I Forgive but Never Forget

Why did you put him in command?
Why did you me shun?
Is it because he is your son?
Or is it because he’s a man?
Not a chance, you gave me none
Desperately, you made me run

Now it’s too late
At least for him
To conquer hate
For years to come

But in spite of all that
Heart drums beat fast
Deafening my ears
When your voice I hear

It’s love mother dear
To whom I succumb

14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Purgatory
    Oct 22, 2005 @ 21:34:00

    yeah am hungry too.


  2. Elegance
    Oct 22, 2005 @ 22:10:00

    Beautiful and creative as always. I personally cannot forgive but not forget.


  3. Papillona ®
    Oct 23, 2005 @ 00:28:00

    ok I’m getting too emotional here, I got tears in my eyes. *sigh*


  4. AyyA
    Oct 23, 2005 @ 03:22:00

    Inta kila hungry wi bas?

    It’s not easy dear, but we do that with our loved ones specially family.

    Sorry babe I didn’t mean to do that. I meant to show in this piece that some people whom are close to our hearts can hurt us either unintentionally or through ignorance, but we can’t not forgive them no matter how much this damage is to our lives. An example here is a mother that unintentionally caused a deep wound between her son and daughter, but he doughter does not have any choice but to forgive her.


  5. McArabian
    Oct 23, 2005 @ 05:32:00

    Parents always deserve our forgiveness. Unless they’re baby eaters or something.


  6. mishari26
    Oct 23, 2005 @ 09:48:00

    To forgive, and to forget..

    To forgive: the choice to not act harshly against the offender. by actions, words or thoughts.

    To forget: to lose memory of the offense. no concious choice in the matter. you just forget by having a weak memory, or the matter is not important enough to stick in memory.

    So the 1st is an act of kindness and generousity. the 2nd is not an act of anything, because we have no control over it. therefor its not a sign of kindness, but perhaps a sign of a different priority of things. like if we might think such an action is hurtful to anyone, it might not be that hurtful to this person who forgot about it.


  7. Purgatory
    Oct 23, 2005 @ 10:09:00

    Food is better than poetry


  8. Nightlegend
    Oct 24, 2005 @ 08:16:00



  9. shosho
    Oct 24, 2005 @ 08:37:00

    Purgy: poetry outlives food.


  10. AyyA
    Oct 25, 2005 @ 21:41:00

    It’s not a matter of deserving, it’s more a matter of heart. Even if you don’t want to forgive your parents, you just can’t.

    Sometimes you have to make yourself forget, because the memory is too painful.
    But the question is how can we easily forgive family, but we find it hard to do the same with our loved ones.

    Inta sayim, that’s why.

    Anytime 🙂

    Yeh, 3almeeh


  11. Voluble_grl
    Oct 25, 2005 @ 22:26:00

    am obsessed with ur writings!
    you have a very high taste of poetry mashallah
    gr8 work and greater meaning
    keep on writing, to keep me on reading ;p
    Best wishes 🙂


  12. AyyA
    Oct 26, 2005 @ 20:10:00

    I’m honored sweetie, baitik wi matra7ik whenever you visit..


  13. Peach
    Oct 28, 2005 @ 19:30:00



  14. AyyA
    Nov 05, 2005 @ 16:13:00

    salamtik min el sigh 🙂


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