Yesterday, while I was visiting my parents for fotoor, I got into a conversation with my father about the diversity of Quran interpretations and how this issue became, since the death of the prophet, the main reason for the collapse of the Islamic institution. Moslems got divided into sects and each sect divided into organized entities. Each would interpret Quran to the benefit of his entity; Ikhwan, Wahabiya, Alawiya, Ithna3ashariya, etc. And if that looks innocent enough on the outside on the slogan of freedom to practice one’s faith, it sure created hatred and prejudice movements, most of which are imbedded and waiting for a sudden outburst of disgusting languages or even physical assaults. And these people are supposedly following the same religion and the same prophet!

Since the beginning of the month of Ramadan, I started watching three TV series; althahir baibers, Nizar Qabani and Molook Altawaef. But by the middle of the month I ended watching only Molook Altawaif. So our discussion (me and my dad) drifted to the waste of the Islamic empire on the hands of its greedy rulers. And I told him that watching that series reminded me how much yesterday is like today; history is repeating itself, Almorabitoon for example were no different than the fanatic organizations of today although historians polished them with sheer vibrancy. And we both agreed that the end of this nation is on the hands of its rulers and how much they allow the misuse of religion to dominate its policy.

Anyway, by the end of our conversation my dad threw at me an anecdote before going to take his usual after fotoor nap. And I thought I’d share it with you because as funny as it may seem, unfortunately; it manifests our situation today:

He said: there was this mullah who preached in the Mosque and a lot of people followed him. And although he was poor himself that he barely made his living, he managed to distribute money almost constantly on the poor who attended his mosque. This raised a lot of suspicion and some nosy people set to follow him to see where is he getting all this money from. They found out that he stole from the rich and distributed it all on the poor. When he was brought to court, he explained that he is applying the preaching of Islam to win heaven. When the judge demanded an explanation he said” Quran says that God grants a reward worth of 10 times for one good deed ( wa nati bil 7asanah 3ashr amthaliha) and God had also promised that to each misconduct there will be a punishment equivalent to it ( wa nati bel sayiah mithliha), so if you do a simple Arithmetic calculation here you’ll see that by my conduct I’m gaining nine rewards each time I steal, and that Grants me heaven.

Now you will say that this is our fate, and what can we do about it?
The answer is to think, use your heads and don’t allow anyone to lead you like goatherds lead goats.
Religion should be separated from politics; it should remain where it belongs, in the heart of man and his sacred bond to God; the Great. The Merciful. The Love.