In the most sedative capture

In his arms I found my home
And the merger of ecstasy
And a knowing smile soon faded
In smooches all over me

As if pieces of jigsaw puzzle
We fit perfectly together
Him in a place he knew too well
And me in him forever

But the damn alarm had to go
Announcing: time was over
And the pieces were left in vain
When we broke asunder

Why does it always have to be
“Good times in haste are passing”!
Why do we always have to leave
Pieces behind amassing!