Can we Change our Future?

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and think that everything is going to be OK. I could not sleep last night, I was too worried. There was this thing that kept my eyes wide awake although my body was exhausted. I tried to meditate, to read books, watch TV, and check other blogs thinking may be all that would take my mind away from the subject that was dominating it. But to no avail; I was too damn worried. There were two things that were on my mind and both concerned two dear ones. I remember last time I checked the time it was 6 AM, and then I drifted to sleep to wake up at 7:30 AM fresh and relaxed, a wave of settlement and serenity took over every cell in my mind. It is strange, but I felt that nothing is going to ruin my day and all will be just fine. I smiled to every known and unknown person that I met. And what do you know? It turned out to be just fine, may be even better than what I expected.
This got me thinking. Do we have this sixth sense that tells us about the future? Or is it our reactions or should I say “actions” that interferes with our future? What happened in this one hour and a half that changed my thoughts towards the same thing? And I wonder if by the process of our thinking we can actually redesign things or happenings in our future. And if this can be done, can we redesign our destiny? And here I do not mean the things that are within our control, I mean the things that we have no control over what so ever.

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  1. Purgatory
    Nov 24, 2005 @ 22:13:00

    Stop cocoNUT drinking juice.


  2. Drunk'n'Gorgeous
    Nov 25, 2005 @ 01:24:00

    Hello dearest! *hugs* How have you been? I’ve missed you but you already know that haha and I know you’ve missed me. Don’t try to deny it. As for the post, maybe as you slept you subconsiously worked out your fear. I do believe that humans used to have a sixth sense in the past but we somehow abused that power and it was lost from us. So yes I do believe that a gifted few are able to change their future. Incidentally, have you just seen “The Butterfly Effect”? 😛 Alright, take care y’hear me? Laters chica!


  3. Temetwir
    Nov 25, 2005 @ 05:35:00

    theres nothing “we” dont have control “whatsoever” over

    whatever happens to us is one thing, yet the way we want it to affect us is in our own hands.. therefore, being REALLY in control of urself does infact mean that ur in control of the things that happen which u do not have control neither over nor in (not full, not partial)

    now, in regard to destiny and fate, yes they are fixed in the sense that they are known .. but that does not mean u have the right for a free fall and wish for the best

    fate .. in my very absurd analogy .. would be something like saying “if u drop a ball from the 7th floor, it is bound to reach land at the ground at some point or another”

    if one decides to just let go of the ball, then its speed will be different than if it were thrown TOWARDS the ground (the difference being here) .. ie, it would reach the ground faster..
    by the same token, if u launch it with some kind of machinery upwards, i t . h a s . g o t . t o . c o m e . b a c k . falling down and level with the ground eventually

    thats fate .. more explicitly that is the ball’s fate

    now in ur case, ur both the ball and the hand .. u choose and u pick and u decide .. but still, it is already known what is going to happen.. how u make it happen is a whole diff story

    and how u make it happen is the ONLY thing u know .. thats why u sometimes think of “oh but what if i did” this or that – its becoz u dont KNOW ur fate, but u do understand it (and should come to terms that infact it is nothing but a consequence of one’s actions)

    mind u, in the case of the ball, all observers know the inevitability of it landing .. however with yourself, while ur fate IS infact known, it is still UNknown by urself nor the observers

    if u did know, then life would be just too boring to even bother

    so yeah.. i need to sleep dont i?


  4. ولاّدة
    Nov 25, 2005 @ 12:57:00

    أعتقد أن للأمر علاقة بالطاقة..وقدرتنا على توجيهها

    مع تمنياتي لك براحة البال


    Nov 25, 2005 @ 19:08:00

    “Female intuition” can account for what you experienced. Look into it if you do not know. There have been cases/studies of it being associated with and as a sixth sense.


  6. AyyA
    Nov 26, 2005 @ 05:19:00

    You know that I can do better than that 😉

    Hala wala bilgaliyah, long time girl, where have you been. And of course I missed you, I just hope all is ok with you. I’ve seen butterfly effects but that I believe was more than a year back and I vaguely remember it. that night I watched CNN :p. ok so you mean that my subconscious mind is responsible for this serenity that came over me? But where was that subconscious mind all night that night, or let me say for almost three month back when this whole thing started? It has to be more than a subconscious.

    Ok, let me explain more, in my case I was expecting some news that day. This news was completely out of my reach or anyone’s for that matter. Ya3ni nothing like the ball, which had one answer, this had more than one. But my future plans depended on the results. I have made my provisions to take the consequent in any case. And for a long time I had this pinch in the stomach about the bad news I was preparing my mind for. The night before expecting this news was the peak, and I kept telling myself “ tafaalo bilkhair” although that did not help a lot because I was a nervous wreck. But after waking up, my mind knew that it was the good news that I was going to have. My sister even told me that she envied my confident and assured manner and that was about six hours before we got the results.

    Yes princess, I do believe in energy, but I did not try in any way to direct it. And when I meditated I was looking for a peace of mind to help adjust myself for the worst case scenario. What happened the next day was amazing, I just knew it was going to turn all good, as if I had an internal call that reassured me. Thanks sweetie for your well wishes.

    Never heard of the term “Female intuition”. I Googled it out, and yes it does sound like what I was experiencing. Man this is scary. Thanks for the tip bro.


  7. Wardat_il'7leej
    Nov 26, 2005 @ 07:50:00

    It is your prospective of things that determines how you would perceive the future


  8. AyyA
    Nov 26, 2005 @ 22:45:00

    Well, what you said I believe is true, but in this case, all my perspectives were negative until the last few hours and that’s what got me confused.


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