Can we Change our Future?

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and think that everything is going to be OK. I could not sleep last night, I was too worried. There was this thing that kept my eyes wide awake although my body was exhausted. I tried to meditate, to read books, watch TV, and check other blogs thinking may be all that would take my mind away from the subject that was dominating it. But to no avail; I was too damn worried. There were two things that were on my mind and both concerned two dear ones. I remember last time I checked the time it was 6 AM, and then I drifted to sleep to wake up at 7:30 AM fresh and relaxed, a wave of settlement and serenity took over every cell in my mind. It is strange, but I felt that nothing is going to ruin my day and all will be just fine. I smiled to every known and unknown person that I met. And what do you know? It turned out to be just fine, may be even better than what I expected.
This got me thinking. Do we have this sixth sense that tells us about the future? Or is it our reactions or should I say “actions” that interferes with our future? What happened in this one hour and a half that changed my thoughts towards the same thing? And I wonder if by the process of our thinking we can actually redesign things or happenings in our future. And if this can be done, can we redesign our destiny? And here I do not mean the things that are within our control, I mean the things that we have no control over what so ever.