Tagged? Fine..

I’ve been tagged by KUWAITI DEMON to post the pictures I use on the background of my computer. Well, let’s see; in fact I’m a very moody person, not in a negative way though. I mean my computer background changes with my mood. At times I have my own photos of which some were modified by my brother-in-law (he loves to do that). But most of the times I prefer relaxing pictures with a black background (of which some are my own modified shots). And I find A. Andrew Gonzalez’s paintings to be very soothing (you can find the link on the side bar). So here are some of my favorite ones. The last one is my own stitch work and is hung on the wall above my desk.
Thanks DA 🙂
Now I guess I’m supposed to tag others, so here it goes:
Elegance, Misguided and Shosho….. COME ON DOWWWWWWWN.

An update:

My stitch work as per DA’s request; gali wi 6alab….

Another one of my stitch work as a compliment 🙂

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. q80_demon
    Dec 18, 2005 @ 15:38:00

    Thank you AyyA, and I like your choices.
    May I ask for a close-up image of the last picture of your stitch work :-)) I’m sure your other readers are also interested in viewing it.


  2. AyyA
    Dec 18, 2005 @ 19:40:00

    Ok, I’ll do that ASAP


  3. q80_demon
    Dec 19, 2005 @ 11:47:00

    Looking forward to it!


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